Saturday, April 16, 2011

It's Update Saturday-Week In Review!

        I'll start my updates today by telling you that hubby and I had a nice romantic night of quiet for our Friday 'Date Night'. It was good to just be together. We'd been apart, texting each other all day because he left REALLY early yesterday for a bus trip to New York! He brought back lots of pictures too. More about that later! :-)
      This is an update long over-do. My Delicate Composite and African Turquoise Flower Dangle Necklace...
      ...made it's way into Mistymornalpacas Treasury, entitled Winter Blues a couple of weeks ago at least now...I think! I found it by accident.
          My little necklace was in good company there too! These were a couple of the other items in it...
       Two rings, one being this Sterling Silver Mediterranean Blue Stacking Set, (that's made in your size)...
        ...and this Size 6 ROCK Fetish in Sky Blue Topaz and Sterling...both by onegarnetgirl
       And this cute Lovebirds Heart Shaped Handmade Pottery Planter or Mini Yarn DarriellesClayArt.
       In my opinion, Mistymornalpacas could have had their own Koala Hat in there...
     So, thanks to them for not giving us the winter blues, but instead giving us the Winter Blues Treasury! :-)
     In other news, I finished a crochet project that I'm not sure what it is, or what it wants to be....YET!
       I crocheted it with a hole in the middle, and with lots and lots of ruffles...
      My initial thought was to make a picture frame, but as it got going...
       ...I couldn't see a picture frame! LOL I saw a bracelet maybe...
       ...or a base for a candle holder. But not a picture frame.
       So, at the moment, it's a ruffly....SOMETHING!! ^_^ I'll figure it out sometime....or leave it for one of the kids to play with. They'll make it into something interesting, I'm sure! Kids have imaginations like that. :-)
      In still other news, I increased the amount of time I spend in my ministry this month. That's a part of my life I don't talk an awful lot about on this blog. But this month was a special month of activity for Jehovah's Witnesses around the world. You may have already had some of my friends at your homes, with invitations to the upcoming Memorial of Christ's death. I won't get into it too much here, but if you're interested in more information, or have questions for me, just email me. I'll be happy to answer anything you want. :-)
    In other....other news, {Ha! Ha! Okay, so I haven't got this update thing down yet!!! Stop laughing!!! ^_^} my father and brother-in-law appear to be coming along okay after their doctor's visits and surgeries. I say 'APPEAR' to be, because they're both of the male gender, and not too talkative. It's a generalization, I know, but men don't seem to want to talk about their ailments in the same way women do. Of course, there are exceptions I'm sure. My hubby being one of them! I have to shut him up about it listen patiently when he starts to tell me all about how he's feeling. ;-)
       Except for times like yesterday! I REALLY listened to how he was feeling then...when he came back from his bus trip!! 
      Him and a bunch of my friends from my congregation went here....
      I'll share more of the pictures with you tomorrow!
     Okay, that's almost all I have to say....except that I also wrote a new poem yesterday. Not a fun and upbeat poem like my usual fare though. I watched Oprah yesterday. She was updating a story about a little boy that had been chained up in a closet when he was 6 years old. He was now in his 20s. The story of really what happened to him was so sad, and made me think about all of the children in the world that have had to deal with abuse at the hands of someone that was suppose to love them.
    I couldn't help but write this poem. I hope it leaves you thoughtful and not sad...Have a good weekend everybody.


When I'm all alone and thoughtful,
unaware of space and time,
there is a place I mentally go.
A place set deep in sorrowful rhyme.

I remember thoughtless people,
ones suppose to protect me;
Those who really 'dropped the ball',
and caused a hole where love should be.

No one should ever abuse a child;
or them man-handle or mistreat.
It's tough enough to be a kid,
with less experience, already beat.

Adults with selfishness of mind
don't appreciate the power they hold,
to change a little life,
or make a little ones blood run cold.

Also when I'm alone and thoughtful,
I remember the kindness I faced,
from friends and random neighbors,
upon whom I leaned and braced.

