Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I'm On A Roll Now!

     Oh Yeah! I'm loving these tiny flower necklaces! I listed the red one in the shop yesterday...
     ...and this morning I listed the turquoise one...
       ...and the yellow one with the rare wheat button.
     I'm going to be making a black one and a white one out of my Portuguese thread today. After that, unless I get custom orders to do otherwise, I'll be moving on to my next project. :-]
     Speaking of next projects, I SOLD the 3 lapel pins I custom made!! Woohoo!! I have a couple more I'm going to be listing in the shop tomorrow...to see if there's anybody else interesting in them...besides me I mean! LOL
    I know you're probably sick of the "It's all about me!" show on the blog today, but humor me for a couple more minutes please. :-) There's one more thing that happened last night that was kinda cute.
    I 'convoed' the customer, on Etsy, to let him know that I was going to list the lapel pins. I listed two together, and then listed the third one. As soon as I hit the "List" button for the last one, I looked up and there was a 'convo'! I thought: "WOW! Has he changed his mind?!"
    When I checked the convo I found that it wasn't him at all! It was rachelheath! She said: "You are in this treasury!"...And guess what was in her Fabulous Designs treasury?!
      It was the two crochet lapel pins I had just listed a few minutes earlier!! LOL
     I thanked her and went over to her treasury to check out all of the shops she had there and to leave a comment. When I clicked on the last shop....I noticed I had another 'convo'! It was her again!! She said: "Must have sold before I clicked finish". I looked, and sure enough the customer had bought the lapel pins already!!! LOL
    She said: "I'll replace it...". I thought: 'Oh well, that was a quick trip in a treasury. Good thing I took a 'screen shot' of it already!'...Then I looked, and this is what I saw!
      What she had done was replace my lapel pins with my Grape Angel Hair Button Flower Brooch!...How cool is that?!!
      Thank you very much rachelheath!!...And just so this post isn't completely 'All About Me' I'm going to share two Original Paintings from rachelheath's Etsy shop.One 24x18 Original Painting entitled Great Escape...
     ...and an 11x14 Original Painting entitled Red Poppies.
      Okay, so maybe it's still 'All About Me' because I love butterflies and flowers!! ^_^ Oh Well....I tried!....Have a good day everybody! And thank you for all of your encouraging comments and shared experiences from yesterday. I truly appreciated each and every word. :-] It made me think of this poem I wrote a while ago.


There is a need inside of us
To just connect with someone else;

To look at them and somehow know
that who they are, can help you grow;

That if you just could somehow feel
the way down deep, that makes them real,

Your words will, then, no longer hide
the 'who' you are-the you inside;

And then, if you should laugh or cry
or lean your head, and give a sigh;

And if they mimic back to you
the same reactions that you do,

Then there's a real connection made,
and all your inhibitions fade.

All the walls that you put high
will fall away-into their eye,

Where you can look and see intense
emotion-and their innocense;

And you no longer must explain
the need inside, you now must claim;

The need to be the 'who' you are.
They've taken stock-and raised the bar.

Now-if you touch, or if you don't,
or if you will, or if you won't;

It doesn't matter-not a one,
the things they think, or what they've done;

Because connection has been made-
the needed, real, foundation's laid.

Now-there's a real relationship
that you give action-not just lip!

(Oh Yeah! Today is the official last day of the voting for the About.com 2011 Reader's Choice DIY Fashion Award. The chances of me winner are next to nil. Who are we kidding...the chances of me getting out of last place are next to nil!!! ^_^ But I've had fun with it!! The official announcement of who won will be on the 15th of this month. So until then be prepared to see my 'Finalist Statue Man' standing tall up in the top right hand corner of this blog! :-) After that I'll lower him...but he will not disappear. I'm too proud of the nomination for that!! LOL)


  1. You are a doll =) Loved reading this and thanks for showing off my artwork. R.H.

  2. Rachel, It was my pleasure! You're a wonderful artist!! Thank you for letting me share. :-)

  3. Congrats Wug, on the treasury! Rachel does a great job!
    I like the flower necklaces. The smaller size is more appealing to me. And I love the yarn (thread) you used on that red one! Wow! Congrats on the sales too!
    Busy day, so not much to say. Have a great one!

  4. CinLynn, Thanks my friend! :-)

  5. Im so pleased and excited for you lovely to be mentioned and see your lovely things getting the mention they deserve. Your poem was lovely and made me cry again...im having a bit of a low emotional period pesky hormones ;-)) Have a lovely day, dee x

  6. delia, Thank you so much!...And I understand about the hormone thing too! I know my poems don't have THAT kind of power!...I was sitting and watching a little girl ride a pony on our public t.v. channel one day, and burst into uncontrollable tears...for no reason. My body just wanted a good ole cry! So...I let it!!! ^_^ Don't you just love them hormones?!...Just go with the flow today, and have as much of a cry as you want to!!! ^_^

  7. Its funny what sets us off, but your right about listening to your body, i had a good old cry on monday my boys must think im mad...why you crying Mum...i have no idea ;-)) dee x

  8. delia, *Teehee*...Been there/done that!!!...and felt pretty good afterward too! ^_^


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