Friday, April 15, 2011

It Was A Poetically Beautiful Day!

          If you read my post yesterday, you read all about the "Big Read" "Poems Around Town" walk through downtown Amherst that's going on in our local area. Well, my hubby went on the walk...and took his camera. The temperature was in the 60s. There was only a slight wind. He says it was a beautiful day for a walk.
      But, of course, if you give my hubby some time to go for a walk, and a camera, he's not going to just take pictures of what YOU want him to take pictures of!....Noooooooo! :-)....And, this time, I'm kinda glad!
         Are you wondering what this is?!...
          ....It's the muddy, fast-moving water of the Holyoke Dam!
        Hubby was standing on the bridge, facing the Dam. He says the bridge is fairly new, but the buildings around it were old and vacated. Before I show you the last of these photos, let me let you hear it! {Forgive the abrupt ending to the video. Hubby got a little verklempt! LOL But he really doesn't like water! When he leaned over the side to get a picture, he felt a little nauseous...Poor baby! The camera was on it's own at that point!! ^_^
     I'm just thankful the camera didn't go over the side, into the water! LOL
       Kinda cool, huh?!...But now, back to the walk around town! :-) ... As he got to the different local areas where the poems were displayed, he found different colored posters with one of Emily Dickinson's poems written on them. There were 15 locations all together...
      ...He got 5 of them before the Dam starting calling to him! LOL
       You can see his reflection, and reflections of the city of Amherst, in most of them.
          I cracked up laughing when I saw this one! Ha! Ha! He didn't know what I was talking about! ^_^ Okay....focus.....focus on the poem!!
        "I dwell in possibility-......" I think this one was my favorite. The pretty blue, and the poem too.
       "A little madness in the Spring...." Yeah, that's appropriate right now, considering the winter we've had!!
        I had to stop focusing on hubby in this one. He looked so professional! :-]
         Hmmmm...I'd like to see the 'gnat that mangles men'! LOL more.
She knew how to turn a phrase, that Emily Dickinson! :-)
        Thanks to my hubby for taking us along on his walk, and almost ascension into the depths of the Dam! LOL 
      The only thing that's left is the announcement of the winner of my Wuglyee blanket!
      I didn't have to shake up the box that much this time. I only got 4 entries for my Ugly baby!! ^_^ WHATEVER! Go ahead....'Dis' (a slang word coming from the word 'disrespect') my baby!! LOL
      The winner is....
      Congratulations Katherine!!! Just email me your address and I'll get it in the mail to you as soon as I can! {I'll announce the new Giveaway tomorrow!}
     A couple of quick updates: My dad is going back to the doctor today. There's an issue with some pain early in the morning that he and the doctor are trying to work out. He's off of the addictive pain medication though, and on another one. It doesn't work as well, but his pain, as the day goes on, has gotten better too. So he doesn't need it as much! YAY!!
    My hubby's brother took it slow yesterday. He was still dealing with a bit of nausea. But operations on your belly area will do that! So....he's coping!
     Lastly, an exciting trip is in the works today! I'll tell you about it...and may have pictures tomorrow! :-) ... Have a good and POETIC day everybody!! Tell it Emily sent you!! ^_^


The sun is peeking through.
Its beam is flowing to the ground.
The Autumn at it's new peak,
and the leaves are fluttering down.

A baby girl's joyous laughing,
legs and arms kicking everywhere.
A mother, when she's  nursing,
playing with her baby's  hair.

The gentle rain, when falling
on a southern old tin roof.
A toddler's gap-faced grinning,
when they've  lost their first front tooth.

A man with long, bow legs,
walking slowly down the street.
A colorful spring flower,
visited by a bumble bee.

A person who is kind,
and smiles at everyone they meet.
An artist's painted picture,
with the last brush stroke complete.

An "I love you" that's said
just because they wanted to;
and the person that gives hugs
when they hear an "I love you".
(And there's  other beauty too.) 


  1. I love Emily Dickinson. Your poem is beautiful!
    That is one large dam!

  2. Susan, Me too! And thanks for the nice words about the poem...The Dam is something I think we take for granted around here. There's so much scenic beauty in this area. :-]

  3. What a nice walk! The photo of your hubby in front of the first one, "I dwell in possibilities" had me in stitches even before I read it!! What an hour glass figure he has!! The dam photos were awesome! There is one (the one under the video) that I love!! Very well done Jeff!
    I really enjoyed this post. I can't wait to hear more about your trip!

  4. CinLynn, He had a good time...except when he got to the water. He gets so water-phobic! I'm surprised he got any shots of it at all. He's a good hubby! :-) ... And I laughed out loud when I saw that shot too. He didn't even get what I was looking at!!! LOL Thanks for the nice comment, as usual, my friend!

  5. Recently, I was in Amherst for the first time. What a cool little town. I had coffee at one of their many coffee shops...remarkable!
    Nice images.

  6. Priscila, Oooo! Then you know how great this little College town is!! And Oh Yeah! Coffee shops and eateries....everywhere! Some are like a 'throw-back' to a by-gone time too! Nice to talk to someone whose seen it! :-)

  7. You did have a beautiful day! Thanks for sharing the awesome pictures and as always the great poem!

  8. Anonymous4/15/2011

    Sorry I havent't left you a commet lately. Been working alot and so very tired. I try and keep up on peoples up-dates, but it does get away from me. Loved the pictures and the poem. Peg

  9. Shelley, It was my pleasure! :-) And thank you for the nice words.

  10. Peg, No apologies necessary. I know everybody has working, shifting, schedules. I enjoy the comments when I get them. If not, no problem. I do most of the posts for me anyway! :-)) It's like my diary...sorta...I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures and the poem though. Get some rest now! :-)

  11. I am so glad that you said it was a dam. I was worried for a minute there. I thought that you had that much rain things were flooding. That water was moving awfully fast.
    I almost forgot to mention that I love your poem. I can just picture everything as I read it.

  12. Jo-anne, Ha! Ha! My hubby didn't cae that it was a Dam. He knew it was too much water to just stand up in! LOL He has water issues! ^_^ Trying to teach him to swim was an interesting accomplishment. And even though he knows how to swim now, he'll still a "desparate" type swimmer. *smh* Oh Well! :-) By the way, thanks for the nice words about the poem too!

  13. Yippee! Yeah thank you so much Debbie. This prize is extra special because it is made by you!!!!!

    I love all of the wonderful Emily Dickinson poems What a great day out. Big Hugs!!!

  14. Katherine's Corner, As I said in my email....Awwwwwww! How sweet! :-] I hope you like it and get lots of use out of it...I'm glad you liked the Emily Dickinson poems too! Thanks for letting me know. :-)


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