Saturday, November 6, 2010

Hat's Off To A New Book To Read!

    I don't have a lot of time to get my blog up today. I've got a lot going on. My girlfriends are coming over for a "Girlfriend Day",...{WooHoo!!!}...I've got some studying to finish for my meeting tomorrow {Watchtower study},...and I've also got to list the new Winter White hat I finished for my customer {in the header photo}...
    ...and put it in my Wuglyees shop on Etsy....{Hubby took the photos this morning, not only of this hat, but some more of the original Floppy Woppy Hat ....
      ...and the other scarf I finished last week...before I started the white one with the frilly trim.'s not how I would have photographed my hat,...but he's a man. A manly man! ^_^ What else can I say!! LOL},...I've also got to finish the white scarf I started,...and then dig back into this book I just started reading last night! It's called "The Help" by Kathryn Stockett.
        One of my girlfriend's just finished reading it in her book club and passed it on to me. Before I went to bed I thought I'd just read the bio and the story theme on the jacket of the book to see what I was in for....and that led to me wanting to read at least a page or two to see how the story was going to read......Cut to 2 chapters later, and my hubby and I giggling and wide awake reading it!!! I can't wait to get back to Aibileen and Minny down in Mississippi!!
      Have any of you seen or read this book yet?! {Don't tell me too much if you have!} The book jacket says this is her first novel. I am amazed...and delighted to be here for her first!! I love her writing style. I could almost hear everybody's Southern accent while I was reading it out loud to hubby. I soon went right back to my own Southern accent too!! {I am a Georgia Girl} ^_^  Hubby got a kick out of that!!
    Okay, Have a good rest of the day everybody! I gotta get going here!!! But I have to leave you with a poem...I'm not that much in a hurry!! ^_^

Down Home

When I say the words "Down Home"
my deep emotions come alive.
My memories of riding in the car,
heading south on I-95.

I pass right on through New Haven,
and the Washington Bridge flies by;
The "New Jersey Turnpike's" traffic
makes me almost want to cry.

But its when North Carolina's
scenes of country life begin
that "Down Home" becomes a feeling
in which I'm comfortable again.

When I'm close to route I-20,
"South Of The Border" is what I see,
and soon I'm "Down Home", feeling
Georgia's southern hospitality.

There are things about the north
that make me happy that I live there,
but the dirt roads of the south
I seem to need like I need air.

People fishing for their supper,
cooking bass and fried catfish;
On Sunday, rocking on the porch
(What's in the north as good as this?!)

From "Down Home" there's 'salmon patties',
'Beanie Weenies', pone and grits,
country music, rock and soul-
everybody's greatest hits.

But I know that what I'm missing
is more than "Down Home" southern pine;
Its the feelings and emotions
of the Georgia in my mind.


  1. Anonymous11/06/2010

    Goodmorning Debbie!How are you?Thanks for the visit always nice to hear from you.I just loveeeeee that floppy hat.Going to have to check the price out in your shop;)

    The book I never read but since it has a birds on the front it looks good,LOL.Thanks for sharing I will have to see if I can find it.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. For someone that didn't have much time for a post, this was a meaty one! ; ) I love the poem. Reminds me of my youth living in rural Virginia. Nothing like a trip home even if just in our minds.

    I'm going to have to ck out that book!

  3. Becky, Good Morning! I'm glad you like the hat! I made it for a customer, but I'm going to make a few more for the shop soon. Just let me know if you want one. Happy to do it for you, i whatever color, whenever! :-)...You'll have to get the book and read it along with me. I'll be ahead of you for about 2 or 3 chapters though. I LOVE IT!!! ^_^

  4. Janet, Did it seem meaty?! I was rushing like a mad woman!!...Thank you for the complement on the poem too. Writing about the South is easy. It's who I am! I'd love to hear some things about your Virginia too sometime!!!...And yeah, check out the book along with me.

  5. I also love the floppy hat(s)!! They are both adorable! AND that scarf!! Wow!! A purple lovers dream!!! So pretty! I can't wait to see the white scarf.

    We've been gone all day today too. Busy!! I was just about to listen to the music for the WT study tomorrow. I don't like surprises! We have our S.A.D. next Saturday. Looking forward to that!!

    Never heard of the book, but I love a good novel! Let me know what you think of it. Then maybe I'll move on from Bill Bryson (non-fiction) and John Grisham for a bit!! LOL

  6. Thanks for the hat and scarf love CinLynn! The green suede hat was already in the shop. I listed the custom White one this morning. I think I'm going to make some more of them. I really like it! This scarf was finished a little while ago. I just hadn't taken the pictures for it. I'll put that one online probably tomorrow. We'll see. I'm too tired right now. And I may finish the other white scarf tomorrow too...It's been a long day. A fun day,...but a long day!...By the way, you're going to love the S.A.D.!!...As to the book, I'm going to do a little more reading before I go to bed. It's so good! I almost don't want to put it down!! :-] Good thing our meeting is not until later! I'm going to probably be sleeping in tomorrow. :-) Night!

  7. Debbie, these are just darling :) The white one is my fave !!!

  8. Joella, Thank you so much! I had never thought about making a white one before this, but now that I made this one....I'm ready to make another one!! I love it!! And sold already too!! :-) I HAVE to make another one now!! ^_^


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