Thursday, April 21, 2011

I Tell My Girlfriends EVERYTHING!!!

         {Birdie's Best Friends Note Cards by redbootz}
     On any given day you can find me on the phone with one of my girlfriends chatting and laughing away! That's why when I saw this cute note card (in the header photo) it mentally took me back to some of the good...and funny...conversations me and my girlfriends have had over the years! :-] In fact, her whole shop is full of a wealth of things that could spark some really good conversations for me and my girlfriends! :-)
     I tell my girlfriends EVERYTHING!!! I know that everybody doesn't do that, but I recommend it highly to anyone who is nervous that maybe there's some things you should just keep to yourself! I mean...if you can't tell your girlfriend...your bestie...your partner in crime...your ace boon-coon (Southern girl reference....sorry! LOL)...who can you tell?!...And some things NEED to be told to SOMEBODY!!
     Like, for instance, was I going to keep my recent Monster Spider ordeal to myself!!...Nooooooo!...And, by the way, no babies have shown up, and I am constantly telling myself....
         {8x10 Poster Print by thebigharumph}
      :-)) We'll see if positive affirmations work!!...Anyway, what was I saying?!...Oh Yeah! I tell my girlfriends everything! A typical conversation...on any given day...could go like this...
      *Ring! Ring!*..."Good Morning! Have you had your coffee yet?!...Yeah, but not tea today. I NEED some coffee....and a chocolate bar the size of Texas! LOL....Sweet tooth?! I wish that's all it was!! You're not gonna believe this, but IT'S BAAAAACK!!!!!...Yep! This morning!....Almost 6 months I think. I lost count. I thought maybe I was finally in the land of no return. LOL But instead...."
             {Mood Swing Canvas Bag by Itssewmebytrish}
      "Do you believe it?!.....Hubby knew before I did. He's a mood detector...*giggle*...The hot flashes were so bad the other night! You should have seen hubby's face when I asked him if it was hot in here. He looked like a completely puzzled little dog, with his head tipped to the side! :-)) Maybe I should help him out and get this pin I saw on Etsy the other day!
      {Hot Flashes Pin by oneeyedcollie}
     ...Then he wouldn't have to guess what temperature I'm at!! :-)) He'd know...'Good mood inducer required. Please bring flowers!!'...
     Speaking of flowers, I saw the cutest necklace when I was looking around on Etsy the other day, in this shop called RachelleD! She called it Sharmila. I don't know why, but I like that name. It had big white polyclay beads, and the cutest grey flower, etched in white, in like an A-Line style. It comes with some matching earrings too!
        ...It was only $29.95 too!...No, I didn't get it. You'd have to rescue me from getting my ear chewed off if I did! LOL...
     No, I haven't crocheted a thing! It's been about a week or two too! I can't get enough energy up to do my own eye blinking, never mind crocheting!! LOL I'm gonna have to get started on my YoYo bag pretty soon. I have to keep up my creative chops like my competition is doing out there. You should see the great things people are crocheting!!
    I mean, I saw a crocheted Moon Jellyfish in awkward's shop the other day!!
      It was fabulous!...And I saw a crocheted Elephant named Erin in this cute little shop called ElephantTrunkCrochet. Appropriate name, huh?! :-)
     Now why couldn't I make something cute like that instead of my poor old sad 'Ugly Wuglyee' bear?! LOL...Don't you start with me this morning! :-)) It's too early...and I'm too menopausal!!! LOL...
    Yeah, I may do a little writing...if my brain cells start linking up!! LOL I have quite a few letters to send out and I'm behind a little because I've been so crazy the last few days...with spiders, leg and stomach cramps, hot and cold flashes, exhaustion....UGH! Don't you wanna come over here and hit me in the head with a hammer?! LOL...
     ...No, I probably wouldn't see stars. I might see butterflies though!...*giggle*...I'm just about to order some, I think. Butterflies I mean. It's an idea I'm working on for my brooches. It came to me when I saw these colorful 3-D butterflies by clearcutcrafts2007.
    ...The description says that they'll flutter in a breeze!! Couldn't you see somebody walking down the street with one of my brooches on, with the butterfly fluttering in the breeze?!!! :-] ... Well, I knew you'd say that. You're always so supportive, no matter what kind of hair-brained idea I come up with!! LOL...
    ....Nah! I'm not doing much of anything today!....Come on over. Maybe we can find an old movie on Pay-Per-View!!...Alright. See you in a minute....You're not funny! I don't have my mood detector pin yet!! ^_^ Bye!"
     Now, me and my girlfriends have MUCH deeper conversations than I'm going to share with you here! And my girlfriends are all pretty good story tellers too. I can tell a story or two myself! ^_^ Like the story I told them about my first trip to the Proctologist! It was a giggle fest of shimmying and some butcher paper....Never mind! LOL
     Or the time I was grocery shopping and the rubber waistband on my underwear popped and decided it no longer wanted to support me! I had a full cart of food and was headed to the checkout yall!!! LOL....Stories for another day! :-) I'm just much do you divulge to your girlfriends or guy friends?! Do you completely 'spill the beans', or are you protecting your fragile delusional reputation?! ^_^

