Thursday, March 10, 2011

These Numbers Are Driving Me!!

                       (Candy Coated Numbers by thewheatfield)

     I've been having a time with all kinds of numbers the last few days. I finally decided that it's time to talk about it. I figure that if I talk about somebody could stop me anyway!...maybe it'll all be better...out of my head...and better!
    It didn't help me that I turned on the T.V. this morning, to get the weather report for hubby, and got confronted with more numbers I didn't want to see! The local 'Doppler Radar'! Numbers about the percentage of rain we're getting today. 
    Chance of rain...90%. 'Well thank you Mr. Doppler Radar man! I don't know how I would start my day again without knowing that the weather was going to be a big number...Z-E-R-O... in my book, AGAIN!!' ^_^
     I'm going to choose to look on the good side of those numbers though, because hey! the snow in my backyard is melting and floating away with it!!! 
     If you look back at this'll be able to see how deep we were in this backyard snow up until now. In fact, you couldn't even see this table!
    All you could see, when it was covered, was a peak of snow! LOL Having it sitting in the backyard has been a good gauge to show off how much snow we actually have had! You couldn't even see the ground! But grass is back!
     It's pretty soggy grass right now, least you can see it! :-)) ... But let's not get too excited!! We still have a long way to go!
     But I digress!....Back to my numbers issue! :-] ... It didn't start this morning. It started last weekend when we decided that the taxes MUST be done!!! So, hubby and I sat down with all of the numbers for my Etsy shop to start with.
    How much I've purchased online; How much I've purchased offline; How much I've sold in Massachusetts {specifically there first, because I have to do other numbers for the state of Massachusetts...State taxes!}; How much I've sold all together!...Add them all up, subtract this from that, and...........................What?! I've spent more than I've brought in again this year?!!....*sigh* So, technically, according to those numbers, I still am not considered a business!! I just have a very expensive hobby!!.....Well isn't that great!! :-/
     Whatever!! I was done with those numbers!! Hubby took the taxes to a professional...who agreed with the assessment we had come up with. And he did the rest of our taxes...Oh joy! For the first time in a long time, we have to pay back some State taxes this year! Isn't that just wonderful how those numbers work?!...Grrrr!
                                 (Life is a trip {your taxes are due} by trulyvera)

     The only good thing is that we're getting a little extra from the Government this year in the way of Federal taxes, so it'll all even out....Numbers in our favor for a change! ^_^
     Then I had one more trip around the block with the numbers in my checkbook when I was trying to balance our checkbook! I always hold my breath at the end of crunching all those numbers, because WHO KNOWS what's going to happen!! ^_^ {Although for almost 3 months straight it's balanced!}...But this time....I'm 9 cents off!!! 9 cents!! And I couldn't, for the life of me, find out where the 9 cents went!!!
    Since the 9 cents is in the bank's favor, you can count on me finding it baby!!! Oh Yeah! I' going to find my 9 cents!!!....Knowing me, it's probably buried with Jimmy Hoffa somewhere! LOL
    Oh well....that's going to be my day. Finding numbers, and counting numbers...of crochet stitches that is. Back to the flower necklaces for me! :-) ... What are you doing today?! Have you numbered your list?! ^_^
    {I'm not that crazy about this poem this morning...but I decided to share it anyway. My head is full of numbers this morning...not words! LOL}


They're everywhere you look:
In the fold of your checkbook,
in the recipe you cook,
in the rug you try to hook.

There's numbers everywhere:
On the wheel out at the Fair,
on the bottle for your hair,
on the clothing that you wear.

You can count them every day:
all the scattered bails of hay,
or the eggs the chickens lay;
even bills you have to pay!

Some numbers make you want to cry,
make you heave a great big sigh.
Others twinkle in your eye,
showing all that you can buy,...
and the tears all kinda dry!  

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  1. Numbers can be an issue in my house too! Hubby did taxes last weekend (thank goodness I don't have to do them!), and it came out alright. I haven't registered my name yet with the state (I MUST do that!), so I haven't had to claim anything yet. I haven't made anything either, so what's the point. As far as the checkbook is concerned, I hate it when the bank messes up with those little numbers. I can never find them! I just change the amount and be done with it! Lazy!
    Have a great day!

  2. CinLynn, Ha! Ha! You made me laugh when you said: "I just change the amount and be done with it!"...I used to do that too!!...For years I did that! I didn't know how to balance the checkbook! LOL I sometimes wish I didn't know how to do it now! Ignorance "WAS" bliss!! ^_^ And yeah, you better get that name registered! I did that for mine straight away. Another bill I have to pay every year. :-)) Have a good day, Bead!!!

  3. Anonymous3/10/2011

    Businesses can have a loss. :) You just can't have a loss in 3 of 5 consecutive years or they will try to rule you a hobby. Personally, I hope they do rule me a hobby; then I won't have to count inventory! (bead inventory is the Devil...). My first year I had a gain, this year a loss, and I would have gladly gone over to a hobby (did I mention how I loathe inventory?) but since I know I'll make more this year (I'm teaching now), I decided to stay a business. You can't bounce back and forth or the IRS will wonder why, and you don't want them wondering anything about you. :)

    Good luck, I know exactly how you feel! ((hugs))


  4. Snow, please go away! I'm glad that at least we're not getting more snow lately. Spring is very close.

  5. Valorie, Well, so far my 'business' hasn't made a profit! LOL I got close this maybe next year! ^_^ Maybe I need to stop buying so many supplies and crocheting so much!...Nahhhh! That's not the answer!! ^_^ Thanks for the info though.

  6. Priscila, You are so right about that! Rain, I can handle...for now! More snow might just take away my rain-soaked pleasing personality! ^_^ COME ON SPRING!!! :-]

  7. ugh - i've gotta go get mine done too

  8. Char, I feel your pain. :-/ I'll be thinking about you, sitting with your numbers!

  9. Anonymous3/10/2011

    Oh goodness! Taxes in the States sound like a great big pain in the rear! Hubby does ours and I think it is pretty straight forward. My 'business' is only considered a business if I earn more than $13,000 per year lol! So no taxes there!! You need chocolate.... it fixes EVERYTHING!

  10. Michele, Oh Yeah!! Complicated, complicated!...But apparently I'm not a business now anyway, so...pass the chocolates and put on some music then! ^_^ {By the way, I wouldn't mind the $13,000 thing!! LOL}

  11. Taxes give me a headache and I don't even have to do them...just pay the know, the "guy" who better get me a refund this year! My yard has no snow right at this moment..however' snow is returning tonight..5in. worth! I'm sitting in the corner sucking my thumb...

  12. yaya, Ha! Ha! Yep! We paid "The Guy" in the end too!! A whole company of them!!! And they got us a refund too! LOL...Sorry to hear about the boatload of snow you're getting! Wanna trade it for a boatload of rain and slush?!..Something tells me I'll be in the corner with my thumb in my mouth tomorrow! ^_^

  13. Gosh not wonder numbers are making you feel a little crazy. I hated doing my tax return. I only ever did it the once myself. After that I always went to an accountant to get them done. Its so much easier for them. They know that stuff back to front.
    I'm glad you are getting a refund though. It much nicer to see those sorts of numbers!

  14. Jo-anne, Ha! Ha! You're so right about the numbers from the refund! ^_^ And right about accountants too! Why would I want to deprive them of all that fun with numbers?! :-))


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