Monday, November 15, 2010


    Guess what?!'s raining here in Holyoke this morning!! And even though I'm achy and moving in slow motion, I'm still in a pretty good mood from the weekend. Of course I've had help. First being this photo I borrowed from Vicki Patino. And with my music already on this morning, I'm 'dancing in the rain'! :-) it's gonna take a little more effort today to keep my good mood...OUCH!!....But I've certainly got enough good things to help me! Like the good news about today's GIVEAWAY winner. I'll hold you in suspense for a couple more minutes before I tell you who it is.  ^_^
    And, like the fact that I was in another treasury yesterday! You can follow the link HERE to see it. Just to be honest with you,...because you know how much I usually like to show off the treasuries that the curators have worked so hard on,...I'm not 'tooting this one up' too much on purpose. Don't get me wrong, it has some great gift ideas in it, and I am REALLY honored that my Earth Red Crimson Flower Dangle Necklace was chosen for it,...

     ...but this treasury has a holiday theme. I think it was intended specifically for people who celebrate... And since I don't celebrate the holidays, and there are some specific things in it just for the holidays, I thought it would be disingenuous of me to be whooping it up over it.
   But what I WILL do is say a BIG thank you to the curator, stellasblossoms, and show you a few of the items that I specifically loved in her treasury...One of them being from her own shop! It's this Personalized Custom Mom Pendant! It has 3 tiny initial tags.
    Cute huh?!
    I also like these other cute items she chose.
     This Beige and White Earring Holder made from Wheel Thrown Pottery by KarensCoolPots.

    This gorgeous Gold, Green Velvet and Embroidery Scarf by Foret.

    This fabulously elegant necklace that she titled Egyptian Revival Amber Fringe Necklace Big Chunky Faceted Glass Pearl Victorian. It's in the shop of sodear2myheart.

    And this Round Red and Antiqued Brass Photo Locket with Magnetic Clasp Qty 2 by  Antiqued.
   You can follow the link to find the others too.
    Okay, shall I show you the winner now?!....Not yet! First let me show you something else that is keeping my good mood going.
   Ha! Ha! No!  Apparently hubby's cheesecake was not enough sugar for us this weekend! ^_^  My girlfriend thought we needed a little more sugar she made this for us!
   Hubby conducted a Bible study with her husband and came home with a bag she sent for me. When we opened it, this is what we saw!! :-) So, if I sound like I'm bouncing off of the walls, now you know why!! ^_^
    Okay, I've stalled enough! Hubby took the box full of entries all shook up....and shook up again...
    Don't they look pretty with some of them having colored 'post-its'?!...He reached in the box......
    Ignore the 'ashy' (non-lotioned) hand. ^_^ ....He pulled up a paper...
    ..And CONGRATULATIONS!!! It's....
.....Yaya!!! So, Yaya, all I need is your address, and this big crocheted baby will be on it's way to you!! Either contact me on Etsy through my Wuglyees shop HERE, send me a private message on Facebook HERE, tweet me a direct message on Twitter HERE, or email me below! :-))
    Now, on to the next GIVEAWAY! This time there will be 2 winners...mainly because the 2 scarves I'm giving away are 2 of my Wuglyee scarves that look almost exactly alike! One is just slightly longer than the other. They're both 70 and 71 inches long (177.8 and 180.3 cm) and 4 & 1/2 inches wide (11.4cm wide). {And forgive me, these pictures are not very good, but it's still dark outside and we had my good natural light light bulb blow on us last night.}
    I call them 'Jazzy Peacock 1' and 'Jazzy Peacock 2'. They have turquoise bluish green, yellow, black, burnt brown, and tan colors all mixed in together.
      They're made with the same yarn and thread combination as is in the Half A Peacock Scarf that's on sale in my shop right now! It's showing a better picture.
    I made them all at the same time, but just never got around to listing these other two. So, now one.....or rather, two.....of you will be taking these Peacock "babies" to your house.
    The drawing for them will be on December 1, 2010. And just as with the other drawings, only those who follow this blog will be eligible to win. Your entry will be your comment on this blog each entry is allowed per day. So, if you're talkative like me, you could enter more than 15 times!
    All I can say is be thankful I didn't go with hubby's choice of gift for you! He's been trying to find some way of pawning off my colorful party scarf for quite a while!! ^_^ But it's still gonna be here!!!
    Okay, I'm going to take my good mood on to other things now...I hope! :-) I'll leave you with a good mood inducing poem!

Things Have Changed A Lot

Our world has changed a lot.
The simply simple life is gone.
The way things used to be
is what folks put their money on.

The antiques and vintage wear;
Times gone by-remembered well.
If only they could come to life-
The stories they would tell!

