Tuesday, April 12, 2011

♫ "I Love Music....."♫

      Yes, I LOVE MUSIC!! I've told you about that before. But there is something about me and music that I don't think I have told you before...Before I tell you though, let me first say: 'This print (in the header photo) by matthabel, entitled Street Music, is soooooo cute!' :-) I saw it and immediately knew I had to share it!
      This is soooooo ME! On a good day without rain, some better hips, and a live band playing for me, I mean! LOL Wait a minute, don't laugh...because in my travels I've HAD days like that! And boy have I had fun dancing to some music!! This print had me going back in my mind to an 'Old School' song called, "I Love Music" by the Ojays! :-) If you don't know that song....you're probably also not familiar with the expression 'Old School'!! ^_^
      Anyway!!!...The thing I've probably never told you before is that I wake up every morning.....EVERY MORNING...with a song going over and over in my head! I don't know when this started happening. The truth is that I was always conscious that it happened, but I didn't realize that it was unusual until I started singing one of my songs over and over OUT LOUD one morning, and hubby said: "Why are you singing that same song over and over?!"
     I said: "Oh, that's the one that's playing in my mind this morning."...He said: "What do you mean?"....I said: "You know! When you wake up in the morning...the song!" He had such a puzzled look on his face.....and then I realized "You're the only one this is happening to!'
                          {Sea Sea Sea Illustration Print by dani888}
       On days like today, with it all dark and pre-rainy, I don't mind at all having a song in my head! In fact, even a song about rain, like the one by Patty Griffin, a song with a slow and grabby melody, makes me feel better! 
      What is strange about it though, is that there is no rhyme or reason to what song will be in my head! Sometimes it's commercial jingles. Sometimes it's melodies I've obviously made up. And sometimes it's songs from a long time ago....songs I haven't heard for years! It's as if my poor brain got bored while I was sleeping and decided to write and play a movie, but needed some theme music. And while it was filing through the music in my head to see which song would fit best with my dream movie...I woke up!! LOL 
      This morning the song was Oh Sherrie by Steve Perry, of the group Journey...This song wasn't that unusual though, because I heard it being played somewhere the other day when I was online. I didn't mentally register it at the time, but I guess my brain filed it away until this morning. It was playing loud and strong in my head this morning when I woke up....over and over and over! It was as if Steve Perry was screaming at me!! ^_^
     Some mornings I kinda like it when this happens. I mean, who doesn't want The Book of Love by Peter Gabriel playing in their head while they're eating their breakfast?! :-) So, I just go with it!...The problem is when it's a song I DON'T want in there!!! Then it's a lot of work trying to get it out of my head!!! LOL
    Oh well! I guess I could have worse problems, right?! ^_^ So, let there be music!!! Hey! We have to have some way to 'Express Ourselves'!!! (Express Yourself by Charles Wright)....Something tells me that I'm not going to be the only one with a song in my brain after this post! ^_^ Go forth and boogie everybody!!!
     {I know you've seen this poem numerous times.....but it fit this morning! What can I say? My head is full of music, not words, this morning. :-) * Get out of my head Steve Perry!!!!! ^_^ * 

Its The Beat

The syncopated rhythm
of the tapping of your feet,
and the snapping of your fingers
to the systematic beat
make the music that you're  hearing
(that you think is kinda neat)
motivate your body's  swaying,
and you have to leave your seat;
Now you're dancing back and forth,
and causing rising body heat.
And it's all from a beat-
Yes, one syncopated beat!


  1. Now I have the Ojays song in my head:) I love music too! It is a great day to have a song in my head. I think a great song can make a great day. Have a wonderful Tuesday!

  2. EvenAndy, Ha! Ha! I was afraid that was going to happen!! ^_^ And you're right about the songs too!

  3. We love music in our house. Sebastian says, "let's exercise!" then I have to turn on the iPod and we dance around in circles until we're so dizzy that we both fall down. =)

  4. Elle, I'm with Sebastian with using music as exercise accompaniment too! I did that for years during the Aerobics years. Now I can boogie with the best of them and just call it "dancing"! :-))

  5. You are not the only one. I hear music too in the mornings and even sometimes in the night when I go to the lu! LOL But this doesn't happen often so I'll give you the first price! ;)

    The thing we me and music is that I tend to spot the song from the very first sounds. No one usually knows before me what the song is going to be. And since I have a photographic memory I remember what I was doing and where I was when I hear certain songs from the radio. Doesn't apply to all songs though, just the ones that are important to me. For example when I hear Prince singing "The Most Beautiful Girl In The World" I remember VERY clearly one childhood day when I first heard it. I was in my bedroom with my mum and we were solving a big puzzle. I also remember that it was a beautiful sunny spring day! :) That song makes me feel sooo good whenever I hear it!