I remember thoughtful people,
ones who surrounded and cared for me.
Those who really 'caught the ball',
and put a patch, and love set free.

No child should ever be abused,
or treated as if dispensible.
No, you don't have to be related
to know that love is inflatable.

Adults with selflessness of mind,
who know what's right, are brave and bold,
can change a little life.
Sometimes their smiles are like fine gold.

So, when you're alone and thoughful,
give the kids you know a thought.
Be the one who is their hero,
not the one who really ought.

{Header photo from AlishbasArtGallery Blogspot}


  1. Hi Deb, We all need that special time with our loves. I agree with you, it's nice just to sit back and just enjoy each others company. Looking forward to seeing more of the New York pictures. Great poem. It is so sad what a world we live in and just how cruel and sadistic people can be. So very ready for the new system. This one just drags you down physically and mentally. I am exited to see what you do with your new creation. Have a great day and I will try and check in tomorrow with your new up-date. Love ya Sis. Peg

  2. aaawwwee THANKS :)

  3. Love this post! Sounds like a really nice evening talking about all the sights hubby saw in NY! Great photos! Can't wait to see more. I haven't been there in a long time. Our Bible student went a few weeks ago for the first time and was very impressed! He's the one that just got baptized!
    I'm glad your month is going so well. I hope you get some emails after this post! And I hope we all see a lot of new ones tomorrow night at the memorial! How special that would be.
    As for child abuse, it makes me cry. It's so sad what Jehovah has to see daily. I'm glad we don't know the half of it. We're protected I think.
    Nice poem...says it all!
    Have a great day!

  4. Peg, Right you are! That "Checking-in" time with your love is like some "keep-on-going" glue that every couple in this day and age need!! :-)... I'm so thankful for the nice feedback on the poem too. I'm sometimes amazed at how easily my mind can be snatched back to a bad childhood memory, but Oh so thankful to have some good memories to replace it with!...Have a good day my sister. I hope you like the photos tomorrow! :-)

  5. Alishba, It was my pleasure. It's a beautiful image! :-)

  6. CinLynn, Thanks my friend. And your insights are right on...about everything you said. About me and hubby, what Jehovah sees and the fact that we are indeed protected from a lot of what goes on in this world. Good thing too, I'm sure! One day soon it will be different and I look forward to that. In the meantime I'm thankful for the opportunity this month to spend a little more time telling people about it. :-]...I found something really cool out about Bethel yesterday! Something I didn't know had changed! :-) See you tomorrow!!

  7. What did you find out????? Don't leave me hanging! LOL

  8. CinLynn, Ha! Ha! Ha! I'll tell you tomorrow when I post the pictures and stuff.....Impatient!!! ^_^

  9. Alicia4/16/2011

    Hey cuz... long time no comments from me. Wonderful hearing about people who love each other enough to set aside special time for them; on the flip sad to hear about those who abuse anyone. Great poem! Love ya!

  10. it's fun to experiment with art, i like the ruffles - my grandmother used to do doilies with the ruffled edges like that.

  11. Alicia, Hello there Cuz!! :-) Nice to hear from you!...About the setting aside time thing, Yeah! Love'll make you do some things you might not otherwise do alright!! :-))...And like you said, the flip side of that will make you follow the wrong path and do some unspeakable things too! What's good to know is that, with love, you can always do better when you learn better. I'm all about the teaching, and learning, process as much as I can! :-) Thanks so much for your thoughtful comment. I love you too!

  12. Char, How right you are! Experimenting is so much fun! {It would be nice if it was actually something usable in the end though!! ^_^} And I love the ruffles matter what! Too bad it can't be a doilie!...stupid hole in the middle!! :-)))))

  13. That collection is great. I'm quite taken with that yarn bowl. I've seen them a couple of times now. They're a great idea.

  14. Thanks Jo-anne! I agree with you. And I've kinda had my eye on that yarn bowl too! :-) I really like the doves!


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