Its just too bad we can't bring back
the times when we stayed home,
and sat around the house,
or took long drives-all alone.

We had the time to think,
in peace and quiet serenity;
instead of beeping, blinking, buzzing,
"new and improved" gadgetry.

Yes, things have changed a lot,
and people's attitudes have too;
They hardly look you in the eye-
But quick they are to sue!

They never eat together;
Families just don't seem to care.
And what happened to shaking hands?
and stealing quality time for prayer?

Now, they schedule every minute;
and any delay-causes rage.
They're animals on two feet.
All they're missing is a cage!


  1. Glad you're perky today in spite of the rain. We're suppose to get flurries today. Yuck! Congrats to Yaya for her win!!! I like the scarves you chose for your next one too!
    And that pie!!! What a nice surprise and so cute too!!
    I also appreciated the poem! So true!

  2. CinLynn, Yeah, I'm good when the brain is good, even when the body is not so good! :-) And thanks about the scarves too...and the pie. Wasn't that cool?! Have a good day, my friend!! :-)

  3. Lovely write up on the treasury! (blushing) Thanks so much for mentioing me and the items I chose to show off. The flower pendant is a classic! :-)

    Congratualtions to YaYa for winning the warm wintery scarf!!!

    Pie was super thoughtful! Lucky girl! And the poem is quite cheerful! Hoping for rain today in my dry dry garden!


  4. Congratulations to the winner! and to you for your good mood. :)


  5. mary me, It was my pleasure! I fund some really cute items in there. And thank you for my flower pendant and poem love! :-) If you like, you can come and get some of our rain and take it back home with you!!! ^_^

  6. Diane, Thank you!!! :-)

  7. Beautiful blog of fabulous things! So wonderful of you to share the treasury with everyone. Thank you so much for including our Egyptian Revival necklace with your list of favorites...we're in very good company!

  8. What a fun, upbeat blog you have, my dear! I can feel your resilient spirit. And thank you so much for featuring my "Earth Gem" scarf which is awaiting the perfect home♥ That is a delicious treasury, indeed!

    Be brilliant!

  9. what a sweet friend to make you that cheesecake! I'm loving all of the colors in your scarves.

  10. Mmmmmmmm Pumpkin Pie! The cheesecake looked delicious too (ah, it's too early in the day for me to be craving sweets). Debbie your 'Mom Pendant' is super cute. Congrats on your inclusion in an Etsy treasury!

  11. Aww what a lovely post, im loving the look of that cheesecake looks yummy, that was sweet of your friend bless her. I love your necklace to at the start of the post well done. Please don't enter me for the give away i just wanted to leave a comment on your lovely post.Take care Dee ;-)

  12. SoDear2MyHeart, Thank you for the nice complement...and it was my pleasure! :-)

  13. Ribasus, Thanks so much for so many kind words. And your scarf added to the "pretty" of my blog today, so thank you! :-)

  14. Hollie, Yes she is a sweet...and dearly loved...friend. And thank you for the scarf love too! :-)

  15. Whitney Taylor, :-)) I know! And I have leftovers still in the house....FOR NOW!!...Yes, her mom pendant is cute! I could think of all kinds of possibilities for initials to put on it! "DAD", "PEP", "SIS", "GAL", etc.....I better stop here! ^_^

  16. delia, Thank you very much Dee! And please feel free to comment any time. And thanks for letting me know about the giveaway too...Too bad I can't send you a piece of cheesecake! ^_^

  17. Anonymous11/15/2010

    Hi Debbie! Gorgeous jewlery.Congrats to the winner.The pie oh yum,lol.

    Have a great new week!

  18. Hi Becky! Thanks! And too bad there isn't a pie transport system in this computer, huh?! ^_^

  19. Are you kidding??? I really won? Oh my! Thank you so much! I think your items are so beautiful and fun. You are too sweet! I will email you...Thanks again..Now we both can be in good moods!

  20. yaya, Yep! You won alright!!! I'm very happy that my "crocheted Blanket baby" will be going to such a good home! :-) I'll look for your email.

  21. Couldn't have gone to a nicer blogger! Yaya is WONDERFUL! Congratulations girl!

  22. Holyoke Home, I agree! :-)

  23. Congratulations on your win Yaya!

    Wow Poetess you always manage to find some lovely things to share with us.

  24. Jo-anne, Thanks Joanne! I try!! :-]

  25. Beautiful, beautiful peacock scarves (as are all of your others ;-)!! I am going over to look at your half peacock one now!! Congrats to your last winner and yes, that pie looks de-lish!!
    God Bless~

  26. AngelPups, I'm so glad you like my scarves!! Thak you for such nice words!!! :-) Who knows Kelly, you may be the winner of one of them!! ^_^


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