Sunday, March 27, 2011

All Blue......Thought I would Share. :-))

      Isn't this a beautiful all blue fine art print by Lori411? (You can click on any of the photos in today's post to check out details of the item) If you've been following my blog the last few days, you're probably thinking that I'm all about blue because of my car situation. Blue because we've now spent a ridiculous amount of money to get it fixed...and it's STILL not fixed! Blue because hubby has to find another way to get to work tomorrow, it seems. (unless something miraculous happens between now and tonight)...But Nooooo! We're dealing with it. At this point dealing with repairmen and car parts places is almost laughable! So, WHATEVER! ^_^
     I could find other things to be blue about though, if I wanted to. Like for instance that my sister, while I was trying to have a "fix everything" conversation with her on the phone, has hung up on me two times now...with a curt "bye!" WOW!
     Or that our clothes had to be taken to the Laundromat yesterday......something we haven't had to do for more than 30 years now! (except for an occasional over-sized bed comforter) ... What happened?! Well, the dryer decided it was not in the mood to 'play nice' yesterday. It no longer wants to heat up that much! (I can sympathize Mr. Dryer! I don't either!!) So the clothes were going around and around....and around. But they weren't drying!...UGH! Apparently clothes and cars have decided that our house is NOT worth the energy they have been putting into us! LOL
     I feel like all I've been doing lately is complaining!! UGH! Sorry guys! But unfortunately, when I write about things here on my blog, I write about what's going on with me. I don't do it to get sympathy. I do it because writing is sort of like therapy for me. And once it's out of my head, and down on paper...I feel better!....Ahhhhhh! Feeling better already! :-)
      So let me share something else "blue" with you. But this time "Blue" is good!....Very very good! :-)
       This beautiful blue gourd with the sunflower on it is from the Etsy shop SharonsCustomArtwork. I absolutely love it! I wish it had a nest in it, and the holes were big enough, for the robins that have returned to my backyard! (I was going to try to get some photos, but they were too fast! ^_^ Maybe later this week.) And she has all kinds of beautiful hand-painted gourds too! Ones with butterflies, goldfinches, baby bluebirds, hummingbirds in flight, etc...Click to her shop and see for yourself!
       Finally, I guess Spring has decided to arrive in the backyard!...I won't get too excited though. Snow is always lurking somewhere trying to spoil my mood....Talk about blue! :-)) ...So I'll wait until the weather is more steady before I start doing cartwheels (figuratively, of course. I'm too old to start flipping myself upside down on purpose! LOL)
       Too bad I don't have some of these blue jean overalls (from youngteam1981)in my size to do some planting in! I think now would be the time!! :-)
      I love sharing my blue with you! ^_^ It's making me not so "blue", emotionally speaking. But the real reason all this blue is on my mind is because I've been crocheting crochet flower brooches!
      I've been playing around with Picassa to see which way is best to photograph them for the shop. Which one of the two shots of this blue and white brooch above do you like best?!
       I did an all blue one too, with the same button though.
      I;m also trying to decide whether to sell these two together or separately. Can you help me out?! What do you think?!
      I know.....I'm asking for a lot of interaction today. :-)) I would appreciate it though....seriously!
     Okay, one last reminder, and a poem, and I'm done for today. The reminder is that it's only two more days before the hat giveaway
        So please click the "Follow" button and leave a comment below if you want to be entered to win it! Enjoy the rest of the weekend everybody!!...And make sure you do tune ups on your cars and check your dryers to make sure their heating up properly.....just saying!! ^_^


You teeter totter, in the middle,
Lean a little, OOPS! You're off!
Now you know that you're not balanced,
and you hope the ground is soft.

It's not easy to achieve,
and once you have it, to maintain.
In almost every part of life
our balance is so hard to gain.

You have to balance your emotions,
how you eat, and how you spend.
And when you're balancing your checkbook,
try to keep a level grin.

Staying somewhere in the middle
takes a conscious, careful touch,
because it doesn't take a lot
to go from balanced to 'too much'!

So try to keep a balanced eye,
 a balanced plate, and balanced life.
Keep your feelings all in check,
and minimize the stress and strife.

And don't compare your sense of balance
 to your neighbor''re alone.
Because your neighbor's also trying
to get some balance of his own!


  1. Alicia3/27/2011

    I, too, am blue about things that no longer work.

  2. Alicia, Uh Oh! Is it your car too?!...Or something else?

  3. Sorry about the "blues" today Wug! Life can be so frustrating! My dryer started acting like that before, and we found out that the outside vent was clogged with lint. Works fine now. Just saying...
    To answer your questions, I like the first photo better than the second one, and yes, I do think you should try selling them together. Great idea! Love the blues too!
    I love the poem! Seems like the story of my life! LOL
    I hope your car gets fixed soon for you. Nothing worse than losing your independence!
    Have a wonderful meeting and a great Sunday!

  4. Alicia3/27/2011

    Nope... car is fine (today). Old and fragile relationships of all kinds (romantic, employer-employee, friends, family)....

