Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Some Things In Life You Just Have To Decide...and Then DO!!

          Hello Everybody!!...Come on in and take a seat...Want something to drink?!....Now, I've been going on and on for days around here, about nuclear disasters, phones getting hung up on me by my sister, car problems, dead clothes dryers and any number of things that just 'bring me down'! I've decided that I'm not gonna talk about any of those things today! And as an indication, look at these Happy Clouds Wall Stickers in my header photo. They're from an Etsy shop called graphicspaces. They clearly show my mood this morning. And it's because I've decided that "I AM GOING TO BE HAPPY TODAY!!" ^_^ ......Whose with me?!!
     Alright! Alright! So you're not in that happy place with me yet! Well, let me share some of the things that are making me happy right now, and maybe your mood will turn around! :-) ... How about the fact that the Spring weather, while it's got a battle on it's hands, has decided to be friends with the flowers and trees!
                         {BFFs 8x10 Print by Cadouxdle}
       I know what'll do it...because it made me happy to look at them last night!
                       {Spring is in the Airamels Caramel Bars by haveitconfections}
      If you're not smiling right're probably drooling! That's at the top of the list of the first steps to "happy"!! :-)
      These are a few of the other things making me happy right now...
                          {Cute Tennis Sticks Girls 5x7 Machine Embroidery Designs by justforuembroidery}
       Yep! Tennis! It's the time of year for the Sony Ericsson Tournament. This is the 2nd week and Nadal and Federer are both still in it!!...Oh! The happiness! :-) I need to get me one of these Mens "Here To Serve" tennis tee shirts by crazy4tennis1! Roger and Rafa are doing their part. Maybe my hubby would like to join them....OFFICIALLY! LOL
         He already makes me happy every day, so even if he's not officially serving me...I'm good with the service I'm getting so far! :-)
      Now, here's a little something that should make YOU happy! See this little Red Hot Sleepy Owl Hat, with the little blue bow....SO cute! Happyhooks88...
         ...Well, they're giving you a coupon code. If you put the word "SPRINGFLING" in the comment box at checkout, you can get 15% off all orders!! Do me a favor and tell them 'Poetesswug' sent you! :-)} How cool is that?!...Happy yet?! :-)
                            {Happy Happy by farouche}
        The above framed words,....and these below, by artzink,....reminded me that I don't have to be happy just today. I can Wake Up Happy every day! 
        "Happy" is a choice! I mean, all kinds of things can happen to you,....and around you,.....that you have no control over. But inside our head...most of us can control that! {At least part of the my case! LOL} So, today, since it's just the right kind of day for a good bounce, I'm gonna be like the 'little ones'...
       ...and Bounce...emotionally! TummyMountain, where you can find all of the 'little ones', won't mind a bit, I'm sure! :-)
     Now, if there wasn't a flower in the post somewhere you'd know I was just giving this "happy" thing words, and not action....because Oh Yeah! Flowers make me HAPPY!!! Crocheted ones, always!! But truth is, I just love flowers! They are just happy-inducing creations!
        Look at this original oil painting by decorpro, entitled Happy Days, and tell me you don't feel the 'happy' washing over you!
      If you really want to feel it, look at the other flowers in her shop too!}
     Hey! How did they get in here?!....^_^...Okay, they make me happy too!...And so does this!!
      It's mouth watering Chocolate Fudge with Coconut and Almonds!! And they made me so happy just looking at them in the OhFudgeStore on Etsy last night.....that I bought them!! ^_^ I'm insuring myself some "Happy" in the upcoming days as well!! LOL
                             {Happy Place art print by HoneyBoo}
     If you weren't happy when you got here, I hope you are now. Or, at the very least, that you have a grin, if not a full-blown smile going on!! ^_^ And if you wanna keep it going, please check out any of these Etsy shops more fully. Trust me when I say....your 'Happy' will be 'Happier'!!! {You can click on any of the pictures above to take you to their shops too!}
    Now, you know I wouldn't be happy unless there was a 'happy' poem left behind me too, right?!....Enjoy! And have a "Happy" day!! :-)

I will Be Happy!

Today I will be happy!
I've decided, and so "There!"
And it won't depend on clothing,
or the way I wear my hair.

My 'Happy' has to be
from my head down to my toes.
And not coincidental,
but because that's what I've chose.

I am trying to be happy
when there's always such bad news.
But the good news is that happy
is a way to squash the blues!

So today I will be happy!
I've decided. Enough said!!
There'll be plenty of time for sadness,
and for taking to my bed.