    P.S. I love that Peter Gabriel song! Couldn't live without music!

  6. Mariann, Ohhhh! So I'm not alone! I KNEW it!! And just like you, a lot of my music...when I'm awake I mean...is connected to things. Sometimes it's memories. But sometimes it's connected to places, sounds, or smells! So amazing how music can do that. Maybe that's why I love it so much! :-) Music is almost as good as words....ALMOST!! ^_^

  7. Okay my friend. First off, when I hear music I begin to sway almost immediately! I love music and I love to dance!!! I can relate with you in this! Hubby jokingly says "give her a glass of wine and she'll dance on the tables!" Exaggeration!!!!!! But I do love to sway to the music. I have difficulty NOT getting up to dance sometimes!
    Secondly.....believe it or not......I at times wake up with a song in my mind. I will hum and sing that song all morning!! And I know what you mean about the bad songs...where do they come from!!?? They are hard to get rid of for sure! I can't imagine waking up every morning with a song.
    Do you have nights when you can't sleep because a song is playing over and over in your mind??? I do! I have to be careful of how much music i listen to throughout the day, because its sticks!! Like glue!! Nice to know I'm not the only one! And you're probably thinking...and you're right...here's something else we have in common! LOL I guess you really are my sister!! =D

  8. Deb, Lets make it number three here. I too wake up to music stuck in my head. For me it's a little different because I can hear each specific instrument and thier specific notes. I play piano, guitar, and drums by ear and not by reading music. The hardest is getting rid of the songs that I don't want to hear. I get my house work done faster if I do it listening to music. I know it's a little crazy but true.

  9. ;-)) its great to sing and dance around the house ;-)) I never watch the TV but have the radio on all the time i am a radio girl ;-) Radio 2 is my love ;-)) dee x

  10. Ha! I am the same way…my husband always busts me…cause it can only play in my head for so long before I start singing (off-key) along :). Music is so good for the soul!

  11. Hello,

    Music? Oh yes! I love to dance as well. I really enjoy my Wii dance game. Also, we always have pandora on. It's amazing.

  12. CinLynn, yep!...I KNEW it!! I knew we were REAL sisters!! LOL And the dancing and swaying thing soon as I hear music?!.....ME TOO!! ^_^ I don't get the reverse effect of music stopping me from sleeping though. You know me and my naps!....NOTHING interferes with me and my nap!!! ^_^

  13. SnowflakeDreams1, WOW! You guys always make me feel so...so.....NORMAL! :-] And how fabulous to hear each specific instrument and their specific notes! I guess that's the benefit of playing piano, guitar, and drums!...I'm almost jealous. That's alright....one day I'm going to learn to play something!! ^_^ Thank you so much for sharing this nice comment!

  14. delia, Well radio is music....right?! LOL When I was a young girl, living on my grandmother's farm at times, we didn't have a T.V. either. We did have a radio though!! The chickens probably got sick of me singing to them! ^_^ And singing and dancing around the house should be required for all people. We'd be in a good mood all the time, no matter what was going on in the world! :-)

  15. Cat, Ha! Tell your husband to leave you alone! It doesn't matter what it sounds like OUTSIDE your head. The feeling is the same on the INSIDE...where it counts! LOL Thanks for sharing too!

  16. Priscila, Ahhh! Another music lover! :-)) Welcome!! I have a friend who loves the Wii dance game too! There's one particular song she loves to dance to. I'm not that discriminating. I love almost everything...ALMOST!! :-)

  17. What great songs! I love music too! But when I start dancing about the place (sometimes in the supermarket) they boys start laughing or running in the other direction. I think if the music makes you want to move & sway go with it! It makes you happy! :)

  18. Jo-anne, Ha! Ha! I've had my most fun dancing down grocery store aisles! It's just plain non-illegal fun!! ^_^ Your boys laugh, but I'm sure they secretly like that about you! Yeah! Go with the music Jo!! ^_^

  19. i adore patty griffin so a mention of her is wonderful

  20. Char, I love her too...and that song! :-)


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