Monday, April 18, 2011

Reading Is Fun.....Or Mental!! :-)

        As you know if you've been following my blog, I'm reading the book To Kill A Mockingbird
          I spent most of yesterday morning reading. I'm getting really close to the end now!...I'm enjoying it, but I keep finding myself thinking that I wish I had read the book first, before watching the movie umpteen thousand times!! I'm having a hard time keeping myself enthused when I know what's coming next!..So, I've been doing stuff to keep my reading out loud, and pretending to be the characters I'm reading about. It's pretty funny to do sometimes. ^_^
      The southern accent parts are not that hard, being as I'm from the south myself. (Georgia) As a matter of fact I have to make myself NOT read it with as heavy of an accent as I'm familiar with from 'my parts'! ^_^ I recorded myself reading a little section of it. I tried for a long time this morning to upload it so you could hear it, but it wouldn't let me. There was a whole long list of stuff I had to read, and some stuff I apparently would have had to agree to. My thinking brain is not in good enough shape to be agreeing to anything that long and involved this morning, so....NEVER MIND!!!
     But I did want to show you what else is keeping my attention!
     It's the "O" magazine! Remember I won the Giveaway on SnowflakeDream1's blog?! Well, as kind of a substitiute for some of the other gifts, she gave me a year's subscription to Oprah's magazine instead. I got my first issue a few days ago!
       This is the thickest magazine I've ever gotten in the mail, I think. There's so much in it! The only thing that's disappointing so far is that my first issue wasn't the April issue! Apparently that issue had her first poetry entries, a new series she's suppose to be doing. I heard that there was going to be a lot of poems in it and an interview of Maya Angelou! :-( 
      Oh Well!....Maybe hubby will be able to find it somewhere for me. He's already been looking, but nobody seems to have any copies anywhere so far. The further we get away from April, the less likely I am to get it too! Guess I'll have to be happy with my own poetry! ^_^
     That's alright. The magazine has other things in there to keep my attention! :-) 
     Being a girl from the south who used to run around barefoot all the time, you'd think that shoes wouldn't get my attention so quick!'d be wrong!!! LOL Although, I do think I like looking at them more than wearing them these days! And with the weather around here, who NEEDS shoes?! Might as well have flippers on my feet, with all this rain! ^_^
      I'm just being my usual silly self!....Maybe I WILL get this print by candidate after all!! LOL
     It definitely fits me, don't you think?! ^_^ Have a good day Everybody!!

Read a Good Book?!

Have you read any good books lately?
Have you quietly sat all alone
and thumbed through the word-filled pages,
of a story your mind made it's own?

Have you drifted away to a place
where you almost could smell the sea?
Where you found yourself so out of sorts
that you didn't quite know who to be?

Has a character brought you to tears;
Made you think of a time long since gone?
Have you been so enthralled with a writer
that their every word formed a bond?

Have you learned new things for your future;
Remembered some things from your past;
because of great words put on paper
that made all the memories last?

Have you been so excited to finish
that you restrained the desire to look?
Have you told all your friends about it?
Well, it sounds like you've read a good book!


  1. Good Morning! Since having my 2, I have not had a chance to read a good adult book. I read children books all the time:) This is bad because before having them, I would read all the time. It is funny because I use to read the books in Oprah's book club. I love O magazine! It would have be funny to hear you reading a passage with a thick southern accent:) I am originally from VA and I know southern accents well too:) I hope that you have a wonderful Monday and week!

  2. Yep, you should have read the book first. Always best! But I'm sure you're still enjoying it.
    Had a you have a library near you that does a magazine bin? We do. You can leave magazines and take some too for free! You may just find that issue there. I'll look for you myself!
    As for the rain you're happy! We have snow!! About 2 inches so far! Arrrghh!!!
    Have a great day my friend!

  3. Good Morning Shelley! Ohhh! You're from Virginia! Well, you would have understood even my thickest drawl then!! LOL Actually, my accent is not that thick anymore unless I'm down home, or if I'm reading something out loud that I know was written in a southern accent, Like "To Kill A Mockingbird", or the last book I finished, "The Help". Both really good southern writers!...And by the way, "Green Eggs and Ham" sounds very good when read in a heavy southern drawl. Been there/done that! ^_^

  4. CinLynn, Definitely should have read the book first. I'll have to remember that for any future reads! :-] And Oh Yeah...we have tons of Libraries around here. Almost every neighborhood has one, practically! I'll have to have him check them. I didn't think of that!...And Oh No!!! Not snow again!! I thought all of us were through with it for this season! WOW!...uhhh....don't send it this way!!! LOL We have a little bit of a reprieve at the moment. The sun is actually shining!! Not suppose to last though. We're due for rain for the next 3 days. UGH!}

  5. Hey're too funny...I can just imagine the fun you have been having with this book!
    And Shoes...well I LOVE shoes!
    Georgia...sweet Goergia...a friend was there for the Golf Open 2 weeks ago...he said he loved it but felt like times hadn't changed much in the way of it not being very multi cultural...he said he went into a bar and they asked if he really thought he should stay?
    We don't have those issues up here in Canada...would I find it hard travelling throughout Georgia as my husband is Jamaican/African and I am Nothern European?
    Just curious...

