Thursday, November 11, 2010

What Could Change Me into Killer Kitty?!

    Usually I'm just like this kitty {photograph courtesy of Silja Erg}...curious about my world, nosy even!....trying to take every opportunity I can to learn....and to teach, whenever an opportunity arises. {I mean, I have been around a while! :-)}Sometimes it takes all my concentration, just like this kitty. So I'm usually very glad to have my hubby watching my back....taking care of me.....USUALLY!!
   But he did something the other day that turned me from the sweet curious kitty type, to.....
     KILLER KITTY!!! LOL that may be a little dramatic, but I'll tell you what happened, and you tell me if I'm over-reacting!...But first, let me show you what I ran up on when I was on one of my curious searches last night....Treasures, or I should say Treasuries...that my items are in!!! I had no idea! Now, I'm wondering if the people who curated these treasuries are thinking that I'm a rude girl!...I gotta let them know that I have manners! So here goes...
    First, Sexy leg warmers curated by icegreeneyes
      My Luvva Luvva Large Leg Warmers were in there...THANK YOU!!

    Then, Prissy Purple, curated by MyBohemianSummer.

     My Purple Shabby Button Chic Shell Necklace was in there...THANK YOU!!
   And lastly, All Wrapped Up, curated by 123SUNSHINE123
    My Pistachio, Razzle Dazzle and White Winter Scarf was in there...THANK YOU!!

   They were all very nice treasuries. I don't know how I missed them!...Well, that's not completely true. I've actually been missing a lot lately! I attribute it to hormones because....well, what else would I attribute it too?! Medication side affects?!....Forgetfulness?!....Lack of focus for no reason?! Nahhhhhh! :-]
   Okay, back to what happened with hubby...For you to fully understand why I felt the way I did though, I have to tell you a few things that happened prior to this last incident that took me over the edge!...My hubby knows that my focus has been off a bit lately...well, more than a bit. So he has started to do things..."Jeff-Style", because he thinks I won't notice. {I was going to say "Man-Style", but figured I wouldn't bring his whole gender into this!!! LOL}
      I'm allergic to almost everything, so we never buy NEW detergents, soaps, or anything like that. But hubby has an adventurous spirit and always wants to try anything that says NEW....IMPROVED....TOY INSIDE! The reason he usually doesn't is...ME! But I wasn't with him at the store recently when he saw a new dishwashing liquid with some NEW and IMPROVED stuff in it. But since he's been doing the dishes lately, and figured the dishes would be rinsed off anyway before I ate off of them, he figured..."Go For It!!"
   Cut face itching, my lungs burning, and my sinuses clogging up so much that I couldn't keep the C-Pap machine on all night without taking it off occasionally to blow my nose...and BREATHE!! Come to find out that the nightly ritual of washing my face mask, which is usually done with the dishwashing liquid,....You guessed it!!!...he said he didn't even think about that!!...Grrrr!
   He also did that with some dryer sheets! He didn't change fabric softeners because he knows I'm allergic to the new stuff, but he didn't think a dryer sheet that goes in the dryer AFTER the clothes have been washed would be that big of a deal!!....Grrrr!
   Another day, I was in on the computer and all of a sudden there was an odd smell in the house...while he was cooking! I started coughing and wheezing. I hollered: "What are you doing in there? Is something burning?!" He came in and said: "Wow! Your nose is sensitive. I'm just cooking. Want me to close the door?!"...."Yes please."
   Cut to...a week later! Me--↓
     "Hey, honey, this food is not hot enough. Can you throw it in the microwave for me in MY microwave dish, so the bread doesn't get hard, and let it heat up a few minutes?" {I have only one...beloved...microwave dish. It warms things perfectly, without fuss and muss!}
       He seemed agitated and said: " can eat mine."...{tasted it....COLD!}
     "No, just heat mine up please...."
    "Why do you make such a big deal about that particular microwave dish?"
    ......Huh?!! :-/ Come to find out,...after an hour of wrangling over it,...that the smell I had smelled a WEEK EARLIER was the lid of my microwavable dish melting onto my frying pan!!!! He didn't want to tell me because he knew how much I loved it!!.....Grrrrr!
   Is that enough?!!...One more!...I'm sitting and minding my own business and the phone rings. He answers it and 'ah huhs' the lady on the other line for a couple of minutes. It's the supermarket. We need to bring them a check for $105.43!....HUH?!
    ....Apparently when he was in there the week prior something funny happened with the store's computer. He wrote a check for $105.43 for our grocery. Then he remembered and told the checkout person that he also needed to get $20.00 over to get us pizza. To fix it the checkout person added it all up, and re input it in the computer, but the computer wasn't working correctly. The guy gave him the check back and said everything should be okay.
    When he looked at it afterwards he realized that the check had only $20.00 showing on it!!!...But, off he went, not thinking too much about it....because the guy said....!
    He brought home the receipt that said $105.43, handed it to me to record in the mention of the $20.00 even! I put this amount in the checkbook, not thinking anything about it! He never told me what happened at the store. Although he says he 'thought he did!!' {I've heard that a lot lately since he's been swamped with work at his job. I can't say he didn't because my memory is not what it used to be lately either!! LOL}
    Now, the lady calls from the supermarket. Apparently only $20.00 has been paid, and a check had to be taken to them for the rest. Good thing I actually had already recorded and subtracted the $105.43 in my checkbook!!! My checkbook was only $20.00 off, except for the number of the checks that now had to be switched in the checkbook....Grrrrr!
   Now, the over the top thing....I was feeling kinda not myself all day. My stomach was kinda upset and queasy. When hubby called from work I told him about it..."Huh?!" was the response I got.
    Cut to...dinnertime. A friend had made a meal for us. Talapia. I was eating away and then I started to get nauseous.....Then 2 more bites and.......YEP! There was 'no more room at the IN'.....Ha! Ha!
    I took a big gulp of water and.......Wait! What is that weird taste?! guessed it! More nausea! I said: "Honey, does your water taste funny?!" He got that look on his face. That look that says: "Uh Oh! I'm in trouble!!" I was puzzled as to why I was getting this face, when the face I thought I was going to get was a kind of: "Yeah! What's up with the water?" kind of face!
    Come to find out, after inquiring about the face for a half an hour, that he had forgotten to get water when he was at the store the night before and he knew, after all of the other fiascos around here, that I wouldn't be happy!...So he ran sink water...which I never drink because the chemicals make me queasy...into the bottles!!!!!! "After all", said he, "it was only gonna to be until I got home! I got new water on the way....See!!" (with a smile on his face, no less!!!!!....Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! This is where killer kitty made a showing!! LOL
    We don't call each other names in my house.....GOOD THING FOR HIM!! But I absolutely let him know EXACTLY how I felt about all of this! And after a CLEAR indication of where we both stand, I think that we will have better communication between us from now on. No more assumptions or avoiding THE conversations!....At least I hope so!!....Oh Yeah! And he has GOT to stay out of the grocery store!!! LOL  I don't want to have to become Sherlock Holmes in my own house just because my husband is over-tired! :-))
     And today....I am back to my calm.........curious self!...Like this deer and kitty photo.
     No drama will be in this house today, except when I try to figure out which color yarn to use on my next project. I'm even making a pair of fingerless gloves for hubby to wear at work. No drama....See!! ^_^