I Tell It All

What good's a secret from your friends?
How much of "YOU" do you shut out?
Do you tell them all you know,
or do you hide what you're about?

Do they know how much you argue,
or how much you really spend?
Do they know your real hair color?
Are they not that kind of friend?!

Do they know the way you laugh
when your giggle can't be stopped?
Do they know your honest feelings
after all your hair's been chopped?

Are they totally informed
of the size you really wear?
You might hide it from your in-laws,
but your 'Bestie' doesn't care!!

What good's a secret from your friends?
In a 'Fix' that's who you call!
Then they're gonna find you out!
Might as well just tell it all!


  1. So you tell your girlfriends everything....hmmmm. I do tell some of my friends things about me...actually...I pretty much carry my feelings on my shirt sleeve! Maybe I shouldn't share as much as I do. I'd share some with you now, but I don't want everyone to read them. LOL No one knows my weight, but me! That's private! There are a LOT of things I keep private, but anything that's funny, even if it's embarrassing, I can't help but share with them!! I'm sure they don't want to hear it, but I just can't help myself! LOL
    Nice post! Sorry about all those "power surges" you've been having. I think I'm getting a breather right now. Hang in there...

  2. CinLynn, Yeah...guilty! I encourage them to tell me everything too though, so I don't have to feel bad about unloading on them! LOL Actually, I just don't like having to filter who I am, and to whom I've already told what! Tiring...Even my weight is just a number. It's not a statement about who I am! I tell it all! ^_^ And yeah, I though the "power surges" and their accompanying 'dog and pony show' were all done!!! Arghhhhhhhh! ^_^

  3. Lately, I've been thinking about how reserved I'm. I don't share much with people, I mean, friends. I wish I could be more open.
    The elephant is cute!

  4. Priscila, Awwww! I say 'Go For It'!! I find that the more I share with my girlfriends, the closer we get!...And I agree about the elephant! :-]

  5. soo cute! i adore my girlfriends too

  6. ha ha ha ha bless you your post had me laughing out loud to myself my kids shouted across the landing to make sure i was ok ;-)) Girlfriends are just the best and i am with you i tell mine everything to and i would not be with out them. Love that little elephant so cute and loving the sound of your butterfly brooches. have a great weekend, dee x

  7. Thanks Char! I think we need to celebrate our girlfriends more often. They are walking 'shoulders to lean on, and ears to bend'! ^_^

  8. delia, Ohhhh! I love it when that happens to me too...laughing out loud at something someone else posted!! :-)) I'm so glad to hear I actually made someone else do that!! :-) I'll have to tell my girlfriend about it!! ^_^ And thanks for the feedback on the butterfly brooch too! I'm still waiting for an answer to a question about how to attach them...and I'm in!!

  9. Girlfriends are the best! You can tell them anything and they still love you!

  10. Anonymous4/22/2011

    my closest friend is not a girl. in fact the three people i am most close to are all men, my hubby included. i just realised this :) hmm. i wonder what that says about me? but i share just about everything with my best buddy and he does the same with me.

  11. Jo-anne, That's exactly right!!! :-) What would we do without them?!

  12. Kamana, Ha! Ha! I guess none of us were thinking about that. My bestie bestie bud "IS" my hubby!!! Thanks for the 'hubby love' reminder! ^_^


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