Sunday, March 20, 2011

Do You Remember Being Little?!

    This is a photo of the "Supermoon" setting over Hungary, the biggest full moon in 18 years. All the excitement and talk about it yesterday got me to thinking back to when I was a little girl. I remember my small town in Georgia getting all hyped up for weeks about the eclipse of the sun that was going to happen.
    I remember us kids being let out of school for the day, with dire warnings not to look directly into the sun or "YOU'LL GO BLIND!!!" And having to 'home-make' some kind of 'make-shift' glasses to look at the sun through...SO exciting!! LOL
       My girlfriend's daughter...who was visiting me about the same age I was when this happened. And she has the same wide-eyed excitement about things that I did. She also has an artist's heart, and loves to draw.
      We were sharing some time and looking online at different artists. I showed her one of my favorite children's art artists on Etsy, DUDADAZE. She loved it too! {All of the prints I'm sharing in this post, you can find in her shop HERE.} 
      Do you remember what you were like when you were little?!...My little friend reminded me how excited I used to be about art and writing. How much I loved running barefoot outdoors, turning somersaults, dressing up in my mothers hats and high heels, swinging on the school-yard playground.....
      ...feeding and running after the chickens in the yard, milking the cows, going fishing, playing...
       ....even when I was sick!
        She also reminded me about how much I looked forward to my mother's best friend playing the piano.....Jackson Five and Donny and Marie songs....and how we used to dance around for hours.....giggling! :-)
      That was around the age I also developed my love of knitting and crocheting...the crocheting stuck!!! :-))
        With the news yesterday being full of political uprisings, bombings, missile strikes, planes being shot down, reactor meltdowns and earthquake aftershocks, I was thankful for the 'Supermoon' and an excited friendly young visitor :-] There was enough stuff going on in the world to be serious about on another day.
     Yesterday we just were 'little'! Hubby included. We spent the day looking at art, giggling, listening to music, eating, and looking at the moon. :-) {Hubby took these shots from the backyard last night. :-]}
      "Hello, Mr. Moon! You're the same one that was there when I was little.......I just remembered that today too."

Remember Being Little?

Do you remember being little?
Wish you could stay like that?
Playing 'Hopscotch' in the yard,
and dressing up in your Mama's hat?

Do you remember getting attention
just by smiling, being you?
Singing into pens and brushes?
Getting dimes for things you drew?

Do you remember flannel Pjs,
with the closed in, too warm, feet?
Or the shiny patent leathers
you couldn't play in in the street?

Do you remember bouncy curls?
Wish your hair would do that now?
Or your first grade stage performance
with your shy and humble bow?

Do you remember being little?
Wake up and wonder where you're at?
Make yourself go back to sleep;
Then dream the world is just like that? 


  1. I do remember being "little" What FUN times :)
    How nice to spend the day being "little" again :)

  2. I do remember being little! I enjoyed some of the same things you did! You reminded me of that in your post today too! And also in your poem. I love the artwork you showed today. She is a very talented artist!
    Great shots of the moon Jeff!!

  3. Kerri, It "was" a very good day! ^_^

  4. CinLynn, Somehow I knew you would relate to this post, Bead! Being 'little', mentally speaking, is in our blood almost!! ^_^ I'm glad you liked the poem too. This post wouldn't have been the same without DUDADAZE!!...By the way, you made hubby grin. He says "Thanks!" ^_^

  5. For the great and interesting blog I am giving you the Stylish blogger Award!

  6. briskmamma, Awwwww! Thank you very much!! :-]

  7. My goodness, Deb. Thanks so much for making my girls a part of such a wonderful post. The poem is just perfect, as always. :)

  8. Diane, The post would not have been the same without your girls!! Thank you for letting me share!...Thanks for the nice words about the poem too!

  9. Good blog! Is fantastic! I´m following you!

    Please, follow my blog:

  10. Olavo, Thank you so much for the follow! Welcome...and thank you for such nice words!....I tried to go over to your blog, but I couldn't figure out how to translate things into English! :-/ I watch futbol on T.V. sometimes here too!

  11. Anonymous3/20/2011

    Isn't Diane AMAZING! I adore her art! And the moon - you should have seen it here! It was bizarre it seems to want to take me away with it.

  12. Michele, Diane is AMAZING!! I love her art!! I have loved it for a while. It was nice to share it with my little friend. :-) ... And the moon was amazing too!! But of course, it always is! ^_^ Enjoy it tonight too!

  13. childhood holds a lot of warm memories for me - glad yours does too

  14. It does Char! :-) Not ALL of them, but I hold on tightly to the good ones. :-]

  15. Hey if you see an email from littlesprite, thats me! I'm sending you the yoyo bag pattern! I finally finished writing it.

  16. YAY!!!!! I'm so excited!! I can't wait!!!....THANK YOU SO MUCH!! :-))

  17. I remember being little too. I also remember an eclipse as well and something to do with some cardboard with a teeny, tiny hole in it so that we could watch it.
    Love the poem today :)

  18. Jo-anne, Yep! The cardboard with the teeny tiny hole!!! ^_^ We looked at that through our 'make-shift' glasses onto a paper or something on the ground...because we couldn't look UP!!!...Ahhhhh! Memories.... :-) Thanks for the nice words about the poem too.

  19. wow that first photo with the moon looks amazing. And i simply adore those childhood pictures im going to check her shop out they are so cute. Childhood memories really are ones to treasure ;-) I missed the moon can't remember what i was doing now but its been a manic week, so sorry if i have missed some of your posts, have a lovely week, dee x

  20. delia, I thought that first photo was amazing too! And if you go to DUDADAZE's shop take your coffee to sip on! It'll grab you and have you going down memory lane and completely forgetting what time it is!! LOL Sounds like you've been busy though, so maybe you need a little sitting and staring break! ^_^


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