  5. CinLynn, Life ALWAYS is frustrating!! It's all in how you handle it, right?! :-) I'm handling it with a little tear, a little ARGHHHHH!, and a little 'getting on with it!' ^_^ Thanks about the vent tip!! Maybe we'll ;look into it before we start car AND dryer hunting! LOL Thanks about the photos too. I was leaning more towards the first one too. The 2nd one seems harder...and together it is! Maybe later today...And we all need balance....all of us!! :-] I'm going to balance myself out right now!!! No! I didn't say "nap!" ^_^

  6. Alicia, YIKES! Sounds like you and I are having a 'TIME'!!! I hope yours gets better soon. I'm just riding my wave...on all fronts!!!

  7. Deb, I really love this poem today. It is on the mark about life. Now about the pictures I like the first picture of each flower. My opinion is to sell them seperate. Remember it is an opinion and I always have lots of those....LOL..... I hope that things come together soon and get you to that balance state of mind. Hope your day is going better.

  8. Sorry about your car. I know, everything is getting so expensive, especially when it comes to cars....
    Anyway, enjoy your Sunday.

  9. SnowflakeDreams1, Okay, that's another vote for the first picture! I see that we're all on the same page with this one. But you're the first vote I got to sell them separately! I'll keep considering. :-] I just got the call from the mechanic that the car is finished!! YAY! much is the final bill going to be?!...*Taking deep breaths! BALANCING!!! LOL* Thanks, by the way, for the nice words about the poem. :-)

  10. Priscila, Thanks for the words of encouragement. Boy, are you right too! I think they make them to disintegrate!!! Instead of making their money on the front side, with the purchase of the car, they make it on the back side, with the price of repairs!! Sounds like a conspiracy to me!! LOL

  11. oh too bad about the blues ): we have had a sad little time with your van too that makes me blue but thanks for the props for my little shop, that made my day much more sunnY!!

  12. marathon1981, WOW! From some of the comments I've gotten here and on Twitter it appears that EVERYBODY almost are having problems with their vehicles!! What's up with that, huh?!...But I think mine is all fixed. Have to go and get it. We'll see!! :-/ And it was my pleasure giving people a little peek into your shop! :-)

  13. Must be Blue Car Season....mine is without battery and in need of an exhaust system. No driving for me. Unfortunately, it seems to be Blue Money Season no driving for who knows how long! However, watching my son do well at his state meet yesterday made that day very Warm and Sunny!

  14. something always seems to breaking down in a house. hope the dryer situation gets sorted out soon.

  15. I mentioned you today in our meeting. Used your experience in paragraph 13B. Hope you don't mind. Everyone liked it too! Keep smiling my friend!

  16. Art and Sew Forth, Ha! Ha! DEFINITELY Blue Car season!!! And I'm sorry that you're having issues too. Hubby just left to get our 'Money Grabbing Mobile' from the repair guy. Now it's over $1,000 we've spent! I'm telling you, if this car even coughs exhaust wrong I may must a mental gasket at this point!!!! LOL In your case, no driving may be a good thing if you have your young man turn some cartwheels for you! :-)

  17. Char, You reminded me that tomorrow I'll start the frustration all over again....hunting for a dryer!..*smh* You're so right about SOMETHING always seeming to be going wrong. What's that expression though: life is 10% of what happens to you, and 90% how you choose to look at it. So I spend a lot of time trying to do things that keep my mind right!! LOL I'm good about 50% of the time! ^_^

  18. CinLynn, Awwwwwww! That's so sweet!!! I wish I could have been there to hear it! ;'_';

  19. Your poem is spot on. Getting that balance just right is just what I need to do. Not an easy task but I am working on it :)
    With the photos of your flowers. I do like the softer looking picture but the other one have much stronger colours. That probably doesn't help you at all lol

  20. Jo-anne, Trying to get and keep balance is hard for all of us!! That's why the poem was born! :-]...As to the flowers, I think that's the consensus from everybody now. So I'll use those when I list them {although, like you said, the others show more concentration of the colors}. And your input WAS a help. Thank you!

  21. The second pic is better because it is clearer, and more true to the actual colour. I think sell them seperate?
    I know EXACTLY how you feel with the car. We have spent heaps on our to and it is still a piece of ****. I'm trying to convince Hubby to sell it.
    Sorry your sister is being so horrible to you, I know how THAT feels to!

    I have a hand painted gord someone did especially for me. It is a gorgeous blue with three adorable colourful geckos/lizards on it. I love it :)

  22. Alittlesprite, WOW! You're among the minority about the 2nd picture. I agree though, that it is a more concentrated, harder look at the original color. Maybe, since we're given 5 slots for pictures on Etsy, I'll have to put at least one of the # 2 picture in there...and I decided that I WILL sell them separately. Thanks so much for your input. I really appreciate it!...I'm not even going to TALK about that car anymore!! UGH!...And the sister thing?....Yeah, you know!!!...Oooo1 You have a gourd!! She contacted me yesterday and told me that she can make the holes bigger in them if I wanted. I'm considering it....I have my reasons! ^_^ Have a good rest of the day Shannon!


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