Thursday, March 3, 2011

"Yes I Will!!"...Now What?!

       From the moment the proposal happens, and the wedding day is set, it's a whirlwind of whose going to be the bride's maids and ushers, where are you going to have the wedding and reception, whose going to marry you, and what dress you will choose to wear.
                                (White Chiffon & Satin Wedding Dress by iambridal)
        ...And then there are the other details, that include little things like the ring bearer pillow!...Why am I talking about this today?! Because I was roaming around Etsy, using the "Pounce" feature, (where you can search Etsy shops with either a recent first sale, or no sales at all) and I came across a new shop that I just CAN NOT believe has no sales yet!! And what does she sell?! The most gorgeous and well made ring bearer pillows I've ever seen!
      Yes! I know! It's long past my days of planning weddings and caring about ring bearers....for me! {I mean, as of this year I will have been married 29 years!}...But I still remember how important all the little detailed things were to me. And I figure I can't be alone in this...Right?!...I said RIGHT?!! LOL
      So, for all those who are newly engaged and about to embark on the whirlwind of planning, I found a shop I just have to share with you!! It's LavenderPosy! She says that the seeds of LavenderPosy were started nearly 5 years ago when she made the ring bearer pillows for her son and daughter-in-law's wedding. She's sewn every since then!
     She first discovered Etsy when her daughter-in-law became a seller a year ago [her shop is PaperWindow. Perfect place to get some note cards for your wedding...Just saying!  :-)] and, on a whim, she decided to give it a try too. 
      Just look at some of these gorgeous ring bearer pillows...
Chantilly...Lace Over Celadon Satin...
Plaid.....Green and Pink on White Satin...
Victorian Heart.....Creme on Ivory Satin...
Chantilly.....Lace Over Coral Satin...
Chic.....Blue on White Satin...
Plaid...Black and Pink on White Satin...
English Rose.....Pink on White Satin...
And lastly, Snow Ribbons.....White on White Jacquard Satin...
      In her Etsy Profile she says: "My pillows reflect a simple, elegant style that will add to the aura of romance on your very special day..." Just looking at them, and remembering my own wedding day ALL THOSE YEARS ago, I'd say she's probably right! Just seeing one of my nephews coming down the aisle carrying any one of these pillows would have made it seem more romantic! :-)
     Considering that hubby and I paid less than $500.00 for our wedding, reception, and honeymoon combined, I'd say our wedding could've used a little more elegance! LOL Oh's too late for us now! ^_^
     One other thing that I love about her ring bearer pillows is that they're unique! She says that the hallmark of her wedding ring pillows, and what makes them virtually unique among ring pillows, is the beautifully corded seams. That's what gives the finished product a classic, elegant look. 
     So, if you're planning your wedding, or you know someone that is, do yourself a favor and check out LavenderPosy. I'm definitely going to keep it in mine for some friends of mine, three different couples!, that just recently got engaged! I don't think this shop will be without a sale much longer!! :-)
     The poem I'm leaving you today is a little bit self-indulgence...please forgive me...but all this wedding talk got me to thinking about my wedding. I wrote this poem MANY years ago. Some of you probably have seen it before, but for those that haven't... :-))

When We Got Married

We got married in our town,
in a tiny little church,
with paint chipping everywhere
(like a white, long-standing Birch).

We were Oh-so much-in love;
and so our family could know,
we took pictures in the park-
(a week before the rice they'd  throw).

It was 'tree-lined Park' sunshine
that poured down upon my face,
just a week before I'd  wear
a long white dress, all trimmed in lace.

Dad drove me in his big car,
(all cleaned up, in white, like me.)
Jeff was late-so dad had to
drive around so none would see.

There was no room in the church
for a bride to hide from guests;
They all had to get there first-
(To not be seen was quite a test.)

Jeff made me wait-But it was fine.
He looked so good in his white tux.
He had washed his green Chevette.
It shined just like a million bucks.

My cousin, all dressed up,
opened the door and let me out.
Everything looked kind of hazy
through my veil, all round about.

