Friday, March 11, 2011

Left Brain.....Meet RIGHT Mama!

                             (Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head Inspired...Cake Toppers by TNZsculptures)   
          No, today's post is not going to be about the benefits of brain surgery, the place of Mosquitoes in the eco-system, or the best way to cut a cantaloupe with a pin knife when you're camping....or any other subject that might actually be worth the deep thought of pondering. ^_^ No! Today's post is about a silly conversation that hubby and I had that made me convinced that men and women just DON'T think the same way!!
                             (left brain/right brain notebook by redstarINK)
Of course, I already knew this! I mean, I've been married to the man for almost 29 years...And we were together, as a dating couple, 5 years before that!....And we grew up in the same neighborhood (once I came up North), so I've known him since before that!...from when I was about 12 years old!!!
      So, you'd think that, after all this time, nothing he says would surprise me!...But every still does!! IT STILL DOES!! ^_^ Let me tell you what I mean...My girlfriend bought something for hubby when she was at BJ's store a few months back. What it is is not important, so I won't bore you with the particulars. But it was something he never used before, but that was invaluable to his being more efficient at his job!
    He raved about it. Said he didn't know why he never got it before,...'yada yada yada'!...Just for information purposes I'll tell you that this 'THING' is something that he'd have to keep purchasing for himself on occasion...every 2 months or so...from BJ's. And since we don't belong to BJ's club {UGH! that's another story!! ^_^}, he would have to have my girlfriend, or some other friend whose a BJ's club member, get it for him when he was about to run low.
   Okay......cut to almost 2 months later. He says to me: "Hey! I'm running low of...'that thing'! Where did your girlfriend get that from again?!"..."BJ's."...."Okay, I'm going to have to get over there somehow, and get some more."....Now it's 6 or 7 months later. My girlfriend calls and says:"Hey! I've got some of that 'THING' here at my house. I've got 3, in fact. Does your husband need any more?!"...."Actually, I don't think so." I say. "He said a couple months back that he was getting some. So he may actually already have it!"..."Okay," she says. "because I'm heading back over to BJ's later today. If he wants a couple of the ones I have here in the house he can come and get them, and I'll get more for us when I go."
    Now, here's why I say that men and women don't think the same way...
                            (This sign and those below are from icehousecrafts on Etsy)
...I said to hubby: "My girlfriend said....yada yada yada!...Do you have some already?!"....Hubby, in an aggravated voice says: "NO!! I don't have any! I told you months ago that I needed some! I told you to ask her to get me some more, but you didn't!!"...{Insert Scooby Doo's "Argh huh?!" here!!!}
         "What?!!! You never asked me to have her get you some!!"..."Yes I did!!"...."When?!!"..."Don't you remember when I asked you, months ago, where she got it from?!!!"...."Uh....yeah! But that's not the same as asking me to 'Please ask her to get me some more'!!!"..."Yes it is!!! Why did you think I was asking?!!"
        Now, I could have been really 'fresh' {sarcastic} and said: 'I thought you were asking because your left brain and right brain were working together, and you figured that since that 'THING' is not going to materialize in the house through Scotty's triquarter, {Star Trek reference} you might need to know how to go, or who to go for you, to get it!!...Silly me! What was I thinking!!'....But what I actually said was: "I don't know dear. But I wasn't thinking that! You have to be more specific." To which he looked at me like I had 3 heads...which I "was" growing at the moment...and one of them had steam building in it like a locomotive train!! LOL
     How did his not having his 'THING' for months now, and him using some non-working substitute 'jimmied up' 'THING' because he didn't have a BJ's club card to go get the real 'THING', get to be MY FAULT?!!!....UGH!!! And make no mistake, in his brain it was my fault! And no amount of reasoning on the subject on my part, for the whole of yesterday and this morning, has changed that!! LOL It remains MY FAULT that he doesn't have his 'THING'!! :-/
      All I have to say is that I'm so glad that I know who I am!!!...If I was somebody else I'd be crying and feeling awful that I didn't get his cues and hints about his 'THING', or I'd be sending my girlfriend over there to get him 15 of those 'THINGS' so he'd never run out again, or I'd be fixing him nice meals and rubbing his feet out of embarrassment that I'm so slow to figure things out!!....O_0
     Instead....I'm writing a blog post about it, with a poem, and hoping that if he needs that 'THING' bad enough he'll  figure out a way to get it! Or else he'll let me know, so I can call my girlfriend to go get it for him!...As of now, that hasn't happened. And I'm done with it! I've got crocheting to do! ^_^ My RIGHT brain is in good working order...until proved otherwise!! 

