Saturday, March 19, 2011

I know!.........But I Didn't Have Anything Else To Say!

        Okay, so.....I told you yesterday that I wasn't going to bore you with all of the photos of my Country Living magazine...Well.....Ummm....since all I did last night was waste time with my hubby, (Date Night) eat , eat, and eat, and watch CNN (*sigh*), all I have for you today "IS" photos of my Country Living magazine....which I woke up staring through this morning while listening for updates on the radiation levels, and friends, in Japan.
     So, not much talking from me today.......WHAT?????!!!!! LOL I know! Surprising!! But after staying up waaaaay too late with hubby, I'm a little 'mush-brained' this morning. ^_^ But, please enjoy the photos though. :-]
      Gotta have some kind of food in here. So how about some watermelon radishes!! :-)
        Awwwww! Growth!
      And these are the things that slowed me down when I was looking through the magazine yesterday....
       And I'll end with a bag...or two!! LOL
     So, do most people have this happen to them....the 'mush-brain' I mean, when you're tired?! LOL It doesn't happen to me often. I usually ALWAYS have something to say....and you usually have to just shut me up! LOL Wait a minute! I'm still talking right now!!!! ^_^ I guess I'm fine then!
      By the way.....Shhhhhhhh!....Hubby and I will be celebrating our 29th wedding Anniversary this summer, and I'm trying to figure out what to give him, or what to plan for. Any ideas?!...He has all the 'stuff' he needs...and he's got ME! :-) So, what else could he possibly want...or need, right?! Just joking around, but seriously...I'd like to give him something special this year. He's been FABU!!! 
     Anyway......still talking!! LOL .....DONE!! Have a good weekend everybody!!! :-)

1st Anniversary

We've had one year
of laughs and fun.
I knew we'd make it,
Honey Bun!

The wedding's over.
The tears are dry.
We're still together,
Sweetie Pie!

Year number two
will be easy-maybe!
We'll make it so.

Making it last
will be our career.
We'll go headlong,
without fear.

For years to come
we'll be right here,
and I'll love you more
each year-My Dear!


  1. Nice photos and post "mush brain!" LOL
    29 years!! Wow! 39 for us in May!

  2. CinLynn, Thank you. I thought so too! More beautiful in person, of course!....Yep! 29!! {Actually been together for 33 though, altogether}...Okay, Have a good day my friend!...'Mush-Brain'.....OUT! ^_^

  3. That magazine looks like its definitely worth checking out :)
    I too get 'mush brain' every now & then. I think its code for I need a nap ;)
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  4. Jo-anne, I don't get any kind of proceeds for saying so, but I DEFINITELY think so!...And I think you're right about the 'nap' thing and the 'mush-brain'!! ^_^ ... Have a good rest of the weekend too!

  5. happy happy anniversary!!

    thank you so much for my poem - it arrived safe and sound yesterday. it's beautiful.

  6. Char, Shhhhh! it's not until the summer...July. I just need some suggestion on what to get the mister. :-) I've been veering him away from reading my blog the last couple of days. He keeps asking and I keep changing the subject. Ha! Ha! I'm pretty good and getting his attention! :-]

  7. Oh, Char! I just saw the end of your comment!! YAY!! You got it!! I'm so glad you like it!!! :-]

  8. Thanks for sharing all that beauty from the mag!! :)


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