Sunday, April 10, 2011

"Down Home" Poem in Illustration By Mr. Wug

      Hello AGAIN Everybody!! :-) For all of you listening to the hubby and my silliness last night....thank you for your indulgence and for the nice words of encouragement...No! We didn't rehearse it. BIG SURPRISE!!! LOL That was us just being US!! ^_^ 
     I know it was kind of hard to see his drawings in the video, so hopefully you'll get a real feel for them with my photographs of his 'story board', as I share them along with the poem right now...the story board which he is in the process of trying to figure out how to frame as we speak! :-] ... *smh*
     Okay, this was a poem I wrote a very long time ago. What hubby did for me was draw one of my poems by way of his 'Stick-People' illustrations. :-) The influences for me asking him to do it came from four places: 
     (1.) Silke, of Metamorphosis,...her sketching class she's been taking lately. {and thanks to her for doing a little write-up on ME in this post too!}; 
     (2.) Otto's mom's blog, TidbitsParenting,...her sketches of her son 'Otto's Comedy Hour' and 'How she got the black lung' will have you howling with laughter!!;....
     (3.) Jo-anne, of Blooming Lovely. She's been sharing crocheting tutorials that made me think..."Hmmmmm....I can probably do that!"; 
     (4.) some influence from looking at Alittlesprite's poem written on a photograph.
       So here goes!........"DOWN HOME" (written by ME, illustrated by the most agreeable, most handsome, Mr. ME! LOL)

When I say the words "Down Home"
my deep emotions come alive.

My memories of riding in the car,
heading south on I-95.

I pass right on through New Haven,
and the Washington Bridge flies by;
The "New Jersey Turnpike's" traffic
makes me almost want to cry.

But its when North Carolina's
scenes of country life begin

that "Down Home" becomes a feeling
in which I'm comfortable again.

When I'm close to route I-20,
"South Of The Border" is what I see,

and soon I'm "Down Home", feeling Georgia's
southern hospitality.

There are things about the north
that make me happy that I live there,

but the dirt roads of the south
I seem to need like I need air.

People fishing for their supper,
cooking bass and fried catfish;
On sunday, rocking on the porch
(What's in the north as good as this?!)
 From "Down Home" there's 'salmon patties',
'Beanie Weenies', pone and grits,

country music, rock and soul-
everybody's greatest hits.
 But I know that what I'm missing
is more than "Down Home" southern pine;

Its the feelings and emotions
of the Georgia in my mind.

       "Thank You Mr. Wug!! *Mmuah!!!* The poem wouldn't have been the same without you!"...Have a good day everybody!!! :-)         


  1. So cute. I love the poem. And thankyou for the mention. I am so glad I inspired you in some way!

  2. Alittlesprite, Thank you! And yes you did inspire me! I'm still mentally chewing on how to get my poems on some photographs now!! :-)

  3. Thanks 'How to'!! ;-))

  4. I am not sure such a touching poem should make me laugh like this - but it's the fantastic illustrations that had me chuckling all the way through. I think my favorite picture is the dirt road... Well done!!! Happy Sunday! Love, Silke

  5. Silke, Ha! Ha! Go ahead....LAUGH! It made me laugh!!! ^_^ However you experience it is alright with me....Uh....US!! LOL {By the way, he is so proud of that dirt road!! ^_^} Have a good rest of the day Silke!

  6. you're so right! That poem would NOT have been the same without Mr. Wug! Cute drawings and cute poem! Glad I got to read it!

  7. CinLynn, I KNOW!! He's the 'Stick-Man King'!!! LOL

  8. This is so great! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Looks like you have a lovely backyard over here. Francesca

  9. Francesca, It was my pleasure! You have a cute blog. And thanks for coming to visit me too! Too bad I didn't know you were coming. I could have made you some Kool-aid or some sweet tea! ^_^

  10. Oh I LOVED this! You two make the sweetest writer/illustrator team <3 and it makes me want to go "down home" or to my new home. With country goodness! And thank you kindly for the shoutout! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  11. Lindsey, The shout-out was my pleasure...and YAY!!! I'm so glad you liked it! Shhhh! Hubby is not as good as you....*looking around to make sure he's not looking*...but he sure does get the point across, doesn't he?! ^_^ My poetry almost writes itself, biggie! I wish I could draw! I love sketching. Thanks so much for the feedback! :-)


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