Marital Language

Does your husband speak your language?
Does he get your moods and quirks?
Or do things he says make you question
if his mind still works?!

Does your wife know all your feelings,
as she should, by what you do?
Or does she keep right on talking,
while your face is turning blue?!

Does your marriage live it's own life,
while you two are stuck like glue?
Or are you doing the best you can,
and glad that they'll put up with you!    


  1. Thanks for the chuckle. And men and women don't think the same way at all! After 25 years of marriage, I can attest to that. Nor do men "hear" what you are saying, but that is a whole other subject. Thanks for featuring my signs in your post. Enjoy the day! And I sure hope that your hubby gets "his thing", whatever it may be soon!


  2. dee, Ah! 25 years of marriage! You know EXACTLY what I'm talking about! LOL It''s a good thing we love them! This communication thing could be tricky from the Bahamas!!! ^_^ ...Thank you so much for not minding me sharing them!

  3. Sounds like your day got off to a bad start. Sorry for that. I sure hope hubby gets his "thing" problem resolved. It IS his problem afterall! But you're a great wife and you'll do your part too. I know you will! Cute signs you found!
    Great poem too!

  4. CinLynn, Not off to a "bad" start really. Just a puzzled start! LOL Good thing is that with his brain and my menopause, neither one of us will probably remember it later. We'll just start another puzzling conversation during our 'Date Night' tonight! ^_^ Thanks for the nice words about the poem. And those signs really are cute!! :-)

  5. ;-))) mr and Mrs Potato head great heading ;-) Men and women are different in every single way we are not on the same planet as them at the best of times, I will never understand them in a million years ;-)) Have a lovely weekend, dee x

  6. delia, Ha! ha! Yep! The thinking twains never meet!...But I guess if we were completely alike that wouldn't be all that great either, right?! I certainly wouldn't want to be married to anyone that talks as much as me!!! ^_^ Have a good weekend Dee!

  7. Hahaha loved this post!
    'Oh poetess Wug I've missed you so,
    next time I think I shall not go.'

  8. Deb, like always you have me laughing so hard this morning. Love your post.I've been married almost 29 years and I know what you are talking about. Hope your husband realizes that he needs to ask for your help to get his thing. Love the poem too. Have a great day and date night!!!!

  9., Ha! ha! ha!

    I'm still here, in rain and fog,
    and soon I'll visit your great blog!

    I'm glad you got a laugh while here.
    Let's hope it's not this last this year!! LOL

    Have a good day!

  10. SnowflakeDreams1, Yeah, 29 years qualifies you...Ding! Ding! Ding!...You're probably having the same kind of conversations with your hubby too! ^_^ I think they think we can read their mind or something because it's been so many years of faking our UNDERSTANDING...of NOTHING!!! ^_^

  11. I understand exactly! I have only been married for 5 years but we definitely think differently. My minister once said that women are like spaghetti and men are like waffles:) We combine everything together, multi-task and remember everything. Men can only keep up with one thing at a time (work in compartments). That's why they (especially my husband) is always looking at me with the confused face:)

  12. Shelley, Ahhh! Yes! 'm familiar with the confused face! LOL To my husband's credit, his ability to compartmentalize comes in handy sometimes. I would love to be able to put some things in a compartment where I will think about it tomorrow...rather than in the middle of the night, where I'm thinking like crazy and my hubby is sound asleep!! I say: "How can you just sleep at a time like this?!!"...He says: "I'm tired!"...Makes perfect sense!! ^_^

  13. Yes, I can totally relate to this post. All of it! lol. Love, love, love the Marital Language poem. :)Terri

  14. Terri, Looks like a lot of us can...unfortunately. Oh Well...Gotta love 'em! LOL ... Thanks about the poem. I'm glad you liked it! :-)

  15. oh Yeah this hits home! LOL
    I hope your hubby gets the thing if he really wants it. hehe

    have a wonderful weekend.

  16. Elisa, *Teehee*...It hits home with a lot of us, doesn't it?! ^_^ And yes, my hubby got "2" of his 'THING'!! :-) He's a 'happy camper' now!..You have a good weekend too!


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