Saturday, November 20, 2010

It's A Wild Life...!

    When I was giving you updates of the week yesterday...HERE... I spoke about some things that were 'Still To Come'. I told you that the night before I had gotten something in the mail that was so pretty that it deserved it's own blog post. Well, this is it!!
   It came from a loooooong way away. You may be familiar with it already. But I just got my own in the mail!! :-) I knew what it was before I opened it, but I couldn't wait to tear open the box and look at it in person!!
    It was my new Wildlife Calendar 2011, from Mariann Rea of LittleFoxPhotos!!! I know most people would probably say: "It's just a Calendar. What are you getting all excited about?!!" But Oh! Wait until you see how pretty it is!! From January to December it's packed full of the most beautiful photography of The Black Swan, The Jaguar, The European Hare, and The Red Fox {One of Mariann's particular favorites I think, because her Etsy shop is named after the fox!}. You'll see foxes everywhere you see her! :-] In fact, she even has prints of foxes that you can order in her Etsy shop!
    But let me show you a few of the photos from her Calendar. For the month of March there's a bird called The European Starling. In the information about him {info is on every page, with every animal} she says "...The plumage is shiny black, glossed purple or green, and spangled with white, particularly strongly so in winter..."
     If he was a resident around here maybe I could just look for him to get my clue about when to get my coat, boots, and scarves ready to wear for the winter! :-] 
    For April The European Hare is presented, and then for June The European Pine Marten.
    I had never heard of a Pine Marten before. Thanks to the information, I now know that it belongs to the mustelid family, which also includes mink, otter, badger, wolverine and weasel. Now I KNOW what a weasel is!!...Not gonna get into it!! LOL
    July has The Roe Deer. And looking over the month of August is The Eurasian Eagle Owl! And he's a real looker!! :-)
   The European Otter, The Long-tailed Tit and The Humboldt Penguin take up the next few months. And then for December....The Snow Leopard!
   So pretty!!!!
   Now if that wasn't enough, Mariann, who has info in the Calendar on herself too,...
    ....has extended the beauty of this Calendar all the way to the back of it!
    I'm going to hang this beauty in a place where I can leisurely look at, and read about, these beautiful animals from another part of the world any time I want. {I'm not telling you where that is. Use your imagination! ^_^}
    Now, I have more than one kind of Calendar in my house because Calendars can serve a mulitude of purposes. My spiritual Calendar has very important information about yearly things having to do with my faith. Hubby has Calendars that he records job related things on. And who doesn't have Calendars they use on the refrigerator to record schedules for grocery shopping, children's doctor's appointments, and school info?! But this Calendar can be used for a number of things all by itself. To help your kids learn, to make you more aware of the world, to record things on, and just to LOOK AT!! And for that alone it's WELL worth the $22.00 it costs!! And I recommend you get your own. I got mine!! :-))
   Enjoy the rest of your Saturday everyone!!

 Refrigerator Door

The refrigerator door is the place
 for love's display of your children's face;

For a watercolor hand, with the lines drawn on;
and a sticky grocery list, for a dinner long gone.

For some magnets with the words "Love" and "Life",
and a cutesy little note, meant just for your wife.

For reminders of the schedule you need to keep,
or a coupon for some soap, you can get real cheap.

For a calendar, comics, and a business card;
'Take-out' menus and a flower from the yard.

For post cards and bills that we need to pay,
and Oh Yeah! There's fingerprints there EVERY day!

So what's on your refrigerator door?
No doubt your life! What else would it be for?!


  1. It is a gorgeous calendar! I can see why you're so proud of it! Mariann is an excellent photographer for sure. Have a great Saturday!

  2. CinLynn, You have a good Saturday too!! I've got something else special for tomorrow's post!! ;-)

  3. Wow, that was quick! :D How come usually it takes the post 2 weeks and then sometimes 1 week to deliver?! Weird, but I love surprises ;)
    I'm glad you love it in person too! :)

  4. There is no rhyme or reason to delivery times...FOR SURE! But I'm just glad I got it!!! And It's a beauty!!! :-)

  5. Skylar, Oh! I'm so glad you like my backyard!! Welcome!!! :-)

  6. fantastic photo's in the calendar no wonder you were excited you will have so much pleasure each month. Enjoy Dee x

  7. Thanks delia! And you're so right!!! :-))

  8. That calendar looks awesome! I can see why you love the photos. That would definitely be a keeper what that calendar is finished. Perhaps you could place some of the photos in frames.

  9. Jo-anne, I think you're getting to know me!! Putting the pictures in frames is exactly what I do with photographs I love!! :-] Then it's the years that keep on giving!! Thanks for your comment!


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