Monday, April 4, 2011

Rocks Have Nothing On Me!

     This weekend was wonderful for hubby and I. Mostly because, with the new dryer, we didn't have to spend time thinking about wet clothes, laundromats, running from store to store comparing prices,.....or time. We didn't have to think about wasting time. We just enjoyed our time! :-)
     I think I had almost too much time on my hands. That's never good for this brain of mind! LOL Thus....the rocks! The rocks are some of the possessions of a idle-brained collector of sorts...Yeah, I'm talking about me! LOL
      I found this group of rocks laying on the ground all together a few years ago, and I just had to have them! Aren't they interesting?! Just like me, they're solid in the middle, smooth on the outside, full of age and substance,...but with a few cracks here and there...*giggle*
       I know what you're thinking. You're thinking that maybe I have more cracks in me than these rocks do!! LOL Well, hubby thinks that sometimes too! As a matter of fact, the day I picked these rocks up off the ground hubby was adamant that I leave them there. He said: "What are you doing?! They're probably just some rocks somebody dumped out with the water when they were getting rid of their old fish tank or something!!" 
      I thought about that for a second....then I realized it didn't matter! I loved them and they were going home with me!...And here they've been ever since. In this basket...
       And herein lies my real story...the basket!
      I saw an episode of Antiques Roadshow over the weekend that had me on a Google search for wicker baskets. Could it be possible that my little basket that I've been keeping my rocks in.....{my "fish tank rocks", according to hubby} actually a valuable collectible?!!
     It's definitely old! :-)
      It's very soft though...{Hmmm...Old, soft, a round bottom, and slightly colorful. Sounds like me! ^_^} 
      My Google search didn't produce much information for me, but that could be because I don't know how to search. But, from what I did find, it appears that it could be native American...Again, like me! (I'm part Cherokee Indian) If any of you know anything about baskets or antiques and vintage items ,and you know something about this, please help me out. I'd love to know if I should take my 'prehistoric natural diamond encased rocks' out of here! ^_^ Hey! We all have our own ideas about the stuff we collect!
    Clearly, from talking about my rocks and my basket, I can see that I collect things for a particular purpose. I can see myself in them!...Like my basket, with it's twines, I'm strong enough to create something useful, but soft enough to be pleasant to the touch; I have some chewed up edges, but I'm also quite colorful...not to mention I also have a round bottom...*giggle*
    And the rocks have nothing on me either! I can be smooth when I want to be, but hard....hard....hard....if you rub me the wrong way! 
      Do any of you collect things. And if so, what do your collectibles say about you?! I'd like to think I'm not the only one that thinks about stuff like this! ^_^
      Yeah, I had too much time to think this weekend!!...But I also had some time to just sit and have some fun last night too. I watched some of the...
      I say 'some of' because.....I fell asleep!....Somewhere around the time Taylor Swift was singing her new song "Mean"! ^_^ 
       I guess that's another thing me and the rocks have in common...if you get us too comfortable...we'll drop!! And we'll just lay there until somebody picks us up...or, in my case, wakes me up! *giggle*  
    Okay, I'm off to start my busy week. Despite the rain I think it's gonna be pretty fabulous! {I'm planning a more personal post for tomorrow....that's your warning! :-)} Have a good day everybody!!

Antique and Collectible

Antiques and collectibles,
with their stories hid in time,
unlocked and displayed by me
in verses set in rhyme.

Worn and leg-less tables,
pottery and cuckoo clocks;
Paintings and some old tin cans,
coins, baskets and rocks.

What could be the story
why we gather this old stuff?!
And why appreciating aging
of ourselves is not enough!

I know, for me, I see
the symbolism of it all.
That 'Old' does not mean 'useless'.
It's just time, slowed to a crawl.

Antique and collectible,
is what I want to be,
so when I'm old, the folks I love
will hold and value ME!

{Attributions of the above photos: The 46th Academy of Country Music sign photo was from; Taylor Swift performing was from (Ap photo/Julie Jacobson); and the 2nd Taylor Swift photo was from}


  1. collect rocks, do you? Did you name them too? LOL <-Couldn't help myself!!! I like watching antiques roadshow too. I'm always looking around my house to see if I have any collectibles!! That basket is pretty! Could be Indian for sure. I have a friend or two that are part Cherokee Indian too. Small world!
    As for collecting...I collected salt and pepper shakers when I was a kid and I still have them. Talk about antique!!! I'm antique!!! So they must be!! LOL I also have a set of "Toby's" that my grandmother gave me. They're really old!!
    I watched the Country music awards too! I didn't fall asleep....wonder of wonders! Good show!
    Love your poem...have a wonderful day...tell me about any experiences you may get!!

  2. CinLynn, Ha! Ha! Yep! Shoes, hats, jewelry, jewelry boxes, baskets, and rocks!! ^_^ I didn't name any of my rocks yet though....YET! You made me get to mentally chewing on it though! ^_^ Don't you love Antiques Roadshow?!! I haven't seen my million dollar piece on there yet, but I'm convinced that one day I will! Ha! Ha! What do your salt and pepper shakers say about you?!'re salty? You peppery? You like to shake things up?! ^_^ And what are "Toby's"?...And lastly (I can write a book too, you see! LOL) I'll be sure and tell you of my experiences. And I'll be looking for yours! :-)

  3. Anonymous4/04/2011

    You know what? Nothing surprises me with you!Lol.

    and that basket - I like it a lot!

  4. Michele, Ha! Ha! I hope that's a good thing!!! ^_^ ... Too bad you don't know anything about my basket though. I can't find out anything!

  5. Nice rocks. But I really like the basket.

  6. Priscila, Thank you. I really like it too. I'm waiting to see if anybody knows anything about it!

  7. You always make me laugh and bring a smile. I have a round bottom too! And Taylor Swift, yawn, i almost fell asleep already! Don't blame yourself, it's her, haha! She is like human ambien. (I love her voice/songs though, but radio is just fine). I hope you find the origin of your basket. It IS pretty. So no matter what, it's valuable! xo,

  8. Lindsey, I hope I find the basket's origin too. So far though...nothing!...And as to Taylor, I think she's very creative and emotionally secure for her age, so I respect her...even though her subject matter sometimes escapes me. I'm too old to care about her being "boy crazy"! LOL I do understand the words to the "mean" song though! ^_^ Thanks so much for your comment.


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