Thursday, March 17, 2011

This Is A Day Where We NEED Some Flowers!!

       These Cotton Candy pink and white daisies, in a print by BBDesigns, are so pretty!! They really liven up the Treasury that CinLynnBoutique did yesterday.
      She called it Sixteen Ways To Say "Thank You!"--Part 2. I felt so honored that she added my Delicate Red Crochet Button Flower Necklace to it! Thank You Cindy!! :-)
      There were a few things in this treasury that I REALLY liked...the Cotton Candy flowers {in the header photo} was one...These Thank You Gift Tags by niecynotes...
        ....and this Original Mixed Media Painting entitled Her Eyes, by cathymariecreations {One of my personal best artists on Etsy!...I own one of her paintings!!}
      Looking at any of these will make you smile...and BOY! do we need something to smile about today!!...I've been trying not to talk about it on the blog. Japan's earthquake, Tsunami, and Nuclear reactor disaster I mean. But it's all that's on television these days. And I'm sure it's on a lot of your minds too, for one reason or the other.
    I have spiritual friends in Japan. Friends. I found out yesterday that apparently one of them has died, and about 115 are missing. A small number when you consider that more than 4,000 people in Japan are confirmed dead now! :-( But no matter how small or how large the personal loss, it's all just terrible. These are some photos I found on CNN's website:
       All of this made my little allergic reaction that I had to a new detergent we bought the other day, seem like just a drop in the bucket. {I'm fine by the way. Hubby ended up staying home with me a couple of days so we could get all of the clothes and bedding re-washed...UGH!..., and the doctor was called...but, bottom line? I'm still here! :-)} 
       Yes, things are tough in the world, Spring is taking FOREVER to get here, and I don't have a "Good Health" button I can push whenever I want to...but there are always reasons to smile. No matter what! There always are!
       I'm hoping that when Char (the Giveaway winner) gets her framed poem she'll have a reason to smile too. I sent it off to her day before yesterday. :-)
      My other reason for smiling last night was that I got my April Country Living magazine! I'm not going to bombard you with a ton of photos from it, but I will show you a few of my favorite things from it tomorrow....Just a few, I promise! ^_^
     Okay, I wrote a poem about the earthquake. I hope it doesn't make you too sad. Remember to go and find something to smile about today. Your children's syrup stained faces, your doggie's stumbling gate and wagging tail, your husband's flirty grin, or those crocuses coming up in the yard. Whatever it is....find some flowers and smile today, will ya! :-)

Suddenly A Change

Too sudden came the earthquake.
Far too fast for them to know.
Warning notices were given,
but where on earth were they to go?!

Then there came a sudden ground swell.
Yes, Tsunamis waves outspread.
People hanging onto children,
Japan crying for their dead.

Piles and piles of life's belongings;
Scattered refuse in the street;
Stunned and blank looks on the faces
of survivors when they meet.

Then more earthquakes every hour;
"After-Shocks", reinforcing fear;
News reports confirm disaster;
No good news for them to hear.

Too sudden come the death tolls;
Numbers rising every day.
While the people show their patience,
stand in lines, all ashen gray.

Nuclear reactors
now unstable, start to heat;
And the radiation scare
is no longer whispered in the street.

As a poet, looking on,
I can see without a doubt,
that this subject matter's not
what I want to write about.

But I'm glued to my T.V.,
feeling sad for brothers and friends.
But I know they're out there helping,
giving loving support and grins.

The world, while still divided,
now is all just one big place.
Everyone must drop their borders,
helping out the human race.

Yes, this crisis is Japan's,
But all the world must now say "WOW!"
because change has got to happen.
And I'm sure they know that now!    


  1. Great poem my friend! You really nailed it! Exactly what's happening there. My heart goes out to them and I pray for our friends all the time.
    Thanks for adding the treasury to this post. I had been thinking about doing those for awhile and since I'm not feeling good (again), I thought it was a great time.
    Glad everythings alright with you. Allergic reactions can end up disastrous!!
    Take care

  2. CinLynn, I'm so glad you liked it. It didn't come easy like most of my poems do. I guess I really didn't want to write that one. :-( It was good to have your cheerful, pretty Treasury to offset it though. :-]

  3. That is one very strong poem you should send that into a newspaper, you have the most beautiful understanding way with your words. Sorry to hear you have been ill, Hope you feel much better soon, take care, dee x

  4. delia, I'm so glad you appreciated my poem. I wish I had the guts to send it in to a newspaper!....I'm 'skeered'! LOL...Yeah, I had a couple of harrowng days, but I'm fine now. Just got a quick learned lesson to NOT TRY NEW STUFF!!! ^_^ Have a good day Dee!

  5. Hello,
    I'm sorry for your friend. It's so sad to watch the news from Japan.
    I hope you have a nice day!

  6. Thanks Priscila...Yeah, the news is rough these days...You have a good day too.

  7. Thanks for including my painting in this post! And yes, we do need many reasons to smile and hopefully don't need to look to far. Sorry to hear about your friend. So devastating. It is hard to turn on the tv these days so I try not to. Hope you find something enjoyable in this day. :)

  8. Cathy, It was my pleasure to include your beautiful painting. I'd like to put almost all of your paintings here!! :-)...Gave me a reason to smile today!

  9. Great poem! Horrible disaster indeed...
    I'm glad that your allergies are better now!
    As you already know my day wasn't that great but it's all fixed now and everything is good again! :)
    Can't wait for the Country & Living mag show-off! :P

  10. Mariann, Thanks for the nice words about the poem...and my allergies too. I'm glad your day didn't take as long as mine to get okay!! Those scam emails are the reason I'm half afraid to click on anything on FB! Go forth and BE CAREFUL!! ^_^ Have a good rest of the day too!

  11. Wow, thank you for featuring my gift tags! What a nice surprise :D

    Those pictures are very moving and that poem matches exactly what's going on. So deep.

    I'm glad you are better from your allergy attack. I've had my share and I know how it feels lol Keep getting better!

  12. Denise, It was my pleasure...And thank you for such nice words about my allergy attack and my poem too. (That's one I wish I didn't have to write.) :-( Better days are ahead. I'm focusing on that!

  13. Lovely poem! I cannot stop watching, wishing there was something I could do.

  14. Susan, Thank you...I have to pry myself away from the T.V. too. :-(

  15. Your poem certainly captured what we are all seeing on the TV. It just breaks the heart.

  16. Jo-anne, It does indeed break your heart Jo!!! ;'_';


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