Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I Already Knew That I was Spoiled Rotten, But Now This?!

      In yesterday's blog post I mentioned to you that I got a delivery Sunday night. Well, the handmade tissue paper and pearl bead brooch flower in the header photo was part of the packaging on what was delivered! In fact, it's part of the gift! :-)
        I got a phone call from one of my girlfriends. She said she had something she wanted to bring over. I was afraid that with me and hubby hacking and barking, and both of us trying to get rid of fevers, it might be a little dangerous for her to come into "sick-house-central"!! LOL 
     She would not be deterred though, from bringing this package! She said: "Well, I'll come over, leave it at the door, ring the bell...and run!" LOL And so that's what she did!! ^_^
      This is what she left on the doorstep!!
       When I opened it and looked inside I was flabbergasted!!! It was packed full of individual gifts of all kinds of handmade or homemade things!!
       Apparently, a bunch of women friends of mine from my Kingdom Hall (The Kingdom Hall is our place of worship. We're Jehovah's Witnesses), got together and decided to give handmade care packages to ones who are sick, facing challenges, etc... The card says they're calling themselves...
     ...the Holyoke Happy Makers! :-)) That's a great name ladies! You sure made me happy!! ^_^ I don't know whose idea this was, but kudos, a big 'high five', a hi yo yippee, and a happy dance to you!! :-)
      I happen to be the happy spoiled lady on the receiving end of this gift at this time, but I would like to be put on the list of the anonymous contributors for the next time you send one to someone else, please!! :-) ... Let me show you what all was in here!
       Starting with this bundle of Kleenex tissues, mints, hand sanitizer and tea!       
     Then there was this large ribbon wrapped jar...
     ...full of a homemade scrub that I can use for my feet, face, or whatever! :-) She even put the ingredients on the side, in case I was allergic to something! Do these friends know me, or what?!! LOL
      There was also some moisturizing hand lotion...
     ...and this little kit...
     ....with all the tools to make my lotioned-up hands look pretty! :-)
        ....Also a Cucumber Melon scented jar candle...
      ...and some anti-bacterial hand gel...
     ...Then there was this! A gorgeous handmade scarf...
      ....in that beautiful chocolate brown color I love so much too! :-) 
     Speaking of chocolate, there was also some of that in the bag too! Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies, to be exact! :-)
     I said was because the only thing left of those 'babies' is a sweet memory and a blue ribbon!! ^_^ {How do you think I knew they were chewy?! LOL}
    That wasn't the only eatables in the bag though! There was also these powdered almond-looking cookies, which I shared with hubby. {He was looking so pitiful! LOL}...
     ...and this package of, what looks like, Chocolate and Coconut balls...
      ....along with some sort of green and black caribe tea. It's a blend I've never had. I'm looking forward to enjoying that!!
     To round out the bag, there was this little enclosed foil and ribbon wrapped gift!
      You should have been here to smell the room when I opened it!
      It was a little bag of homemade potpourri!...I don't know exactly what it is, but it smells like dried cranberry, orange or lemon, with a hint of lavender.
      I love any kind of citrus scent anyway!...I'm noticing more and more how this wasn't just some random gift bag, but that I was specifically thought of with each and every gift. ;'_';
     And Oh Yeah, I forgot....there was also this half-eaten chocolate brownie in there...
     Okay!! So, it wasn't half-eaten when I opened the bag!! ^_^ It actually looked like this...
      I think this brownie may be the reason why I'm all well today! LOL {That's my story and I'm sticking to it!! LOL}
    And don't let me forget the bag itself!!
       I'm not sure what it's made out of, but it's done in a basket-weave kind of. Very durable.
     Plenty of room in there for....say....yarn and stuff!! ^_^
      Go ahead and say it.....SPOILED ROTTEN!!! ^_^ I know I am! I don't take it for granted either! I've got the best friends in the whole wide world!!! "I love you guys!!" :-) ...Okay, let me go and see about the other un-eaten part of that brownie. Health maintenance! ^_^

Who is a Friend?

Dependable and loving,
all your jokes make perfect sense;
To keep you happy and unharmed,
they'd gladly spare no small expense.

They know your moods,
Can take the heat.
They know the things
you like to eat.

Will tell you things
that lift your fear,
and even the things
you don't want to hear.

They'll quickly point out
your pannicky smile;
and pull up your slip
that's been hanging a mile.

They'll be your cheerleader-
Pom Poms in the air!
And when others are gone,
they will always be there.

Laughter and glee,
sobs and deep pain,
are shared by this friend,
in the sun or the rain.

Your accomplishments cause
only joy to their heart;
When they see your success,
it's as if they're a part.

And even though they know
the very worst that you do,
they map your intentions-
and they still love you.

So who is this friend?
It's your mother, your wife,
your neighbor, your kid,
someone who's sharing your life.

