Friday, April 29, 2011

Is Somebody Getting Married Today?!...Hmmm... :-]

       It's a little after 4:00a.m. here in Holyoke and I'm up with the T.V. on waiting to see William and Kate's wedding. BUT WHO ISN'T?!!! LOL I'm not all about the pomp and circumstance, or about the politics of it all (I'm neutral on all politics, except spiritual Kingship! I definitely have a side on that! :-)), or even about all the details that we've been hearing E-N-D-L-E-S-S-L-Y!!
     I'm a sucker for a love story, and a sucker for a wedding!! :-) There...I said it!! I've been married almost 29 years myself, and I love to see people in love! And I love to see them brave enough to declare that love in front of everybody they know! :-)
    So, in honor of all those getting ready to get married ,and for those thinking about how they're going to look when they say "I Do", I'm sharing wedding dresses! {To see extra views of the dresses, prices, and descriptions, just click on the photos and go to the shop where you can find them}
         Okay, so who are we kidding today?! I know whose wedding you really care about! ^_^ And as soon as the flower girl makes her appearance...
        ...and Prince William and Harry come in and take their places, we'll finally see the wedding of William and his Kate....or Katherine. :-) 
        I Love A Love Story!!! And I love a wedding!!! So, I'm off to keep my eyes on all of the festivities!! Have a good day everybody!!

New Marriage

Congratulations, You two!
Your new life has just begun.
Each other you may have known,
but what was two, will now be one.

One in your love for each other.
One in your mind and your heart.
One in co-operation.
One in this new life you'll start,
as married folks-never apart.
(Gen. 2:24)


  1. i think she looks beautiful!

  2. Debbie,

    I even said in other 2 blogs just now... I totally forgot about the wedding. I really think they make a beautiful couple.

    Have a nice weekend.

  3. Priscila, Ha! Ha! I think a lot of people would like to have forgotten about the wedding! ^_^ But it was nice...Now, back to the reality of life! Ain't no red carpets and princess coaches coming up to my door!!! ^_^

  4. I only saw the morning news today. Only saw tids and bits. Did your heart stopped when he tried to put the ring on?

    have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Elisa, Ha! Ha! Ha! My heart didn't stop, but I do remember that feeling from my own wedding. No sleep the night before, water retention, and "Will the ring go on?!!" ^_^ But happily he FORCED that 'bad boy' on!!!...So fun!...Have a good weekend!

  6. I thought the bride looked stunning and I was happy to see such a beautiful, and traditional dress. It was classic! It seems the dresses these days don't ever have sleeves, and are strapless too. I guess I'm just an old fuddy duddy, but I like the lace sleeves on Kate's actually looked very similar to my dress! I laughed when he was putting on the ring..I made sure mine went on smoothly..I put vaseline on my finger and was Jack ever surprised when he slipped (literally) the ring on! He looked at me so funny and I almost burst out laughing in the front of the Priest, God and all our guests! Fun post today Debbie!

  7. I only was able to catch glimpses of the wedding from hospital tv's today, was in for surgery. But Kate's dress was Lovely!!! But her flowers were so sweet and simple. Lilly's of the Valley I think. I am getting married in October and I want to do the same thing! :)

  8. There was a wedding today? (j/k) I totally woke up and ran to my computer to watch the nuptuals on youtube. Very sweet! Kind of brought a little tear to my eyes, to be honest. Weddings are lovely and those dresses you found are super lovely too!

  9. yaya, Ha! Ha! You made me laugh talking about the Vaseline on the finger! ^_^ But what a great idea!!!...And I agree about her dress. The lace looked so pretty. And the fact that it was just on the upper part of her shoulder and neckline area was what made it look so elegant to me. More importantly though, they both looked relaxed and assured in the knowledge that it felt right to be marrying this person. Who knows what will happen in the future. But half the battle with marriage is marrying for the right reasons, and loving the one you're marrying...forevermore! They seem to at least have that much going on for now...Your Jack did a pretty good job!! :-) Hey! He didn't run when you were all greased up!! That's a good sign of a great husband!! ^_^

  10. onesheep, I'm sorry to here about your surgery, but I'm assuming it went okay if you're upright and leaving me a comment. :-] And I agree, about the dress and the pretty bouquet. She's got good taste!..With you getting married in October your brain must be loaded with decisions to make now! PRE-wedding is a special time. Or, I should say, it CAN BE a special time. :-) It drives some brides crazy!!!...I hope you'll be blogging about your wedding so we can see! And thank you for the nice comment too.

  11. ottosmom, Ha! Ha! Yes there was a wedding. You know, a little "garden wedding". ^_^ I'm up really early every day anyway, but this morning I was up and had the TV on!! Up at 3:30, looking at CNN because the ABC channels coverage, the one I wanted to see, didn't start until 4!! *smh* But I enjoyed it!...And then I got a nap in too! :-))

  12. Thanks for including my Flowergirl print :)
    Lovely post & blog...following!

  13. I too watched the wedding last night. Didn't they make such a good looking couple. And that dress! She looked so elegant & graceful!

  14. Jacy, It was my pleasure. She was a sweet addition. I thank you for letting me share her. :-) And thanks again for the nice words about the blog too. Welcome to the backyard as a new follower!! :-)

  15. Jo-anne, Yes they did make a good-looking couple. They seem really happy. And the dress...simply elegant with all the lace...Nice to know I'm not the only want that likes a wedding! :-)

  16. I loved watching the wedding! I would have been happy with the sister's dress :)
    Thank you so much for featuring one of mine!

  17. Lovely dresses and gorgeous loving couple. I'm not much on weddings, but did find myself smiling watching reruns of the vows and kisses. :)

  18. Jaci, You know what?! I thought the same thing when I saw the sister's dress!!! ^_^ It moved so femininely and draped so pretty on her! Even with all of the little ones around her, she was the one that held your attention!!...And no, you're not alone!! Welcome to "sucker-for-a-wedding-ville"!!! LOL

  19. Midnightcoiler, Thank you for the nice comment! And yeah, even those not much into weddings could smile at those two. I think it's more the hopefulness of love than the wedding for some. For me...It was a wedding!!! ^_^ That's all it took!


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