Saturday, April 9, 2011

I've been Bitten By The Travel Bug!

     Hubby and I, every Friday, have a 'Date Night'. Sometimes we watch a movie (if he's not too tired from a long day at work, that is. Those dates can quickly turn into me shaking him awake, and one of us...I'm not gonna say which one...{ME!!} in a bad mood! So we don't do those kind of dates too much anymore! LOL)
     Sometimes we giggle and talk, play board games, or listen to music and dance. And we ALWAYS eat something we don't eat all week!!...But sometimes we go away! We go away to exotic islands or foreign places we've never been to before...either 'virtually' or through tour videos online. (which are GREAT, by the way!!...just saying!) My arthritic hips and his fear of water and knack of falling asleep when he drives too far, stop us from 'actually' going anywhere. LOL
     But I've really been bitten by the 'travel bug' lately, just visiting your blogs and seeing where you've all been traveling to! (You can click on the photos for the links to the photo owners, by the way) The header photo today is from the blog 2 Bags Full. It's St. Lucia!
      Vicki, the Gardner, and their friends have been cruising the islands recently. I'll show you the latest photos...WOWERS! a minute.
      But Vicki is not the only one that's been traveling! Little Beli and her parents have traveled from Croatia to the U.S., Iowa. That's where they live now...They had pretty waters where they used to live. And ducks!
      But Silja Erg's photo below shows that there's pretty water everywhere! 
        {In other words...I don't know where this is! LOL...But it's sure pretty water!}
     Now, I shared this photo with you before...It's the view out the window when the owners of the blog What? No Mints? went on their Florida vacation last year.
      This view, back when we were knee-deep in snow, might have actually been what started my wanderlust!! :-]
     And Florida seems to have been a travel destination for a lot of you!...Was it the water for you too?!...Silke, who I did the blog post about yesterday, and her husband went cruising also. Key West Florida was a stop...
      ...They're always doing day trips here and there, so you could spend hours on her blog! :-)
       Florida wasn't the only destination though. Cindy, of CinLynn Boutique's Blogspot, and her husband went to Mexico!!!
        Look at that white sandy beach!!!....Ahhhh! Memories! :-) Me and hubby go to Mexico all the time!...Okay, so we've never ACTUALLY been there! But it's a great place to 'Virtually' visit! ^_^ It's just another place where we can have sunny days and romantic sunset nights alone....from home! :-)
      But as I was saying in the beginning of this post, Vicki, the Gardner, and their friends went cruising recently. The Gardner, with his new underwater camera, took these pictures when he went snorkeling on one of their stops on the Barbados!
         He went swimming with sea turtles!!!
       Are those fabulous photos, or what?!!!! And there's more photos of the rest of the trip...and more views of the sea turtles HERE! ...WARNING though! You're gonna end up wanting to buy new luggage and pull out your old bathing suit!! ^_^
      Thanks everybody for taking me along. For an old girl who can't travel anymore, I sure do get around!!...Thanks to you! :-)

Regret-less Travel

Do I regret the lack of travel,
staying home and going nowhere?
To do so would be depressing.
So I don't! I don't even care!

I've had my days and weeks of 'going'.
And if the hips get better, who knows!
In the future I could wander off
and travel where the trade wind blows.

I've traveled a lot in my life.
Enough to now have no regrets.
It was easy for just the two of us,
with good health, no kids, no pets.

We've seen sunny skies and rainbows.
Oh! The waterfalls and sculptures we've viewed!
We've danced our way through places,
and cooked and tasted their food.

We've seen shows and met all kinds of people,
in our car, on a plane, and a bus.
So if we never go one more place
It'll be totally alright with us!    


  1. Beautiful photos! I get wander lust sometimes too.
    I like to do day trips around where I live. Ii'm n to ken on going to a foreign country these days.

  2. Susan, Thank you so much! Yeah, these travelers really know how to take a picture, don't they?!! ^_^ And I like traveling to foreign countries...virtually. It's less complicated with the airplanes and shoes thing, passports and hijackings, unrest and hatred in the world these days!! But soon I know things will be better. For now, I can travel by way of 'Blog Transit'!! ^_^

  3. Every weekend I travel to Hawaii. I close my eyes and there I am stepping off the plane with my Louis Vuitton luggage sporting my Ray Bans and with my Edward (of Twilight fame)in my arm.
    I envy everyone that travels. I currently only travel to the grocery store and drug store!

  4. Lisa, Ha! Ha! WOW! You go to Hawaii even more often than I do! LOL I must admit, it's a special destination for me too!! Especially when I'm feeling the urge to be surrounded by flowers! ^_^ {The way we travel, everybody can do it!! LOL}

  5. This is just so beautiful (your poem and the sentiments you express so eloquently!) I think the internet &, in particular, blogging, gives us all the opportunity to travel from the comfort of our chairs :) It's such a privilege to be able to share the experiences of others in countries we ourselves may never get to visit.

    Thank you for visiting me!


    Des xoxo

  6. Desiree, Awww! Thanks so much! How nice to have you visiting the backyard...considering you've got such a beautiful flower-filled yard yourself! :-) And you're right about being able to travel the world through blogging and the internet. And to think...just about a year and a half ago I didn't even own a computer and hadn't typed since High School!!...Oh Well, I'm here now! Wherever I am!! LOL Have a good rest of the weekend. And come again, Ya Hear! ^_^

  7. What wonderful photos you've shared. I think I need to go on a virtual holiday too! I think I'll take my first trip to Egypt to see the pyramids :) followed closely by a trip to Hawaii.
    How great it is not to worry about having a current passport?! Now all I need to do is get a souvenir or two ;)

  8. Jo-anne,Ooooo! Egypt! That sounds like a good trip! Wonder what the weather is like this time of year in Egypt! ^_^ And I'm up for Hawaii any time!!! Might even bring back a few flowers!!


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