Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I've Been Waiting For This!

      I saw this beautiful print with the singing yellow warblers when I was roaming around through a treasury on Etsy yesterday and I immediately began to smile! sarahkdesigns has all kinds of birdies in her shop. Chicadees, cardinals, bluebirds, etc... It reminded me that...Yes!'s almost Spring!! :-) I've been waiting for it this year!
      Just looking out my back window, you'd hardly know it was close to Spring! I've still got lots of snow...but I can see a little bit of my grass now! YAY! The happiness!! ^_^ Okay, so I'm being a little bit TOO excited! After all, even though there's a lot of melting going on now that the temperatures are rising...a little...there's still a LOT of snow out there! (I'm going to try to get a couple of photographs to show you tomorrow)
     Thankfully I've got lots of photos to remind me of how close we are to Spring though...
      ...all it takes is a picture of a flower to put you in the right mood to welcome the Spring, right?!! :-)
     It'll be nice to see the ice and snow gone! It's been wreaking havoc all over the country...and in other countries too I might add! We've even had some personal incidents with the weather this winter. Like the loss of our beloved old 'hoopty' {our old car}. The cold got to her and we had to get rid of her.
      And hubby took a spill on the ice the other day! Thankfully he didn't hurt himself too bad. He got dirt all over the back of his clothes, got embarrassed a bit, and had a few aches and pains the next day...We had a whole conversation about how we're not as young as we used to be, and how we can't afford to break a hip because our 'nutty' family might try to put us out to pasture! LOL
     Oh! The things we talk about now!! LOL...It did lead to a decision that had to be made about his job though. They've been requiring more and more time out of him a day, and putting more and more stops on his route to take care the same amount of time! It's been really bothering hubby. So, yesterday, he filed a grievance with the company. He felt that it was something that just had to be done, just in case his job gets in jeopardy because of him not being able to do all that they're requiring him to do now. Oh! If you only knew!!!
    On other fronts, I didn't talk to my dad yesterday. I take that to mean that he's feeling pretty good! I'll call today to check on him...just in case. His silence though, usually means all is well......And while the flowers are de-icing themselves outside...
     ...I've been working away on my crocheted flowers inside! :-) I just finished another small crochet necklace flower. It was made in honor of these flowers...
      ....but with a crochet twist! :-)
     I altered the reflection in the center button a little, on Picassa. You could see my big hands and stuff in it. ^_^ I spared you!...I'm really loving these little flowers. I hope they catch on and start to sell in my shop! I'm going to keep making them anyway...for now...until my arthritis kicks in and says: "That's enough, Old Lady!!" ^_^
     Okay, last thing for today...I won a Giveaway over on the blog planettreasures!!! :-) A pair of earrings!...Woohoo!!! And considering how beautiful her jewelry is in her Etsy shop, I can't wait to get them! You can take a peek at her earring section HERE
     Okay, I'm off to make some more flowers...and look out the window for Spring...It's not a joke, right?! It really is coming.....right?! :-/


I barely can wait for Spring.
With winter I've just had enough!
The ice on the sidewalks,
 and snow in the yard,
have been so depressing and rough.

I usually don't wait for the Spring.
I'm not a real fan of the bees.
My eyes fill with water,
and nose fills with pollen,
and my only pasttime is a sneeze.

But this year I can't wait for the Spring!
I await how my nose has to blow.
My glee I can't hide.
I've been cooped up inside,
Emotionally tackled by snow!


  1. Cute poem! I'm ready for spring too. Maybe the rain and the warmer temps today is a good sign. At least the snow is melting a bit! The white flower is cute and I love the springy photos you've included here.
    Congrats on your win too!

  2. I am so ready for spring too! I love your new crochet flower necklace (very pretty). I am glad that your husband did not hurt himself when he fell. I think that filing a grievance is good insurance. If they expect more, they should give him more time and much more money. Congrats on the win!! Lovely poem (as always).

  3. Ohhh what nice flower pictures you have in your blog today!!! I bought some spring flowers on Sunday too but the crocus doesn't like our warm and dry flat so the flowers have all died... :( The plant itself is okay, just the pretty flowers have dried up...sad. But the little tulip is growing fast and I'm hoping it will bloom soon. :)
    We still have LOTS of snow and ice but the weather is getting warmer, +6C (42F) already :P
    How's your dad? I understand that he had the surgery?
    I hope everything works out with your hubby's job.

  4. CinLynn, Ha! ha! Who knew that 'Allergy-ridden, nose-blowing' me would be waiting for Spring, huh?! ^_^ Thanks for the nice words about the poem and about my newest little crocheted flower too. I'm enjoying a surge of energy doing both right now! :-)

  5. Mariann, You, being the nature photographer extraordinaire that you are, do know a pretty picture when you see it. So I appreciate the nice words about these...I'm sorry to hear that your flowers have 'bitten the dust', so to speak. LOL I've had many a flower funeral in my house with my flowers!! Maybe the tulip will bring sunshine back into the house! ^_^ I'm thankful that my hubby has grown a green thumb, of sorts...My dad, as far as I know, is doing good. The surgery went well. He has a walker for a bit, but that's to be expected. I didn't talk to him yesterday, but I will today. Thanks for your concern.

  6. EvenAndy, Thanks for the thumbs up on my new crochet flower, and for the nice words about my poems. It's good to have a creative outlet and a blog where I can talk my head off about it! ^_^ Thanks for the supportive words about hubby's job too. I think it's going to be INTERESTING around there soon! :-/

  7. Lovely poem im not surprised your fed up with all the snow i would be as well be now. Spring really is coming in my garden the daffs are flowering, my cowslips are to. My snow drops have been and gone but there's plenty more life creeping through the ground, blue bells are there and my tulips are growing to actually thats quite a lot happening in my garden ;-)) I love the white flower necklace so fresh and pretty looking, have a lovely day, dee x

  8. I love these pictures and he crocheted flowers!! Gorgeous!

  9. Thanks delia, for such nice words about my poem today. I'm sure your garden is the place to be right now! Not in my snowed in backyard! :-) I look forward to seeing more of your garden!...And I'm glad you like my new crochet flower too! :-)

  10. Hollie, Thank you!!! I thought the backyard needed some flowers!!!. They're mood-lifting! :-)

  11. Sarah's art is so lovely! And your flower pics are WONDERFUL!!! Come on SPRING!

  12. Kerri, I totally agree!! :-))

  13. beautiful flower shots - by you? i love all the spring flowers.

    happy happy spring!

  14. Char, The photos of my crochet flowers are mine, but the other flowers...THESE beautiful me?! HA!!! No! They're wallpapers I was sent by a friend. I only WISH I could take photos that great!! ^_^ My hubby is the REAL flower photo taker in our house. He took these --> I stick to what I know. And that ain't photography!!! ^_^

  15. I am SO ready for spring...BUT we're in the midst of a snow storm! YUCK...
    Going out to shovel.

  16. We Blog Artists (Char), Oh No!!! I feel your pain. We're due another one here I just heard...*sigh* Just when you think it's over......! WHAM!!! ^_^

  17. I LIKE seeing your hands in the photos, ha!

  18. SOiNTOiT, Really?!!!....Hmmmm....Who knew my hands would have their 15 minutes of fame! ^_^


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