Tuesday, November 9, 2010

They're Starting To Pull Out The Big Guns!!!

     I can see the momentum starting to build! What am I talking about?!...The HOLIDAY SHOPPING SEASON of magazines and catalogs!!!! WHEW! They REALLY want to sell me something this year!!..Now, don't get me wrong, I like a sale as much as the other guy, but it's not even half way through November yet and already I'm just about tired of collecting my mail!! And you know how much I love getting mail!....Well, letters. ^_^ But this OTHER mail...we call it "junk mail" here...is taking over my mailbox!!!
   Now, there probably could have been some reasons for me to be excited about all this sale mail. For instance,  If I actually celebrated the holidays...which I don't! (all due respect to those who do),...if I had money to waste, which I don't, (and wouldn't spend shopping for things I don't need, even if I had some)...and if I felt like spending my spare time fishing through catalog after catalog instead of crocheting,....which I don't!! LOL {Speaking of which...I finished one of the fingerless mittens yesterday. I went with gray...It was that kind of weather day! :-] }
     Are you all getting inundated like I am?!...Are you happy about it?!...Here's what I mean. Some sale magazines are congratulating me...for what? I'm not sure. Usually congratulations come when you've actually done something, or won something. Not when you're about to BUY something!...One magazine actually used my birth name...you know, "Deborah". Like they knew me or something!! LOL My mother doesn't even always call me Deborah! {That is if she called me, which she doesn't...That's another story. Scratch that long road. I'm not going down that one today!! LOL}
     The only other people, generally speaking, who call me Deborah are the other people in my family who are related to me,...or lawyers....Don't ask!...and people trying to sell me something!!....Well, there you go!
     And some of the catalogs are offering me all kinds of coupons! 20% off...
    ...of my highest priced item. Okay, so.....I'd have to buy more than one thing?!...
    ....an express delivery upgrade....Hmmmm....I'm not even sure what that means! Maybe it's still too dark outside for my brain to be trying to figure it out too! :-)
     Ooooo! Free shipping if I buy 3!!!...Wait a minute! 3 of what?! I haven't even looked inside this magazine yet!!...And there is the problem. What these hard-selling, hard-working promotional people don't realize is that I'm the kind of girl that never even sees whatever it is they think is so wonderful for me to buy..most of the time....because the only thing I open the magazines for when I get them in the mail is to remove my personal info so I can throw it away!!
    The only time I stop and peruse any sale flyers or magazines is if I have a reason already in place to do so! For instance, if hubby's underwear are so holey that I can't stand it another minute (and I've successfully made them disappear without his knowledge); or I get tired,  or too hot, wearing the same old night gown and just have to find something more fitting, or loose fitting...NOW!! Or the sheets with the pretty rose pattern all over it now looks like there's been a gopher in the garden; Or when we're about to go on vacation with friends and I don't want my friends to know how "comfortable" we really are with our bottoms being uncovered at night, and our luggage being mix and match!! LOL
    So, lovely HOLIDAY SHOPPING people, thank you very much....
     ...but NO THANK YOU!!! :-]
{Maybe I should be taking a clue from them for promotion to my Wuglyees Etsy shop!!!...Hmmmmm....:-) }

Ooooo! Mail!!!

I love to hear the sound
of when ribbons hit the ground,
when ripped from a envelope, brown,
brought by the mailman, bound.

I get excited and act a clown,
after seeing it all unwound.
Oooo! A package from out of town!
Well, did you expect a frown?!


  1. Oh, yes, catalog season has arrived! Online, too!! I spent a good chunk of the morning on Saturday unsubscribing from all the catalog emails I was getting. It was just tooooo much!! Love your gray fingerless mittens! They look nice and toasty warm!! Have a great day! Love, Silke

  2. Silke, I tried un-subscribing last year waaaay before the season started, but it didn't do any good! It slowed down for a couple of months and then went right back to normal...if you can call all of the money that they're wasting on me normal!! :-))...Thanks for the nice words about the mitten too. I'm going to try to finish the other one today, and add some buttons to them...or something. They're too plain right now. Have a good day, Silke! :-)

  3. Haha thank you for keeping me smiling while eating and reading your blog! :) I've started getting various catalogues too but not as much as you it seems. The shops here don't yet have special christmas sales, some do, it will soon start anyway. Actually I was thinking yesterday that I need to have a sale soon in my shop because the shipping takes 2 weeks. I guess it's almost obligatory to have a sale at this time :S I don't have any special holiday items though, could make some cards but I think they wont sell :(
    P.S. Will take the red scarf to a wine cellar tomorrow ;) I think the scarf is gonna have a blast :P

  4. Shopping is my LEAST fave thing to do! I celebrate the holidays but with all the hustle and bustle I don't really enjoy them much. Hopefully this year will be different :)

  5. It was my pleasure to keep you smiling while eating!!...And F.Y.I., it's your shop! Nothing is obligatory...but it may be smart! I'm considering it myself!...And YAY! One of the "babies" going out to get some culture!! {Don't let them drink any wine though. It's not good for their digestion. LOL}

  6. Kerri, I have to say, with all of the catalogs and store magazines I've been receiving, if I wanted to I could do all the shopping I ever wanted to do in one 3 hour sitting...given enough crocheting... for breaks, and enough chocolate, to keep me in the mood to keep turning the pages! LOL

  7. It gets old really fast, doesn't it!! My recycle bin gets filled so fast this time of year....maybe I should use them to start fires!! What fires??? I don't have a fireplace!! The sale thingy is a great idea anyway. ummmm, maybe I'll have a sale!! How about you?

  8. Anonymous11/09/2010

    *Fortunately* I haven't been overwhelmed by coupons and catalogs (now I've probably jinxed myself by saying that:P) But it is amazing how crazy people get over "sales" - Sheesh!

    So happy to be staying home and ordering holiday gifts for family via my computer this year - No crowds to fight, no coupons to remember, no disappointment when you realize they sold out of the item you need!

  9. I can't say that I have seen very many catalogs in my box yet and I hope I don't. I forgot to tell you yesterday that I loved your new scarf. I just wish that I could wear white. I usually spill something on whatever white i'm wearing in about 15 minutes after I put it on. LOL. I always love your poems.

  10. Too bad you don't celebrate the holidays because your creations are so beautiful they would make really great gifts! I haven't been hit by any catalogs or flyers yet, but I'm sure they're coming...Jokingly I said my resolution this year was to hit every sale Kohls was having..(they have a "one day only" sale every stinkin' week!)but actually I haven't even entered the store once this year! That's a good thing.

  11. Cinlynn, It does get old fast! Ha! Ha! Maybe you should invest in a fireplace. I' sure you can find one on sale somewhere!!! ^_^ ... And yes, I am thinking about having a sale...soon. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em!!

  12. whatnomints, How great for you that your mailbox hasn't been inundated!! Be thankful! :-)

  13. SnowFlakeDreams1, Good for you too Velma! They're probably gonna start coming soon though...Thanks about the poems and the scarf! I know what you mean with the white. That's why I thought it would work putting the fun fur on it, because it would probably not be something someone would wear every day. BUT it is washable...the fun fur too! :-)

  14. yaya, It's true, I don't celebrate the holidays, but I don't tell other people what they should do. My items are for sale. ^_^ The Kohl's thing was funny! I didn't know they had sales that regularly. They'll give your pocketbook a workout if you let them!!


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