Wednesday, March 16, 2011

YAY!! Spring Is Actually Trying To Get Sprung!!!

      Oh Yeah! Spring is trying it's best to get here!! Love is in the air, the crocuses are trying to pop their heads up out of the ground, people are getting that "gotta clean something" anxiousness, and the winter piles of snow are melting, yes! melting  is occurring........everywhere! Especially in my backyard! But before I show you those dreary photos, let me show you this gorgeous "Spring-like" Treasury entitled Big Thanks for your SUPPORT my Twitter and FB friends!  that my DREAM Crochet Flower Necklace made it into....
      ...and that the What's New greeting card by fionadesigns, in my header photo, made it into too!
     This beautiful Treasury was curated by MonikaDesign. She's got a great eye for making a treasury...and she's got a great eye for crochet too, as anyone whose been in her Etsy Shop knows! As an example, this is a set of her coasters from her shop...
        ...They're Crochet Aqua Apple Coasters (4pc). Aren't they fabulous?! I love the colors. But I love her whole shop for that very same reason. It's loaded with beautiful color and design! Check it out HERE.
      There's another item from this treasury that I love too! It's flowers...of course! :-)
 Pretty Flowers For A Lady! Or for a lady's ears! From the Etsy shop ARTIBILITY. :-) You knew I'd find some flowers somewhere in there, didn't you?! ^_^
    Okay, time for my backyard pictures. Take out your tissues! :-)) ... First, this is the little plant table we have on the patio. {It's served it's purpose this winter. It's got to GO this year!! LOL}
      It's actually kind of amazing, because just a short time ago you couldn't even see it! It was covered with piles and piles of snow!...These are some shots from the rest of the yard...
          It's a wet soggy mess right now, but all of those piles of snow are almost gone! Mr. Rain and Mr. Sun really did their jobs! :-) Pretty soon we'll be able to see some pretty flowers back here again!
      Of course, these other areas have to get rid of their leftover winter drudgery too first!
         It's getting there! Spring is almost SPRUNG!! ^_^ 
     Of course, I can't ever be completely great with it....physically I mean. My mind is in a good positive place....despite EVERYTHING happening lately! But my body?! Well, that's another "Never-ending Story"!! :-)) I'll tell you about my allergic reaction and visit with the doctor tomorrow...*shaking my head*
     You don't know what you're going to get when you visit Wug's backyard BlogSpot, but you always know there's going to be a story!!....and a poem! ^_^ Have a good day everybody!!!

Spring Is Almost Sprung!

Spring is almost sprung!
There is melting everywhere!
Soon the crocuses will be up
and the birds will search for hair.

After all the winter blankets,
piles of snow and rain and sleet,
we'll be seeing pretty flowers
and watch nature's lovers meet.

We'll see the Robins hop, hop, hopping,
hear their singing in the trees,
be "Achoo-ing" every minute,
while we duck and weave from bees.

They'll be things that need some cleaning,
given April and Pine scent;
People looking for new spaces
they can buy, transform, or rent.

Yes, Spring is almost Sprung!
Time to alter and create!
Better "Get" while things are popping!!
Yes, it's Spring! Don't wanna wait!!


  1. Wow! You can see the grass!!! LOL There has been some melting over here but some pavements are still covered with ice and piles of snow just lie around everywhere. We can only dream of grass and flowers... Although some people have already seen the flowers :S I guess these flowers are growing next to a house or somewhere warmer with less snow.

  2. Mariann, Can you believe it?! There's actually still some ground under there!! LOL Thanks for the link too. Poor little ice covered flowers!!...But they're still growing though! You can't stop a flower!!! ^_^ And no worries, your grass and flowers will come too...eventually!! :-)

  3. Diane, INDEED!!!! ^_^

  4. Congrats on the treasury! lovely work indeed! And our snow is just about gone over here! YAY!! I am hoping it means that spring is for sure on its way!! :)

  5. Everything looks so pretty here!
    And I like to see the snow melting as well!

  6. Cathy, Thanks!....And congrats to you on being almost done with snow too! ^_^

  7. Priscila, Thank you...and I like to see the snow disappearing too! ^_^

  8. Spring HAS sprung here!! My crocuses are in bloom and my cats are wanting out again! The weather is in the 50's today and the sun is smiling down on us! The birds are chirping and the wind chimes are clanging! Everything is clapping at the wonderful change!
    I hope you feel better my dear friend, so you can enjoy this great change! I'm sorry to hear about your allergic reaction. I worry about you you know! Tell me about it....

  9. I forgot to mention the bald eagles are out and as gorgeous as ever! I've never seen so many!

  10. Anonymous3/16/2011

    Yay autumn!!! (just to be different....)

    Your snow is melting away! Woot woot!

  11. Cindy, Ooooo! Sounds like you're feeling the Spring in your area even more than we are here! :-) We've only got temperatures in the 40s, but it feels SOOOOO good! :-)...I'll post about the allergic reaction tomorrow...UGH!

  12. CinLynn, Bald Eagles!!! WOW!!...We've only got a bald grass backyard! LOL Enjoy their soar, my friend! Enjoy their soar!!

  13. Michele, Ha! Ha! I love a girl that doesn't just go with the flow!! ^_^ Thanks for the smile!

  14. You have such a huge, gorgeous yard! I can't wait til you start posting pics of it turning GREEN! We don't get near enough green, or flowers, here in Tucson. I'm hoping our next hometown is one with lots and lots of water/rain!

    Congrats on being in the Treasury! I love those earrings too and I don't usually even wear earrings! Too sweet.

    And congrats on Spring sprunging (or whatever) haha! It's just a matter of time now and you'll be surrounded by blooms! xo

  15. Lindsey, Ha! Ha! I can't wait till I starts turning green, so I CAN post pictures of it!! Especially the flowers!!...I guess it's always like that, right? We always can see how the grass is greener somewhere else besides where we live, and often don't appreciate what we already have...because I want to live in Hawaii!!! LOL I'm from Georgia, but never been to Texas. I'm curious about your area too! :-)


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