Friday, March 18, 2011

Flying High, and So Glad I Have Eyes!!!

                       (Perched Oriole...A Stained Glass Suncatcher by henrystreet)
     "I'm flying a bit higher today too, little birdie!" :-) Part of the reason has to do with a sunny Treasury by catcanpaint entitled The Sun Also Rises
           It's her very first time ever curating a Treasury, and she chose to use my Butterfly Under a Grassy Green Flower Necklace as one of the items!
      I'm very honored...Thank you Cat! :-) ... A couple of the other items that I really liked that she picked were the Polaroid Print of TREES by bomobob...
       ...This Golden Shadow Swarovski Crystal, Bee Mine Necklace by ArtistiKat...
      ....and this Fine Art Photograph of a Black Cat by ljangphotography.
      Good job Cat!! :-)
     The other thing that has me flying a bit higher is my Country Living magazine!!
      It's all Spring-like and cheery and.....and......FULL OF FOOD!!!! ^_^ ...In case YOU are interested, there's a garden furniture give-away in there for goods worth more than $1,000 from a collection of outdoor seating and accessories for KMart. You can enter to win it at
      There's also new finds for your home, including cabinets with a multitude of cubbies for all kinds of storage possibilities....NO! I didn't take pictures of it! LOL Why you ask?!....Because when I was looking at them, while they WERE interesting and cute, I was thinking: "Where's the food?!" ^_^
     Then I ran into this page and didn't mind the small delay getting to my beloved food recipes!
       Bumps.......bumpy glass......bumpy glass with pretty colors!!! ^_^ You can see why I got slowed down, right?!...{A page full of Fashionable Revival bags made out of recycled fabrics, and the regular article on "What Is It? What Is It Worth?", tried to deter me too....but I wasn't having it!!! LOL}
       I just kept turning page after beautiful page. Passing flowers, antiques, pet advice,....{which is only a novelty to me anyway, seeing as I don't own a pet! LOL}...the real estate sampler, and an article, full of gorgeous pictures, about 'the carefully cultivated home'. (You should see those photos in the actual magazine anyway! Not my recycled photographs of it...You know how my photography is!! I can really butcher up a manicured cultivated home layout!! LOL)
      But FOOD?!...That's another story!! And finally....I got to it!! Roasted sweet potatoes with sugar, allspice, and fennel seeds...
     ...simple biscuits...{frankly, I didn't need a recipe to know how to make biscuits. I've been making homemade buttermilk biscuits since I was tall enough to see over the kitchen table!....But they're still good to look at!! LOL}
     ...steamed asparagus, topped with tangerines...
     ...Eggplant Lasagne, with roasted peppers, marinara sauce, and three types of cheese!...
      ...Ummmm....I haven't had eggplant in a while!
     ....French Lentil Salad, with carrots, garlic, extra-virgin olive oil, and the zest of a lemon...
     ...and of course, dessert! Shortcake, with juicy strawberries and airy whipped cream!!
      Yum, yum, and YUM!!! Makes you glad you have eyes, doesn't it?! ^_^ Are you hungry yet?!....I am! And I haven't eaten! So, guess where I'm headed?! ^_^ ... After I leave you a poem of course!


We take our eyes for granted
until some 'boo boo' mars our view.
Then we find ourselves short-sighted
with less things that we can do.

The thought of losing sight,
and seeing life just like before,
is scary, and can shake our confidence
right to the core.

To make our eyes feel better
we would do most anything.
Some eye salve or a hot pack,
even ointments that will sting.

To, every day, appreciate
the eyes that help us see
(and keeping those sharp objects
out of their proximity),

That's what we should be doing,
give those 'Peepers' some respect!
Especially since they get it
when we're sticking out our neck. 


  1. Our eyes are indeed necessary to enjoy life aren't they? And aren't we glad we have them too! That's not to say that people who are blind can't enjoy life....but to be able to see is such a beautiful thing!
    Congrats on the treasury! Oh, that's right, I'm in it too!! LOL
    The sweet potatoes looked delicious! Now I need to run off and get my breakfast!

  2. You have a VERY nice blog friend!

  3. CinLynn, Thanks for such nice words. I'm glad I was able to SEE it. :-) ...Can you go wrong with a beautiful treasury and sweet potatoes?!...I think NOT!! ^_^

  4. TamsJewelry, Awwww! What a nice thing to say!!...Thank you!

  5. I get Country living too, have since it first started! You have made me hungry showing all the pics of food. I bet you make wonderful biscuits! Yum.

  6. Susan, It's a great magazine, isn't it?!...I make my biscuits with buttermilk and real butter. How could I go wrong?! ^_^

  7. OO! That purple and blue glass is glorious! I LOVE blue glass. I once had two jars like the decanter in the photo. I just remembered them, now I have no idea that happened to them!

  8. When does asparagus season start around here Wug? NOT SOON ENOUGH!!!

  9. I'm not sure how you managed to get all of my favorite foods in one post.. but you did it! :] Hope you have a good weekend!

  10. Alittlesprite, I thought so too, about the glass!! And I love the bumps too!...You better find yours! I have a couple around here too...somewhere! ^_^

  11. Holyoke Home, Ha! Ha! Ha! I agree!!! I love it!!...Never tried the tangerines on top, but there's always a first time for everything! ^_^

  12. Hollie, Ha! Ha! Glad I could consolidate things for you!! ^_^ ... Have a good weekend yourself too!!

  13. Nice treasury and I love your item that she put in it! It's greeeeen! LOL
    I don't mind seeing the rest of the magazine, not just the food! haha That bumpy glass is great!! And food is always good :P
    Great poem about the eyes, I have always thought they are the most important part of us.

  14. Right now I want biscuits and eggplant. Thanks! lol

  15. Mariann, Thanks for the nice comments about the treasury necklace and the poem. And I was trying to spare you all of my ramblings by not posting every single thing in my beautiful magazine! LOL In my opinion, the food is the best!

  16. Elle, Ha! Ha!...*hidng my face in my chest*...Sorry. O_0 ....{Secretly giggling though}

  17. Lovely blog and poem. Definitely glad I have eyes to see these beautiful photos... and a stomach - cause I'm hungry now.

  18. Artistikat, Thank you for the nice words about the blog and poem...Ha! Ha! I seem to be making everybody hungry today!

  19. Thank you for including my photo print in your blog, I am honored that you like "black cat".

    I have included a link to your blog on my Facebook Fan page:

  20. Larry, Yes! I love your black cat!! What a great shot! The expression on his face is so expressive!...Thanks for including my link on your FB page too! I'll have to go "like" it! :-)

  21. That treasure looks lovely & bright!
    That eggplant lasagne looks nice. Guess what we are having for dinner tonight?! Lasagne, just the ordinary variety not with eggplant.

  22. Jo-anne, Hi! Yeah, I thought she did a great job with it too! I'm glad she picked something of mine to put in it too!...Wish I was at your house for Lasagne! Hubby and I had our 'Date Night' last night....Beef stew and cornbread and Double Chocolate Soda Cake!!! It wasn't Lasagne, but it was alright!!! ^_^

  23. That's definitely comfort food! I love cornbread, yum.

  24. the pictures of the food are killing me! have pity on my diet!

  25. Lisa, Ha! Ha! Sorry!! :-/ No more food for the rest of the day!! ^_^


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