Tuesday, March 22, 2011


      YES IT DID!!!...AGAIN! Snow I mean...*smh*...Pictures like these make snow look so inviting, so serene and majestic....
        ....Arghhhhh!....Are those sharks circling?!...Okay, so it's not THAT bad.....yet! LOL But it's bad enough! And I just heard on the morning news that we may have piles more of it coming in our direction!!!....What happened to Spring?! O_0
       If you saw the photos on my blog yesterday you know that my backyard was almost completely clear of snow....But the above photo, and the next few, are what it looks like now!!
        You thought I was all done with winter photos, didn't you?!!...So did I!!!...*smh*...Oh Well...*sigh*...
      So, I've got to find something to keep me busy so I don't look out the window. I guess I'll make some more flowers for my "Crochet Supplies" section of my Wuglyees shop! Yes...Yes I did list some already!!! :-))
      I know they're only crocheted flowers.....but I had to do something! I couldn't believe it was snowing again!! And it snowed all day too!!...But Yes!...Oh YES IT DID!!! UGH! ... WHATEVER!!! I refuse to let snow or the news completely ruin my day.....even though....*deep sigh*....it's sure giving it a good try!

Do You Ever...

Do you ever watch the news...
then you find you get the blues...
or have it really light your fuse?!

Do you try to turn away...
try not to let it ruin your day...
and then it does anyway?

Did you see the earthquake come...
Where the planes were coming from...
Or is it all now just 'Hum Drum'?

Did you say: 'Doesn't bother me!'...
'No! I really didn't see!'...
'Oh! That surely couldn't be!'?!

Do you ever want to cry...
Roll up your sleeves and give a try...
make all the children never die?!

It's hard to sometimes see the good
with all the damaged neighborhoods...
See things the way you know you should.

The T.V. news won't fill the bill...
Doesn't give our hope the needed thrill.
But God...I know he can. And will!


  1. I hiked around my yard this morning since I scored a day off and I'm loving the no snow zone...but, tomorrow and Thurs..we'll I'm not going to dwell on it..atleast I'll try not too! Hope yours is melted soon and tulips are in the forcast instead! I love that you enjoy Country Living Mag as much as I do...have for many years! Have a good week!

  2. yaya, Good for you with a day off!! :-) And yeah, we had a few 'no-snow' days too......it didn't last long enough!! LOL And we have more on the way too!!!...Think sunny thoughts of tulips and Mai Thais!! :-)

  3. Oh no ... more snow!! We are expecting the same over the weekend. So glad I did not put away my winter coat and boots. We are moving closer to April. Warmer temperatures are not that far away. Your beautiful crocheted flowers certainly brighten up a gray day. Wishing you a sunny, warm spring-like day very soon.

  4. Julie, Yep! And more snow to come too! I just heard that we have another Springtime snow storm on the way!!...I'm sure April will get here eventually....eventually!!!! LOL

  5. Oh no!! Snow???!!! We only got LOTS of rain! Freezing rain tonight and tomorrow! I'm sorry winter is not over yet. It's a bit strange. In fact there is a LOT of strange things happening in the world right now. Hmmmmm.....I wonder what it means?....hmmmmm! LOL

  6. CinLynn, Yeah! Do you believe that????!!!!! More snow!! We had a few days of beautiful weather, sun shining, children playing, husbands shopping...*giggle*...and then yesterday...SNOW!...All day!!!...UGH! The news and the weather are going crazy!! And yet strangeness...:-/ Hmmmmmm indeed!! {There were no birds in the yard to warn me before the snow either! Just one lone squirrel! LOL}

  7. I hear you! Snow again! And perhaps tomorrow too? Those images are beautiful, but enough is enough. Our winter was long....

  8. Golly the weather sure is playing up again. We've had more flash floods here, not where I am thankfully but within 25 miles from here, & you've had more snow. Even though we have had some topsy turvy weather, today has been a beautiful autumn day. I hope that it warms up for you soon~

  9. You wonder where all the snow comes from???
    Hope you have a lovely spring real soon : )
    It's trua about the news - I'm transfixed by it, but it makes you feel so helpless.

  10. Priscila, Agreed! Enough is enough!.....after this other snow storm that's coming I mean.....UGH!

  11. Jo-anne, What would we have to talk about if we didn't have the weather to talk about, huh?! LOL And YIKES! More flash floods?! Oh Boy!!

  12. planettreasures, Hello!!! I'm doing my next post about the lovely gift I got from you!...Never mind the news and weather now!! ^_^

  13. O Nooooooooo sorry you got more. A well at least its a good excuse to stay in doors in and do crochet ;-)) I love your little flowers. I have to say i never watch the news on TV its far to depressing i only listen on the radio. Well, i hope you have a good day, dee x

  14. delia, Yeah, we got more...and more is on the way too! A 'Spring-time snow storm' they're calling it....UGH! But as you say, I've got my crocheting!! :-) And I'm going to try to stay away from the news today too!

  15. I'd say send the snow my way (cause I really want it) but we have had one too many disasters over here!

  16. Alittlesprite, I know what you mean!...Why ask for trouble!!

  17. That's strange that our weather is very similar to yours! Our snow and ice hasn't melted and more snow came from the sky just yesterday.... C'moon weather! Give us a break!!! LOL The ice is really thick this year and does not want to leave at all!

  18. Mariann, WOW! You've still got thick ice though! My backyard, as of this morning anyway, is clear. No snow or ice anywhere! :-) Snow is on the way again though....I just saw it on the morning news....UGH!


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