Tuesday, March 29, 2011

To Fold.....Or NOT To Fold. That Is The Question!

                      {Laundry Day Fine Art Photography by smlowry}

         I love Etsy photographers! They always have just the perfect photo that I'm looking for! Especially this time, because they couldn't have  known that my washer and dryer were gonna be on their last legs...Well, the dryer no longer has a leg! LOL.......It's DEAD!
        smlowry's Etsy shop had this photo that reminded me of what we've had to do the last few days. Go to the laundromat to dry our clothes! {By the way, this shop has some other cute photos in there too, totally unrelated. And, just saying, you can also follow their blog HERE too!...I just did!}
      Yep! We had to 'FOLD' the idea of maybe getting the vent cleaned out and then getting back to the business of doing our laundry as usual. Apparently the lent vent is not our problem...The truth is, we've had the appliance repairman here a couple of times in the past year or so, mainly for the washing machine, but he has eluded to the fact that it may be time for new appliances.
       Sorry...had to take a second to think pretty thoughts! ^_^
    Okay, so we knew the time would come for a new washer and dryer. That time almost came in 2000. Yes! The year 2000!! LOL That's when we moved to Massachusetts. We didn't move here with our washer and dryer. We figured we'd buy a nice set to fit right in our new laundry room once we got here!
    Then a new neighbor offered us hers for only $100!! She was a doctor and had just started a new practice in New York City. She was moving that weekend and had decided that her 'less than a year old Whirlpool washer and Dryer' would not be going with her... She wouldn't have enough room in her new place. And she'd be too busy to wash her own clothes anyway! {Doctors can afford to get SOMEBODY ELSE to do their laundry! LOL...*wonder if it's too late to become a doctor?!*}
     So, we have now stretched that wonderful $100 gift to it's end. Today I'll be comparison shopping for a washer and dryer.
             {Keep on and Laundry on print, and other 'Keep Calm' prints from the KeepCalmShop}

            I've already started checking around to see what brand would be best these days. We're old people. We don't know about the 'New-fangled' gadgets. ^_^ Thankfully, 'Good Housekeeping' is still around! I got some really good info from their site.
      We know we want a front loader, washer and dryer. The top loading washer has gone off track a few times. Has wrapped up, and ripped up some favorite clothes,....
          .....Sorry. Needed a moment......and it also didn't spew fabric softener like it was suppose to (got all gunked up! YUCK!) So this time it'll be front loaders!...What kind of washer and dryers do you have?! Do you have a recommendation?!
     Other than that I'm not doing much today. Crocheting....of course! :-) I've been doing that right along anyway though.
        I sewed a purple bead into the center of this beige and metallic threaded flower. Trying something new all the time!
         And I made a few star shaped flowers too!
      And, of course, the last flower I made with my baby blue thread. All gone now. :-( ...and finished up some multicolored thread I had lying around too, into the tiny purple hued flower below!
      I've got a peach colored flower almost done. I just have to take pictures of it. Then I'll get to listing all of them.
      I'm gonna try not to look at the news too much today. The other night, when they said that high levels of radiation was found in Massachusetts' rain water, I found myself thinking about it all night. I kept waking up...A sure sign that 'ENOUGH is ENOUGH'!! I need to keep my head in the clouds for a little while! LOL
     That's my way of saying: 'Put your mind on things you can do something about! Let those who CAN do something about the world's problems put their mind on it!' I can't even dry my clothes!! LOL

Ease,By Rhyme

To ease my mind,
I jot down a rhyme.

When forced to think,
my brain cells link.

With emotions on paper,
anxieties taper.

With the flow of my pen,
I'm  at peace again.

And to jot down this rhyme,
brought ease to my mind.


  1. Found your blog today through Dee at Dee Dees vintage retro delights and wanted to say hi! I love your crochet flowers, so cute!

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  2. Bee happy, Hello! Nice to meet you! I'll have to go and see if you have a blog I can check out too! {I'm nosy like that! LOL}

  3. Oh no! So sorry about your laundry machine! I love those photographs, though, they're great!
    Love your blog!
    Have a great day!


  4. O Dear so sorry to hear about the washing machine and dryer, they always say things come in 3's so thats the car and now these two so fingers crossed that will be it now ;-) Im loving your crochet as always love the white and gold wool thats really nice. Hope you manage to sort things out. dee x

  5. Sorry to hear about your laundry machine. Do you have 2 machines (washer and dryer) or just 1? We don't use a separate dryer over here, I just hang the moist clothes and leave them to dry out.
    And oooo you have included a pic of the ginkgo tree! :D Nice pic too, where did you find it? I can't wait until I see my little ginkgo trees again, I hope they survived the snowy winter and no-one ate them... like last year...

  6. Oh, that stinks about your washer and dryer! Great blog and post. I tried to see who my new follower was, but it didn't link to your blog. Glad you sent me a link! :)

  7. Ellie, Thanks! I'm hoping to have new ones...or at least a dryer...by the end of the week...And I'm glad you liked the photos!...Enjoy the rest of your day! :-)

  8. Luckily for me, my husband does all of our laundry! I'm scared of the basement and the monster sized grasshoppers so I just stay out ans let him do it all. I do end up folding the clothes, though.

    The beige flowers are gorgeous!