They may be close, and related,
or live very far;
but this friend is your friend
and they know who you are.

Your secrets are safe,
your feelings secure,
their shoulder is ready,
and their motives are pure.  


  1. What a great get well present, the bag, corsage and gifts are all sure to cheer anyone up!

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  2. Bee happy, I agree!! Looks like a whole lot of work...and thought...went into this. I'm sure whoever gets these gifts are gonna be as happy as me!! :-) Thanks for your nice comment.

  3. What a lovely thoughtful gift. Can I be sick and get one? Love the bow! And that scarf is lovely. I am a pink lover so that bag is wonderful! Of course the food. Ahhhhh

  4. Susan, It is a thoughtful gift, but Ha! Ha!...Uhhhh...You do not want to be sick to get one!! Trust me!! If you lived close by I'd share with you though. Too bad you don't!! ^_^

  5. Lucky, deserving, spoiled you. ....LOL.... It is so wonderful to read that there are people out there that still care about thier neighbors and friends. Hope that you and your husband are feeling better. Kudos to those wonderful ladies and thier thoughtfulness.

  6. SnowflakeDreams1, I don't know about the deserved part! But I certainly am getting pretty spoiled!! ^_^ And you're right about having people around that still care about others. The world is getting so "Me" focused! I have to work at focusing outward myself! It's so easy to get bogged down with your own life. That's why I thought the organized nature of this gift was so wonderful!! Although my friends are really generous people anyway...with their possessions, love, and time...Thanks Velma, for such a thoughtful comment. :-]

  7. Wonderful gift! Wish I could have added something too! I'm so happy to see how well loved you are. Makes your day, doesn't it! I hope today is as wonderful as yesterday for you too.

  8. CinLynn, It is wonderful, isn't it? And it made, not only my day, but I'll be riding high on this for a while!! It's just too bad you aren't here, so we could share all of it!! :-) {And by the way, I feel great today! No residuals at all...But hubby still has some of the cough...but much better!} Thanks for the nice comment, Bead! Have a good rest of the day!

  9. Anonymous4/26/2011

    You are very lucky to get such lovely stuff!

    Ok a feijoa is a fruit. A yummy fruit. Mmmmm....
    I can't believe you have never had one!

  10. Michele, Thanks for the info on the feijoa!! I saw that it looked sorta like a lime or a kiwi, so I figured it was a fruit. But I never heard of them. I don't even know how to pronounce it! LOL Hopefully wikipedia will help me! :-)

  11. So sorry to hear you have been poorly goodness i must be so behind with my posts ;-( But wow what a gorgeous bag of goodies i think i would have cried looking through all those lovely things. What loving kind friends you have. Enjoy it all and i hope you feel better very soon. dee x

  12. delia, Thanks for the nice words Dee. Guess what?!...I DID cry!! ;'_'; Buckets of tears! The hubby doesn't call me "Puddles" for nothing! ^_^ And I am happy to report that I'm feeling just fine today! Not even a sniffle!...Hubby is almost back to new also. :-]

  13. That is the most thoughtful get-well gift I have ever seen! A care package that truly shows the love these Happymakers have for you and your hubby! I hope you are all better by now!! Much love, Silke

  14. I want that bag! So perfect.

  15. I didn't know you were ill but I hope you feel better soon! I love receiving these kind of gifts and also making them. I just put together one few weeks ago with all the goodies and sent to my mum :P
    And let me just say....mmmmmmmm....chocolate brownies...

  16. Silke, I felt the same way about the gift too...and I'm full on the way of treating it with the love that it was given with! :-] And yes, I'm much, much better now. Thank you for your concern, and for the nice words. Have a good day today, Silke.

  17. Priscila, Ha! Ha!....Uhhh....NO!! ^_^ I would share it with you though, if you lived closer. :-)

  18. Mariann, Yeah, I caught it from hubby!...But thankfully mine didn't even get as full blown as what he had. And it didn't last long for either of us. We're both 'back on the road' now. :-] I'm sure your Mum was as excited about receiving her care package as I was!! But was there chocolate brownies in hers?! ^_^ If not, maybe you should send her another one! The brownies made the whole package seem even better!!

  19. Aww.. how lovely! So nice :) the bag is way cute!

    I have an award for you on my post :)

  20. Alittlesprite, Thank you. I love the bag too!...Oooo! An award?!! I'll have to dart over and see what you're up to! ^_^ Have a good day too!

  21. what a lovely surprise that must have been! You deserve to be spoilt rotten every now & then. I would probably use the bag for yarn or for looking after my patterns :)

  22. Jo-anne, It was, indeed, a nice surprise! :-) And I think I'm going to do just as you said, and use it for my yarn...or to keep the things for whatever crochet project I'm working on at the time in there. It's a nice large size, so...perfect for that!...and thank you for the supportive "You Go, Spoiled Girl!" comment! LOL


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