My sister, oldest, was in front,
as we went, slow, down the aisle.
I just wanted to see Jeff,
down at the end-with his big smile.

We faced each other, hand-in-hand,
and I looked deep into his face.
He looked shocked! and when I smiled
he still just stared off into space.

Thankfully he said: "I do",
and when I did-there was a lull.
I later asked him what was wrong.
He said: "You were so beautiful!"

It was the heat of summer;
The year was 1982.
I became his wife-his 'Puddles'.
He became my 'Bae'-and 'Boo'.

We had a great reception
(Thanks to things from 'Taylor Rental');
And we had it in dad's  house,
where I would dance with dad-real gentle.

We had a champagne fountain
(But Jeff and I drank apple juice).
I danced all day, without my shoes.
I was relaxed and feeling loose.

My sisters did the serving
of the food-but not for pay.
Everybody 'cut-a-rug!',
and jeff's  best friend,was our D.J.

We drove south, to Florida,
for our one-week honeymoon,
with people honking all the way!
(It was a 'Just Married' car-tune.)

We went to 'Disney World',
'Cypress Gardens' and 'Epcot'.
We also visited 'Busch Gardens'.
(For just one week-we saw a lot!)

For two weeks after we got home,
by Love was how we both were fed,
'cause there wasn't  any money.
(Without my biscuits we'd  be dead!)

So-all these happy memories
are the reason for the core
of our marriage all these years.
And there will be many more-
If Jehovah takes the score! 

(The header photo is from an Etsy shop called Studiojones1; It's Custom Wedding or Anniversary Pop Art Gift 20x24)   


  1. Hi! What a wonderful poem
    Loved it!
    The cushions are gorgeous!
    Jeanie x

  2. You definitely found a diamond in the rough here!! WOW...she is really talented!! We got a wedding invitation yesterday. I don't know the girl very well, so I probably won't be able to steer her to that gorgeous shop. But if I could...I definitely would!!
    Yep....I've read that poem before too! It IS wonderful!

  3. mythreebeez, Awww! I'm glad you like it. Every word is absolutely true. It's the way I chronicled my wedding. :-)...And the pillows sure are gorgeous! Thank you!

  4. CinLynn, That's the same thing I said!! I just could not believe that she hadn't sold anything!!...There are 3 newly engaged couples in our Hall now!! I'll definitely steer them here if given the chance!...Sorry I missed you today too. My dad's surgery is today. I'm keeping myself busy.

  5. Oh my... that dress is to die for! Love love it.
    So pretty and modern.

  6. Those pillows are amazing! So pretty! Love your poem!

  7. Priscila, I agree!! Oh! To go back and get married again!.....NOT! I'll keep the 29 years I have. Thank you very much! LOL

  8. Cathy, I thought so too!! And so many different designs...And thank you about the poem too. :-)

  9. Wow, those cushions are really lovely. Someone obviously put a lot of thought into their designs!

    Let's! Just a few more years and it will be 30!

  10. Holyoke Home, I feel the same way about the pillows!!...And yeah, 2012 will be the big 3-0 for us!! {Actually we've been together since 1978 though. So this year is really already 33 years! :-)}

  11. ahhhhh what a beautiful poem, the bit where you said he couldn't look at you because he said you were to beautiful brought a lump to my throat and a warm smile. Those cushions are truely beautiful and such a lovely idea, dee x

  12. Awww! Thank you delia...It brought a lump to mine that day too! :-) I can't believe that was almost 29 years ago!! Boy! Time truly does fly!...And yes, the cushions are beautiful!

  13. Those are the prettiest little ring pillows ever! I wish I could have known about her last year...I would have bought one for my niece's wedding last Oct...cute poem! Next year will be a great time to celebrate! This year marks 37 for us..time does have a way of slipping by!

  14. yaya, You're so right! They are so cute! I'm going to keep them in mind for my friends too...And congrats on 37 years! That's no little feat these days!! :-) But WOW! Where did the time go, huh?! ^_^

  15. What a beautiful poem. I can just picture how things looked :)

  16. Jo-anne, Thank you. :-) It's nice that I have the poem to remind me.


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