  9. delia, Thanks for the encouragement. I'm sure we'll get it figured out. It's not a 'biggie' in the scheme of things in the world these days. Just a 'whisper'. :-] And thanks so much about the flowers!! :-)

  10. Mariann, We have a washing machine and a dryer. It's the dryer...this time...that's giving us a problem. It goes around and around, tossing my clothes all over the place, but it doesn't heat up! So the clothes come out wet...and cold still! Hopefully we'll be able to get another one before the weekend...Maybe a new washing machine too, if the price is right! :-] {But I have fond memories of hanging white lye-washed sheets on the clothesline when I was young too!}...And the photos were some wallpaper photos my girlfriend sent me. I wish I knew who took them!

  11. Shannon, Thanks for the nice words!....Oh! :-/ I thought they always showed up! I'll have to remember that for future references. We're blogger pals now anyway! :-)

  12. Elle, Ha! Ha! We had some of those giant sized grasshoppers AND spiders in our previous home. That's why we decided to buy some new appliances when we moved! You know the rest of the story now! LOL And hurray for us...we have hubbies that do laundry! :-] Mine has been the main one doing it since I've been ill. But I do some folding whenever I can. Gotta help a fella out! LOL...Thanks too, about the flowers!

  13. While I don't have a recommendation for which washer/dryer to buy, I CAN tell you which ones not to buy. We bought a Frigidaire brand front loader set and we've had something weird going on. Our clothes come out with streaks that looks like bleach streaks. I know it's not the water because when we first got them we lived in a different city, with a different water supply, and it happened there too. We've also tried changing fabric softener and detergent too. Also, our shirts that we dry tend to get little tiny holes in them. So annoying. Don't buy Frigidaire!

  14. Hollie, Point taken!!!!....Phew! Thanks for helping me dodge that bullet!! That's all I need is MORE laundry issues! LOL

  15. I'm sorry about the death of your dryer. You have my sincere condolences! As far as what to buy.....let me in on it when you decide! My washer is 22 years old and the dryer is 24 or 25 years old. They're Kenmores and have never given us any trouble till lately. (you see, I'm looking to buy new myself!) I hope you find what you're looking for and love it too!
    Great poem, btw......simple and to the point but oh, how comforting!

  16. Ha! Ha! Thanks for your sympathies. Does this mean you'll be bringing a casserole over?! ^_^ And you need to click the Good Housekeeping link up in the post. That's where we're headed...I think. We'll see what kind of prices we can get locally...Ours was a Whirlpool. It worked fine, but I want something bigger now. That link does show some real good discounts on some though!...And thanks about the poem too my friend. Have a good rest of the day. :-)

  17. Your blog is looking beautiful! Your crochet flowers are just SO pretty!
    Do you have a movie on You Tube yet of you making them???
    Thanks for always popping by and leaving the sweetest comments...I am happy to have finished...but your right...things will come of this I'm sure!
    We recently bought a new washer and dryer...
    LOVE them...they're quiet and get my clothes CLEAN!!!
    They're the LG Sensor dry and the Invertor Direct Drive models...


  18. Kenmore is the way to go! Our washer and dryer are 21 years old and still going strong.

    Think spring!

    Love the purple crochet flowers!

  19. Hilarious!!! I love that Keep Calm and Laundry On'...
    Well, you got a great deal for your set and it took 11 years to "die".

  20. We Blog Artists, Thank you so much for the names of your appliances. I've been looking online all day and the LG models are the ones that seem to be the best. Even the Good Housekeeping site said so! Hubby wants to check out EVERYTHING!!! {Is that a man thing, or just "MY" man's thing?! LOL}...And thank you for the nice complement about my crocheted flowers. No, I don't have a Youtube movie. I thought about it! But it seems like a lot of production for some little flowers. LOL And they have LOTS of videos there already! But...maybe I'll get brave and adventurous enough to do it one day!! We'll see! ^_^

  21. Wendy, Ohhhhhh! Kenmore!! You're the first one that's even mentioned Kenmore! I didn't see too many of them talked about online either. But maybe it's because I was looking specifically for Electric front loaders. I'm sure my hubby will check though!! He's not going to leave one 'washer and dryer stone' unturned!! LOL...And thanks about the purple flower too!

  22. Priscila, You're so right! I KNOW I'm not gonna find that kind of deal again in this lifetime!!! LOL Especially not considering the prices I've been looking at today!...Phew!!! But if I can get a set that "live" as long, and last as good as the Whirlpools, I'll be good! ^_^

  23. Just catching up on all the car & dryer drama and ugh.. ugh ugh! Hopefully the sun will come out like NOW, your backyard will fill with robins, and and and... just everything will work itself out. I hear you on the dryer woes. Our died earlier this year in a blaze of glory and I can't wait til we're moved this summer into a (hopefully) house that (hopefully) has a washer/dryer! xoxo and your flowers are awesome!

  24. Lindsey, Ha! Ha! Car? Still alive...barely. Dryer? Dead! Now you're all caught up! ^_^ And the sun? It's suppose to be exhibiting it's blaze of glory on our area today. We'll see! It's hard to get overly excited about the weather anymore! LOL}...I hope you do move, and you do get a washer/dryer...or at least a washer/dryer hook up, so you can plan to get one! :-)) No one should have to live with dead appliances in their vicinity for long periods of time...without a funeral! LOL Thanks for the nice words about my flowers too!!}

  25. Hello sugar,
    I find your blog to be a bit sweet and rather special.
    Well, thanks for letting me have a sneaky peak,
    happy blogging, and have fun being wonderful x x

  26. Lauren, Awwwww! How 'sweet' of you to stop and say so! Thank you!! :-] Come back and peek any time you like!


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