  6. We blog Artists, Hi Char! First, let me say...I sure am having fun with my book! ^_^ I love reading out loud in another accent. I even do it in a British accent and a Jamaican accent on occasion too sometimes! ^_^ It sure does make a book more interesting!!...Now, about my beloved Georgia. I want to, one time in my life, get down to the Augusta Golf Tournament myself! I lived less than 20 minutes away, but, at the time that I lived there, that tournament was not that big of a Tiger Woods then! And besides, I don't think blacks were even allowed to be members of the golf club back then. That's how long ago it was!! I'm not exactly sure what the area is like nowadays. I haven't been 'Home' for a few years now. But I can tell you it's NOTHING like it used to be when I was a little girl growing up there. I'm sure racism still exists, but where doesn't it exist?!! {When we lived in Connecticut I believe the Ku Klux Klan used to have parades every year!!} I have wonderful memories and experiences in my mind of Georgia, of all colors of people. Alongside those memories and experiences are as many bad ones as good ones...unfortunately. But a lot of the time I've found that you teach people how to treat you, and they will deal with you accordingly. If your life is alright with you, and you don't make excuses for it to people, neither will they! So, go to Georgia, or wherever, being happily who you are and most people will see you just that way! :-) If you look for racism and'll find it!..The truth is, you can legislate people's behavior, but only God himself can change someone's heart!

  7. what a sweet prize! I love a good magazine. You should check Ebay for the older copy!

  8. Hollie, Thank you! :-)...Ebay has older issues of "O"?!! That's news to me! I'll have to check there! Thanks for the scoop! :-]

  9. Hello
    Oprah looks great!! Love her.
    I've been reading a book/month. It feels nice.
    Funny post.

  10. I think the universe wants you to continue writing your own poetry BECAUSE - I JUST recycled the issue you are looking for!?!?! Ack! What's up with THAT! Wait. Maybe it's still in there! Hold on....

    No, you don't want it. It's gross.

  11. Priscila, Hi! I agree, Oprah does look good! She's my age, but she seems to be getting younger every year. How does that happen?! LOL Good for you, reading a book a month! I'm not that ambitious! ^_^ Thanks so much for your comment.

  12. Holyoke Home, Awwwwwww! now that's just wrong!!! LOL Not the "the universe wants you to continue writing your own poetry" part, but the "I JUST recycled the issue you are looking for...No, you don't want it. It's gross" Part!!! ^_^ I want it! I want it!!...Unless it's got some untoward, compose type of stuff on it!...2nd thought, I'll try to find it somewhere. Thanks anyway! LOL...{Just fooling around. :-))} Thanks very much for the nice nod to my poetry. I appreciate it. :-)

  13. I often try to read books before I see the movie. There is a lot of stuff in books that you never, ever get to see in the movie.
    Your poem about books is so true. I sometimes get so involved in reading that I can feel the characters pain. My boys just think I'm a big sook lol

  14. Jo-anne, I think that from now on out, when it comes to books, I'll try to read the books first. Then if stuff is left out, or reworked, I'll have the original in mind to help me figure it out. The reverse is hard because I have a hard time keeping things and people straight, and I keep wondering "Was that in the movie and I just missed it?!" Confusing!!....And you're right about getting involved in books! But that's part of what makes them so good!! You can go anywhere, taste anything, smell smells you've never smelled, and speak languages you've never spoken...all through the interaction of your mind and a book! :-) And, of course, an occasion "out loud" accent or two doesn't hurt! ^_^

  15. I bought oprah's magazine (from april) and as I'm reading it, I found the poetry section, I immediately thought of you! I meant to write earlier to tell you that you must submit one of your poems!! I might have it somewhere in my recycling bin, I can try to look for it, if you can't find one, but I think the library should have it. Good luck!

    and yikes,if I saw a spider in my house I would freak out too!

  16. Elisa, Ooooo! Don't toss your issue just yet!! I'm still looking for it. Hopefully I'll be able to get it soon, but just in case!!! :-) Any suggestions on which poem to submit...assuming I get the magazine...and assuming the contest will still be running by then?!! ^_^ Help a Poet out!!

  17. You definitely didn't want it! It got mixed in with the glass/plastic/oops didn't wash that out/etc/ bin.

  18. Holyoke Home, Alrighty then!!! LOL

  19. to kill a mockingbird is my favorite book ever.

    i recently read 'the gurnsey literary and potato peel pie society" and loved it

  20. Char, I just finished it! It was very good. It's one of my favorite movies too!! I've seen it too many times to count. Scout and I have a lot in common. :-] I never even heard the name of the other book you mentioned! I guess I'll have to check that one out now! ^_^ I did recently read "The Help" though....Excellent!!


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