Frustration, excitement,
Great anger, Pure joy!
Deep sadness, elation,
intent to annoy.

Loving, disgusted,
triumphant, afraid.
Affection considered,
uneasiness weighed.

Cheerful, proud,
optimistic, despair.
Euphoric, in anguish,
gloom hanging there.

Emotions experienced,
the good and the bad.
Without feeling, sincerely,
what life have you had?!

You need hope and peace,
kindness and love.
An unemotional life is
Not much to speak of.


  1. Wow!! Poor hubby...really messed up this time! Killer kitty needs to stay in it's cage!! What a riot to read about though! My hubby and I had a little heated debate last night too! Guess it's something going around. I know today will be better for all of us.

  2. Indeed, indeed!! :-) I'm happy to know I'm not the only one!! ^_^

  3. Yes you can say Jeff-like but I found so much of my hubby in this post too :S These kind of misunderstandings and sillyness just happen sometimes because of over-working and I hate it when it does. You were so right to get angry and to tell him how you felt about all of this. Lately I have been a little angry at hubby too. Long story and nothing really interesting there but he does this type of crazy things sometimes too and they end up ruining our weekend because it usually happens during the weekend :S Of course I am always to blame because I say what I think and "he is always right"... But I have really calmed down over the years. 10 years ago I literally burst into flames when he did smth that I wasn't too happy about. Now I just yell sometimes and ignore him for awhile and that's that. Love beats it all in the end and we have to respect each other for who we are, not perfect...even though he probably thinks he is LOL ;)

  4. Mariann, Once again I realize that I am not alone! :-) I think you're right about the over-working thing too. The good thing about my hubby is that he realizes right away when there needs to be some "I'm sorrys" said and he says them! I do too...when I'm wrong. :-) After 28 years of marriage, and actually 32 years together now, I hardly ever burst into flames anymore. So when I do, he knows something serious is wrong and the world needs to stop rotating and adjust itself right away!!! So he makes it do that!!! Ha! Ha! He gets loved with the same kind of intensity, so it's all good! ^_^

  5. Anonymous11/11/2010

    Goodmorning Debbie!lol you are so funny.A pleasure to visit you believe me,lol.LOL@killer kitty.Its such a nice thing you do showing off other people things even though yours are amongst them all.Its really nice of you.

    Have a nice day my friend.

  6. Becky, Awwww! Thanks! I love showing off people's items. I know how important it is to know that somebody appreciates what you do! And, believe me, I get mine shown off quite a bit too!! :-) Mmuah!!! Have a good day!

  7. Hi, Wow and O dear, bless him and bless you. Men sometimes there a pain in the bottom but they try without thinking sometimes ;-)) Thanks for dropping by my blog and following me and for the lovely comment. Take care Dee ;-)

  8. Deb,
    I think it's something in the air. You two aren't the only ones going through this. My husband thinks that just because he has a debit card that he can use it any time and most often than not there isn't the money in there that he has decided to use. It's a good thing that you have been together for a while otherwise this would have been grounds for a divorce in some young marriages. One thing that always gets us arguing is that he invites people over without talking it over with me, I don't come out like your kitty I come out like a Lion. LOL.....I love reading your blog. Just goes to show you we are not alone. Communication really makes things better.

  9. delia, Hello! Welcome to my backyard. Sorry you had to visit on one of my annoyance days, but....over here you get ME! ^_^ I'm usually pretty positive and mellow though. Ask anybody!!

  10. SnowFlakeDreams1, Ha! Ha! It may be the "human" experience! And oh yeah, when we were first together EVERYTHING was a subject for a 'knock-down, drag-out' and a 'take no prisoners' kind of discussion!! We're at the age now where we pick our battles and even in the heat of battle we play by the rules. Less fights....and they don't last for days like they used to!

    And that thing about inviting people over without telling me, I nipped that in the bud waaaaay back in the beginning of our relationship! Although he has been known to say the day before someone is suppose to come: "So and so wanted to know if you wanted them to bring anything with them tomorrow....Oh, I thought I told you they were coming!"...I've been known to cancel a gathering, oh yeah! But, to his credit, I've forgotten to tell him things too, and he's been much nicer than me in his response. That's why I love him. :-)


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