Are you thinking that my poem
is too 'Optimistic/Sappy'?
Okay, you could be right.
Don't burst my bubble. I am happy! 


  1. You ARE happy today, aren't you!! Great poem! Love the photos too! It's good that we take some time and think of all the things that make us happy each day because the news in the world can sap it from us! And you're right....there is plenty of "good news" to share with other people too!
    Have a happy filled day my friend and sister!

  2. inLynn, Hello my friend!! I was off contacting the etsy shop owners to let them see the post, and you came by for a visit while I was out!! LOL I hope you went in the fridge and got yourself something to drink! :-/ Can't have visitors not feel welcome...{That Southern Hospitality thing! ^_^} Oh Yeah, and thanks for the nice words about the poem and some good news we have to share with people! That ALWAYS makes me happy!! ^_^ Have a Happy!!

  3. 'Oh I'm h-a-pp-y, I'm h-a-pp-y. I know I am I'm sure I am I'm h-a-pp-y'
    Well either you ahve made me happy or that bottle of cough linctus still doing its stuff.
    This is a great post. I find I feel a bit guilty at the moment writing daft cheerful nonsense when there is so much woe about but isn't that when we most need to have some cheer.
    'Poetess Wug we are glad you're now happy,
    Sometimes it is hard when everything's crappy.
    But here you've succeded in cheering us up,
    and so I shout 'yippee' and raise this full cup
    to you and your poems thank heavens you're there.
    Who else could I turn to in times of despair?
    Yes, sorry I really have had too much medicine (hic).
    XOXO Keep smiling.

  4. It's also affected my typing: 'have' not ahve and 'is still doing its stuff'

  5., YAY!!! ^_^ Mission accomplished! With the news such as it is, now is the perfect time for some funny and some happy! We'll have time for sadness....for sure, this too shall come!...I was just about to head over to your blog and instead, you're here! :-) I'm still coming though! LOL} I think you might have a career ahead in poetry too! You're pretty good! And it's nice to have a poem written for me by someone such as yourself! ^_^ By the way, feel better. I need to have a laugh every once in a while too :-/

  6., *Hiccup!*

  7. Hee hee 'hiccup!' Thanks. I am sure I shall soon be back to my irrepressible self. Besides sleeping on the sofa every night because I'm coughing too much is giving me backache now. Keep smiling.

  8., You just take care of that cough. I've seen some weird things happen with a bad cough!...One guy broke a rib coughing!...Sip hot stuff...NON-alcoholic hot stuff! We don't want you falling off the sofa and hurting yourself! LOL}

  9. I feel like your post was meant just for me! I will try this route of "being happy" today too! Thanks for the good message and thanks for the note on my blog.
    Love, Kelly

  10. Kelly, I hope it gave you a smile. :-) ...One day at a time!...Make that an hour if you need to!

  11. My apologies for only managing to get back to you now! It's just been a crazy week and I've been doing my best to visit everyone who visited me these past few days. I really was delighted to see you'd popped round and even more so to know you're also one of Carol's admirers! I see she's been coughing all over your comments page...I hope she didn't leave any of her germs!

    So happy to know you're's made me happy, too!

  12. Desiree, No apologies necessary. I don't follow someone just for a follow back. I follow people's blogs that I really want to read, so I wasn't tapping my toe on the tile, with my arms and face crossed. Promise! ^_^ I'm glad to see you though!...And Oh yes, Carol swaps poems with me even! She wrote me one today in fact!! Shhhhh! I had to shake the cough germs off of it though. ^_^ Have a good rest of the day...happily!

  13. Oh yes, this is our happy place! Look at those yummy images.... oh my!
    Happy post.

  14. Priscila, It's been a happy place all day too! My cheeks are tired from grinning! ^_^ And that bouncing thing.....yeah man!!

  15. Oh happy day! What a glorious, cheerful, positive post! In my opinion, happiness is contagious. Smiles are, too :) Thanks for spreading good cheer. Wishing you continued happiness throughout the week.

    Also, those fudgy chunks of chocolate deliciousness look absolutely heavenly!

  16. Julie, Thanks so much for your cheery happy comment too! :-) You have a good rest of the week too!!...By the way, I got a message tonight that my "fudgy chunks of chocolate deliciousness" were shipped! I should be tasting them in all my happiness in a couple of days at the most! ^_^

  17. I love all the pictures you find :)

  18. Alittlesprite, Thanks! Etsy is full of great shops and shop owners!


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