Monday, April 25, 2011

I Asked Hubby To Give Me One Word To Describe The Weekend. He Said...

       ...REST! {Click on any photo image and it will link you to it's source}
     Yep! Rest!...And the reason he said 'rest' was because that's all we did all weekend. And because he, whether he initially wanted to or not, got lots of it!! I say "whether he wanted to or not" because 'resting' wasn't suppose to be in the plans this past weekend!
    We were 'PLANNING' to catch up on some things. But instead, on Friday night he started to get a sore throat, which was followed by heaviness in his chest, which was followed by ridiculous coughing, which was followed by a lot of thick gunky stuff coming up, which was followed by....a fever!! :-(
     I thought: "Oh No!! He's done it now! He's gotten the flu!! That's what he gets for rubbing shoulders and shaking hands with all of those 'Walking Germs' he calls 'co-workers' and 'store employees'!!" {Being so allergic to everything, I have my own perspective on the world! LOL}
    So, all day Saturday, it was REST.....
          ...and some soup, green tea with lemon and honey, endless hours of sleep, listening to music, and...some rain clouds rolling in.
       On Sunday he was feeling a little better!.....But then I got a little fever and a sore throat!! :-( Thankfully I jumped right on it, and this morning I'm already feeling tons better. I never got the cough or the gunky stuff. (Although I do have a little bit of a drippy nose. Hopefully that will be as far as it goes!! I've got some catching up to do today! I don't have time for a cold or the flu!!) :-]
    Anyway, as the day wore on we both were feeling a bit better. {I got a delivered package that helped me to feel tons better too!! :-) I'll tell you about that tomorrow!} By late afternoon hubby actually got out of bed and started looking for things to do,...between the coughing spells and drippiness I mean. ^_^ He was even hunting for something he could eat!
       That was the sure sign to me that he was feeling better! :-] We still spent a lot of the rest of the day in bed though...(with the knowledge that Monday was gonna come waaaay too fast, and that we would need all of the rest we could get to tackle it!! LOL)
      So, that was our weekend...How was yours?! :-)

The cold came out of nowhere

The cold came out of nowhere,
like a dark gray cloud of gloom.
It descended on our big plans.
Our sick-bed became a womb.

We could hear our hearts were beating,
as we laid there in one spot.
With this cold, we needed rest,
and rest is exactly what we got!

As we rolled from left to right,
with sniffling, coughing, fever too,
it was nice to have some quiet,
and no plans of things to do.

The cold came out of nowhere,
and it left us just as quick.
It's a good thing too, because
we don't have time for getting sick?! 


  1. I'm so glad you're feeling better! You did just as you should have done....REST! I think that's where I went wrong when I started to get it last week. I'm stubborn and I needed to get some things done in the yard (after service), and so I didn't rest as I should have. So, today, I'm still coughing my fool head off (I have weak lungs and it always lasts longer for me), and being a snot! April was supposed to be a BIG month for me! I'll be doing good now if I make my time. Oh well. Maybe it'll be another bad year. Life!

  2. CinLynn, Yes indeed! Rest is the key! I always tell people: 'If your body is telling you to lay down, LAY DOWN! If not, it'll throw you down! And it may be a while before you get up!!'...Better to listen to it when your body is talking to you. The body is like a conversating wife. It doesn't like to be ignored! LOL I sure hope your cough goes away soon. I know how irritating that can be! Every time hubby coughed I made him drink something. I told him: "It's telling you it needs some lubrication. Give it to him!!" He thought I was funny. But every time, the cough subsided some! :-)...By the way, because of this cold, fever, and my previous "friend"...UGH!...I'm behind in my time too. I'm hoping to catch up. But it's gonna be a race!

  3. Glad to hear that you are feeling better. It sounded like having a rest was just what you needed. Speaking of rest .. *yawn* I'm heading off to bed.
    Have a great day!

  4. Jo-anne, Thank you. Yes, I am feeling better. Thankfully I didn't even get hit with it as much as my hubby least so far anyway. And even he is feeling pretty good today!...Night! Night!...Sweet Poetic Dreams! :-)

  5. i glad to read you all are doing better! it is never fun to be sick an entire weekend. :) hope you get to do something fun today.

  6. Char, Thanks! Yes I am feeling better. :-) Thanks for the words of encouragement.

  7. Feeling better, that's good!
    I love the poem today. And the images are great.

  8. Thanks Priscila! They're not as good as those gorgeous spaces you share, but I'm working on it! ^_^

  9. That was a nice post...
    Feeling bad or not,
    we should take a little rest.
    Good to know you're doing fine now.
    Love the images too ♥

  10. Ann, So true! Unfortunately most of us these days only rest when we get knocked down by an illness! It's the one time we rest...without guilt! LOL I'm resting my head off!! ^_^


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