Tuesday, March 15, 2011

And The Giveaway Poem Goes To.....!

     Yes! It's that time again! :-) {Why do I get so excited when I'm giving something away?!...If I was selling everything away from my Wuglyees shop...then OKAY! But I'm GIVING STUFF AWAY!!} ^_^ What can I say....I'm in need of happiness! :-)
      I think a lot of us are probably in need of happiness, or at least something to feel good about, today. Just watching the world news can take the 'wind out of your sails'!...Just look at what's going on in Japan!!  A 4th nuclear reactor putting radiation into the atmosphere (as of this morning), and another 6.0 earthquake there this morning too; a volcano eruption there the other day; political unrest in different countries; and crazy weather everywhere!......PHEW!!!
     So, hopefully, I'll be able to put a small smile on somebody's face today.....that is, if a poem about smiling can 'PUT A SMILE' on someone's face! :-) {Or whatever 5 stanza poem the winner wants}
        Before I tell you who won, let me say...I had a HARD time getting a winner this time!!! Believe it or not, I chose 3 names.....3.....names.....from the box. And none of them were actually followers of this blog!!! They had commented, but weren't eligible for the Giveaway!! So, please, if you're interested in winning any of the free gifts I give away twice a month, PLEASE FOLLOW THIS BLOG! {Okay....begging DONE! LOL}
      After three tries at pulling a name out of the box, I finally got one! The winner is Char! Congratulations Char!!...Please send me an email with your choice of poem, and your address, so I can get it out to you as soon as possible!! :-)
      The next Giveaway will be April 1st, 2011. And as the perfect April gift....^_^...I'm giving away the Purple Suede Crochet Slouch Hat that I made a little while back.
     Shequita's head is 22 inches around (55.9cm). So that'll give you some idea of the size....As always, you can enter the Giveaway by being a blog follower (of THIS blog! Just thought I should clarify that! LOL), and making a comment below. If you want more than one entry, come back and comment at least once each day. Every comment is an entry. But only one per day...Hopefully I won't have to work so hard to give it away this time!! LOL
     Tomorrow I want to show you some photos of my backyard now. I can hardly believe it!...But lastly today, look at what I did with the beautiful purse pull, some turquoise thread, and a button!! :-)
       It's now a delicate flowered necklace!!! :-) The flower is only 1 1/2 inches (3.8cm).
      It was so fun  to make! I'm having fun with these tiny "babies"! What are you making these days?! Please share!! :-]
     The poem is a repeat. I thought about this poem when I was looking at the news about Japan this morning. :-( These are tough times. Find something to smile about today.

Taken By A Wave

The Tsunami hit the land-
The southern Asian island home,
where vacationers and natives
used to sunbathe and beach-comb.

An earthquake, under water,
made the waves rise up so high
that those walking on the beach
just could not believe their eye.

The waves that always had a limit
as to just how far they'd  go
just kept coming-Farther-Farther,
with a never-ending flow.

People running for their lives;
Some surprised and could not run!
Homes and bodies floating by;
And when it all was said and done,

There were the eyes of the survivors,
The tears for those they could not save;
The parents looking for their children
at the edge of the wave.

The injured and the missing;
The disease and loss of life;
The unclean drinking water
and the anguish and the strife.

And as if all of this pain
wasn't  heartbreaking enough-
There were predators and looters
to steal the rest of their stuff.

But, just as an observer,
seeing images on the news
of the children-Oh, the children!
I know that this will leave a bruise.

A bruise upon their playfulness,
Their sense of safety-free from care;
A bruise upon their trusting nature,
that no longer will be there;

A bruise upon their hopefulness;
A bruise upon their being brave;
A bruise not even time can heal;
It all was taken by a wave.     


  1. Congrats to Char!!! I know she'll love the poem! I love the little necklace too! Great colors (as you know I AM a bit partial to that color). Can't wait to see what happens when you list it in your shop.
    Busy day today. Study this aft., and my kids are leaving this morning. I'll be in and out all day though!
    Have a great day my dear friend Wug!

  2. CiLynn, Hello there! Aren't those colors cute together?! I don't have the energy to list it today. Maybe tomorrow. I was up waaaaay too early this morning!...Enjoy your day! :-]

  3. The flower necklace is nice :-) The turquoise color does pop out with the flower. Good job!

    Oh and that poem is sooo true, sooo powerful. I'm going to tweet about it and try to think of positive things to make me smile today.

  4. Denise, Thank you for the nice words about the necklace and the poem. And good for you, trying to stay positive too! So am I. :-) I hope you have a good and positive day!

  5. Congrats to Char.
    I'm a big fan of hats and that one is gorgeous!

  6. Priscila, I'm glad you like it! who knows...You may be in the running for it now! :-)

  7. Thanks for reposting that poem.

  8. Holyoke Home, I felt it was the appropriate time, right?!...Unfortunately. :-/

  9. Congrats to the winner and that hat is too cute Deb! It could keep my fat noggin' warm for the rest of this winter and then be ready for next year! Let's hope it's done snowing for this year! I pray everyday for the people of Japan. I can hardly watch the news without feeling such despair and sadness for them. We are not immune to distruction here, and the realization that we are not in control has hit many people I think.

  10. yaya, Thank you so much for the nice words about my suede "baby". :-) And Oh Yeah! It will keep your head warm for sure!! Hopefully, even if you win it, you won't need it until next year. Temperatures seem to be trying to rise...finally....around here...And Yeah, the news about Japan keeps getting more and more dire every day. I found out that it's believed that some of our friends that live there didn't make it. So sad. :-( It's time to make sure all your "I"s are dotted and "T"s are crossed, and all your ducks are in a row...so to speak, because we are definitely not in control in this system!!! Thankfully, though, we're not completely alone. :-)

  11. Congratulations to the winner. That is really amazing poem at the end today and pulls at the heart strings. Its another lovely giveaway but im happy not to enter this time. Enjoy the rest of your week, deex

  12. delia, Thank you for such nice words about my poem. It's too bad I have things like that as subject matter though, huh....And what? You're not a hat person?! ^_^ I can see why, with your beautiful curls. Why cover them up!!...Enjoy the rest of your week too! :-)


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