Saturday, March 26, 2011

It's the weekend....FINALLY!!

    YAY! Finally! The weekend is here!!...No, there are no sandy beaches in my plans today, but I sure could use one! It's been a rough week...emotionally more so than anything else.
    Just as an update, the car is being worked on right now. It ended up not only needing a distributor, but also a water pump! So, it's costed us close to $1,000 all in far!! What a frustrating ordeal this has been. From my hubby being stranded on the highway, to a car repair place trying to 'Jack Us' (a slang meaning to hijack, rob us) for waaaaay more than we needed to pay, to having the car towed two different times (for $100 both times), to another repair person finding another issue with the car, to having to wait for a part to be ordered for the car...and then having to pick it up at a time when it totally interrupts all of our other plans for the weekend, to having to pay $212.00 for a distributor, $70.00 for a water pump, and $475.00 for labor!!!...Oh yeah, and a thermostat and some other odds and ends!!...UGH!
      What can I say.....I'm thankful for things that put me in a good snow-less backyards, and internet antique hunting, and music, and movies, and good friends, and flowers!!!!
      Not ones like this gorgeous orange flower...although who wouldn't be put in a good mood looking at those kind of flowers?! :-)...but I'm talking about...of course...crocheted flowers!! I've been crocheting 'to beat the band'!! {what's with me and the slang today?! LOL} I made this little purple back-less one...
      ...and this little brown and black back-less one.
       But the one I had the most fun making....and that took the most time making....was this sky blue baby scrapbooking brooch!
        If you look close you'll see that the center button has a "B" for "Boy"! This is a button I've had for a long time and didn't know what to do with it. It seems so perfect for this brooch!....I even put my special backing on it, and some loops, so that if someone wants to attach it to something...or someone...*Teehee* can easily be done.
      It could probably even be hung on a mobile over a baby's crib...or put in a frame for the wall! {I got that idea when I saw what Carrie, over on the blog Making Lemonade, did with some spoons and frames! You have to see how nice they came out. Click HERE to see the post.}
     I hope you all enjoy the rest of your day. I'm going to go and try to enjoy the sunshine that's in my backyard this morning. The grass even looks dry! I'll show you some pictures of it, and my antique hunt object tomorrow...hopefully! :-) 
     I'll leave you with a short poem I wrote quite a while ago for a pregnant friend who was lamenting the fact that she was walking so differently now that she was late into her pregnancy...She had a beautiful baby boy! :-)

Baby Waddle

So, you don't  have a strut
like a skinny runway model.
Walk proudly as you stroll,
with your 'Hippy' baby waddle!

Pretty soon it will be over,
and you'll  walk your baby's  bottle
back and forth all through the night;
And who will notice if you waddle?-
With your smiling babe to coddle.      


  1. I'm glad they found out the problem with your car and that it's getting fixed. Sorry it's so expensive! Cost almost as much as groceries! LOL Love the color in that new flower too. Cute!
    Have a great Saturday! As you can see...when hubby's away...wifey will play! On my way to JoAnn's!!!

  2. CinLynn, Yes, they found out what the problem is. And expensive or not, it's got to be paid, right?!...No groceries for the rest of the weekend for us! LOL And thanks for the complement on the new flower...Have fun at Jo-ann's! :-)

  3. O dear cars can really be a nightmare so glad to hear its now on the mend. I always love your flowers but the sky blue one is such a pretty colour. I hope you have enjoyed the sunshine today. enjoy the rest of your weekend, dee x

  4. You HAVE been busy! I am so glad you have your hubby and your crocheting - with all that car news you need things to make you happy!!! Well, after this your car should be like new...

    Love all the flowers you've been crocheting - they look beautiful!! I am trying to crochet a lacy necklace right now and I think I need stronger glasses... I'm not one for tiny needle work!

    Love that sweet poem!! Happy Weekend! Love, Silke

  5. delia, O yeah, the car still has me shaking my head today too! Repairman says two other things were wrong....Big surprise! UGH!...I'd better be able to live in and eat off of this thing when he's done!!! LOL Thankfully there is sunshine, beautifully calming sunshine, in the backyard today though! :-) Happy weekending!

  6. Silke, The car BETTER be like new!!! LOL Hubby says as soon as we get it back we're putting a "For Sale" sign on it and looking for a NEW one! ^_^ Thanks for the nice words about my flowers!! :-) I've certainly been enjoying making them...although, just like you say, the tiny needle work does a job on the eyes if you're at it for too long at a stretch. I have to take breaks. They're worth it when I'm done though!...I'm glad you're feeling better and able to enjoy the weather too. Enjoy the rest of the weekend too!

  7. Sorry about the car adventures - sounds like a pretty awful couple of days!
    But LOVE the crochet flowers - think I am going to have to ask how you make them soon! I especially like the brown and black ones.

  8. CreatingTrouble, You're so right about the frustrating days with the car, and unfortunately today has not been an exception! We STILL don't have our car yet, but we have paid MORE money!! UGH!...As to making a crocheted flower, I did a blog post on exactly how I do them HERE --> Just copy and paste! I hope it works for you!

  9. arghh! Cars! such a neccessary expense!
    Hope your will be trouble-free for awhile now, and glad to hear you are snow-free too : )

  10. planettreasures, Arghhh! is right! It's almost 11 p.m. and we STILL don't have our car back!!! Craziness! It's definitely time to get a new car...or become a millionaire...QUICK!! LOL But yeah, no snow is making it a little bit more bearable. :-)

  11. Very nice post...and those crocheted flowers are lovely!

  12. Mimi, Thank you very much! It's nice to know I'm not crocheting my brains out for nothing! LOL I'm glad you like them.

  13. Ah, the joys of car ownership! Just recently went through a similar situation with mine-head gasket needed replacing and because of the way the car is put together, the car maker recommends replacing the water pump at the same time, so $1400 later... Fortunately for us, the garage we deal with is very reputable and we have never had an issue with them. Besides, these were original parts and the vehicle is pushing 10 years old.
    Love the flowers! I can sort of crochet a long chain and that's it. Not my strong suit I guess-I'll stick to jewelry! :)

  14. trusk4u, Ahhhh JOY?! Not exactly the word I would use at this point!! LOL Soon as I read the word 'head gasket' my stomach sank for you. My dad is a Mechanic and I saw him many times in the throws of fixing a head gasket on someone's engine. I kinda wish he was well though, because he was a very dedicated and reputable Mechanic in his day. These Mechanics these days....? PHEW! Be thankful you have your "baby" in the hands of someone you know and can trust!...And thanks for the complement on my flowers!! Too bad I can't teach you how to connect your crocheted chain so you can make something! :-) But yeah, you'll be alright just sticking to jewelry! :-)


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