Monday, March 21, 2011

The Good Weather Is About To Launch!! the photo is a 'little' misleading! LOL You're not in the sunny beaches of the Caribbean. You're just in my backyard. LOL But it should count for something if your mind REALLY wants to be in the Carribean!!! ^_^ 
     Speaking of which, you can kinda go there...sailing the warm seas I mean...with Vicki and the Gardener and friends, from the blog 2 Bags Full. They just got back from a cruise and she brought back lots of photos. Go check it out!! :-)
     Before the cruise they had a short stay in Florida, where they...and a few of their to see the last launch of the Space Shuttle DISCOVERY!
      I love the photos (via some friends of hers on Flickr). They make you feel like you're sitting in a lawn chair right next to the launch site! LOL
      But that's not where I am....I'm in Massachusetts, looking out the window, waiting for the good weather and Spring to hit "Lift Off"! So far all I have is a backyard without least for a few more minutes!...Hey!! My backyard doesn't have snow!!!! 
        I've been waiting for that to happen all winter!
        It's still very wet, but even that sogginess will be gone soon.....Well, eventually.....maybe. :-/
       Believe it or not, the forecast here today is for sleet and rain, with a high of only 45 degrees...*sigh*...I just saw on the news that we may get 1 to 3 inches of snow by tonight....*Big Sigh* :-/ .....but at least there's no snow in the backyard right now!! there's a 'little' snow, off to the left (far on the left there,....and behind the tree line). But I can live with that! ^_^ 
      It'll be gone soon....and the stuff that's falling today will be gone too!....How do I know?!...Because the first 'critter' has shown up in the backyard!!
       Can you see him?!......It's a squirrel!
      He looks like he's trying to remember where he buried those nuts... :-] With all of the snow we've had, who knows where those babies floated off to!! ^_^ Now I'm going to float off too. 
     I'm going to use up some extra crochet thread today, making little backless flowers for my scrap-booking folks. I figured I could 'kill two birds with one stone' to speak. I'll finally use up these little bits of thread, and I'll have something to put in a new section of my Wuglyees Etsy shop..."supplies"! 
     Maybe I can finally get rid of some of this pink!!! I'm sure there must be some scrap-bookers out there looking for some little pink flowers for a scrap-booking project for somebody's baby girl!....Right?! ^_^ Well, you can look for these in my shop maybe some time later today......I'm going to be looking for Spring.....and now......snow and rain. *sigh*

Spring Is The Rain

Spring is the rain,
when the flowers grow again,
and new life is let remain.
After months of drench and drain,
you now see roses down the lane.

Spring is the rain,
and the budding of the grain,
and birds, out your window pane.
When the weather makes you sane,
and its no longer on your brain,
'cause there's no cold to give you pain.

Spring is the rain-
the time for traveling on the train,
for watching trees, not weather vanes,
and raking leaves-Autumn's disdain.
You lift your head, just like a crane,
and now your thought's no longer vain.
You think of seasons that were plain,
but now its blooming, down on Main,
because spring is the rain.


  1. Your backyard is looking just like mine!! No snow! We got so much rain yesterday that the snow didn't have a chance!! Supposed to be 50 here today, but back in the 30's the rest of the week. :*( I'll get warm sooner or later after all it IS officially spring!!!!
    Can't wait to see your "supply" section!

  2. CinLynn, It's nice to see it cleared of snow, isn't it?!...It's apparently not going to last long though...Yep! Spring is taking it's 'sweet ole time' usual!! ^_^ I'm glad to hear you like my "supply" section idea too!

  3. Spring is here! At least until Wednesday when it will be -8 with the windchill!

  4. What a lovely backyard!!
    Hoping the snow stays away and the sun keeps on shining!!

  5. I get so impatient during this time of year ... Spring is so close you can touch it, but I'm still wearing closed-toe shoes and a jacket :(

  6. Lisa, Ha! Ha! Oh No!!! minus 8 degrees!! Brrrrr!....Well, you can have my snow if you want it! ^_^

  7. Thanks Kerri, but unfortunately the snow didn't stay away...It's coming down like gang-busters now...and it's sticking!! :-(

  8. chele, Ha! Ha! I know what you mean!!...I should have made myself not get so excited yesterday...with all of that pretty sunshine!...I said to hubby: "Where are the birds? I haven't seen or heard a bird for days around here!"...Little did I know that I should have taken that as a clue.....SNOW!! LOL

  9. Spring is finally here! I'm sure those springtime temperatures will be heading towards Massachusetts soon. Here in Chicago, the forecasters are calling for a balmy 63 degrees with abundant sunshine. Yippee for your first squirrel sighting of the new year. I noticed many turtles sunning on the fallen trees in a local pond recently.
    As always, wonderful poem. Happy pink flower crocheting!

  10. Julie, I hope you're right about those Springtime temperatures! They're definitely not here right now!...My backyard is covered in snow AGAIN!! *sigh* A few blades of grass are still visible, but I'm not sure how long that'll last. The snow is still coming down!...Enjoy the sunshine and your 63 degrees!! :-]

  11. Spring has sprung!!! hugs

  12. Katherine's Corner, Well.....kinda! In our area Spring has sprung a SNOW LEAK!!! LOL I can't believe it's been snowing all day!! UGH!...It was so beautiful yesterday! :-/

  13. Great images!! Let the spring start...

  14. ;-)))) You made me smile with the little squirrel, and wow what an amazing back yard you have its huge. Theres only so much of the white stuff you want and only for a little while. Spring is here in england in all its glory my tulips are in bud, my cowslips are out and the daffs, snow drops have been and gone but im waiting for the blue bells next, the little lambs are skipping in the fields you have to love this time of year, i hope it comes to you pretty soon, enjoy your day, dee x

  15. Priscila, Thanks! And yes! Come on Spring!!...PLEASE!! ^_^

  16. delia, :-) I wonder where my poor little squirrel went to yesterday! {If you see my next post you'll know what I mean.}...And you're so right about the white stuff! I've had enough for this year THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! LOL It sounds like Spring is popping out beautifully for you there in England though! I've had one squirrel hopping around, but I'd love to see your little lambs skipping about in the fields! :-))

  17. Crochet is becomming popular in scrapbooking. I saw a few flowers at the craft show today. (didn't buy any, figured I'd make my own)

    AWW... you have snow AND Squirrels!!! Not fair!

  18. Alittlesprite, I'm so glad you said that! That confirms what I've been told about the crochet items and scrapbooking.....And yeah....ONE squirrel! But I did see some fat Robins in the backyard yesterday, so more critters soon!! LOL


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