Friday, November 19, 2010

The Good, The Bad, and The Still To Come!

     I saw this Folded Paper Swan, with all of the pencils sticking in it, in the Etsy shop RutisRoots and it reminded me of all the things that have happened this week. They all need to be written down somewhere. Hmmmm....Yep! They need to be written down HERE! :-) So, here goes!
     It's been a week of 'The Good', 'The Bad', and 'The Still To Come'! So, what have been the 'Good' things that have happened this week?...
--I've really put a good dent in my new book, The Help, by Kathryn Stockett!
   I'm up to chapter 17, exactly half way. It's so good that I might finish it this weekend...if I can make the time!
--I made some sales in my Wuglyees shop. 4 yesterday!!
    My Red Hand Sandal Bracelet...
    My Green and White Floppy Hat (a custom one sold last week too. Hmmm....)...
    My Hide Away Necklace, the one I invented with the opening in the back for your ring to be placed when you're washing dishes!
   And my Rooster Hat!
     That was some REAL good, because I was about to start getting a complex about my little crocheted shop! :-)) And the fact that they liked two of the things I originally created REALLY made me happy!!
--My girlfriend, who I apologized to for forgetting her anniversary, really liked the post I did in her honor. She forgave me! WooHoo!!!
--All of the blog followers who have won my GIVEAWAYS, or received free gifts, have received their items and seem to be pretty happy with them! So far all of these "babies" are in their new homes...
 --My 'Girl', the painting I bought from Cathy Bueti, came...and I love her!,... even though I have yet to find a permanent spot to put her in, besides my hand, I mean!! LOL
--And the last bit of good news, I'm going to have two friends over this morning. My house will be full of smells of good things cooking and cleaning products before the day is done!! And since this is Friday, and my "Date Night" with the hubby, that's always a good thing!! :-))
     A couple of bad things happened this week. One, trusty, heavy duty, 'always Johnny-on-the-spot', tape measurer...
    ..."Bit The Dust"!!! Or I should say "It Was Killed"! LOL Hubby borrowed it to measure something, and then brought it back and put it back in with my crochet tools....but with a gash near the folded end piece that stops it from recoiling into itself.....UNBEKNOWNST TO ME!! When I took it out to measure how wide I wanted to make my latest scarf that I'm working on, I noticed the gash, and that it was barely hanging on. When I pulled it a little to get it to recoil back to safety....the whole end broke off and the end went inside of the tape measurer....never to be seen again. ;'_'; ..*insert sad music here*. So, all that's left is this pretty picture of it, because I tossed it in the trash. I'll have to get another one though, because I love this Stanley brand one!
--The other bad thing has been the way my body has been responding to the weather this week. The rain had my joints aching so bad that all I've been wanting to do is sleep...and sleep some more. So it's a good thing...
                                       { T-Shirt by theboldbanana}
    Okay, lastly are the 'Still To Come'! First, being my "Date Night" tonight. I know we'll be eating something good....because what kind of "Date Night" would it be without good food?! But I'm looking forward to it because I'll get to beat his brains out play some games with him tonight. We haven't done that in a really long time. So either...
     ...or BOTH!! {Either way, something tells me I'm going to be able to see hubby's notorious 'Loser Dance' tonight!! ^_^}
--Also still to come are better photos of some of the older scarves in my shop, including the photos of the two scarves I'm giving away on December 1st. {You can see it on my right side bar} Hubby is going to take them for me this weekend.
--Also, as soon as I can find some more OWL buttons I'm going to be making some OWL necklaces for my shop. I sent a necklace with my last OWL button on it to a customer as a free gift this week and she loved it!! She encouraged me to make more of them. OWL POWER!!! So, I will! :-)
--I started this scarf {I mentioned it earlier}...
    ..It isn't very much to speak of right now, but I think it's going to be really cute! The only other red and black scarf  "baby" I had in the shop is in a new home overseas, going to wine cellars and everything for entertainment!! LOL I figured I should put another one in the shop. These color items sold quickly in the past. We'll see about the new "baby"!
---And the last 'Still To Come' item, FOR REAL, ^_^ is so pretty it deserves it's own blog post. I got it in the mail last night. I'll show it to you tomorrow!
    Have a good weekend everyone!! Tell me, what are you doing this weekend?!


Weekend folderol;
Lolly-gagging, having fun;
Makes working up to Friday
worth the paperwork you've done.

Your job, all week, came first,
but now it's time for a little jaunt;
or to lay around the house
and just do nothing, if you want!

Weekend with some friends,
or simply find some things to do;
Because every Monday will be back
and you'll need something to look forward to!


  1. LMAO yeah the red and black scarf is having a blast here ;) I might even take it to the cinema at some point :P but I think the green scarf will complain about that so I must entertain the green one too, just going to the foodshop is not an entertainment LOL
    Congrats on the sales!!! Woohoo! I wish my shop would sell too, oh well.
    Love the painting of a girl you got the other day! :)
    Have a good date night today and good luck winning! ;)

  2. Nice post! Sorry about your tape measure. Isn't that hard to get new when you're so accustomed to the feel and the way the old one works? Sometimes I hate to have to get new! LOL I hope you have a wonderful date night tonight too! Can't wait to see what the "new" item is. Could it be yarn?

  3. I'm not really a hat person but I really love the look of that green & white floppy hat. It's very pretty.

  4. I love that swan!! I hope you enjoy your date nite and your weekend. :]

  5. Mariann, Ha! ha! Ha! Too funny!! {And between you and I, my green "babies" do have a tendency to be a little envious. So be a little gentle with them. ^_^} ...Thanks for the nice words about my painting and the encouragement about my sales! I'm sure your shop will be picking up soon too. :-)

  6. CinLynn, It's true what you say about buying "new". Now I'll have to break in a new tape measurer and make sure it knows the ropes around here! ^_^ ...And no, the new item I got is not yarn! :-]

  7. Jo-anne, Thank you! I'm going to have to make some more of them for my shop now too. That style has become kind of popular lately.

  8. Hollie, I like the swan too! And thank you, about the 'Date Night'! Make sure you have a good weekend too! :-)

  9. Anonymous11/19/2010

    Oooo - Tough choice: Scrabble or Uno

    I would have to go with Scrabble - Gets my mind working!

    Have fun on your date night :)

  10. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on The Help. I really liked it while I was reading it? But then didn't like it as much when I was finished. Does that ever happen to you with books?

  11. whatnomints, I KNOW!! ^_^ I prefer Scrabble...BIG surprise I know!...He likes Uno because of the random chance that he'll win!! ^_^ Too bad my 'Date Night' is not with you for some Scrabble!!...Nah! You might beat me!!

  12. Holyoke Home, Oh No!! Don't tell me I might be in for a let down?!!...Yes, that does happen to me! I had that experience with one of Oprah's book club books a while back. I won't say which one. But after that I figured I'd use my own criteria for picking reading material. No disrespect to Oprah. :-)


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