Thursday, April 28, 2011

NOTE TO SELF: Grab All Those Rocks You've Been Collecting, Girl...!!

     You ever have one of those times where you're just sitting somewhere and letting your mind wander, or where you're sitting somewhere trying to wrangle your mind back into control...*Teehee*...and you see something that totally grabs your attention and gets your creative juices flowing?! 
       Well, that's what happened to me last night. I was so tired from a busy, busy, day and I needed to go to bed...but my mind wouldn't slow down enough for me to put it into sleep mode. {Note to self: In your next 'spare time and mental sleepy moment', work on creating a "sleep Mode" button for humans! LOL}  
      As I was scrolling through Etsy pages, nosing around in everybody's shops, I saw this stone covered in Lace Crochet by Monicaj and it stopped me in my tracks! {Or as Mario Andretti would say: it threw my brain out of "Race" mode, and into "neutral". LOL} WOW!! It's a smooth stone covered in a little lace crochet doily...kinda!! And it's so pretty!! :-)
    Is it just me, or is this the cutest thing you ever saw?!....or, at least, the greatest idea for a paperweight you ever saw?! :-))
      Okay, so I fully admit that it was probably the flower in the middle of the lace that initially caught my attention! But when I saw that it was wrapped around this black smooth stone...I was fully invested, mentally creatively-speaking. :-))
    I had never seen anything like this before...So then I asked myself: "Is this another unique Etsy shop, or is it a trend that you are just the last one to find out the "Angry Bird" thing! {Speaking of which.....WHAT'S UP WITH THAT?!! Why is the bird or duck angry? Why is it okay for kids to be trained to sling them across a room? and How is it that adults are getting addicted to the video version of the game of 'Angry Bird'?!....HUH?!! O_0 I don't get it! LOL}...But I digress. :-]
       So, I went on an Etsy search for stones laced in crochet and this is what I found:
     ...Some more covered stones, this time a set of 3 Black Crocheted Lace Stones by Monicaj. In fact, she has a whole section in her shop dedicated to these...what she calls: Lacestones.
       And then I found this Bronwyn's Crochet Covered River StitchHappens7.
     And found out that she's got a whole beautifully colored section in her shop with these crochet covered stones!
      I looked some more, and Lo and Behold...found these 3 River Pebble Stones, Nature decorated, hand made, covered with vintage lace flower motif in the shop of Mintook!
    And guess what?! She's got a section in her shop dedicated to these nature decorated stones too!
     Now my mind is reeling over all the different crochet possibilities there are for these little crochet covered stones or rocks!! And the fact that I have a ton of rocks myself{My presumed black diamonds-*Teehee*}, has me thinking that maybe I should start making some of these babies with my crocheted flowers on them for my generous friends! What do you think?! :-) Hence, the title of today's post!! LOL
    By the way, I saw something else in my search too.
     It's a Pottery Bird Feeder by JimAndGina. My backyard would look Sooooo cute with one of these hanging in it!....Okay, so it didn't have anything to do with crochet....or rocks, for that matter! But it did catch my attention! ^_^ Just goes to show you that a wandering mind gathers no moss....or a sleepy girl needs to just GO TO BED!!! LOL


Sapped, low,
weary, slow.

Dragging about,
plum tuckered out.

Fatiqued, spent,
No power surge sent.

Depleted, drained,
almost empty-brained.

Pooped, sucked dry,
out of gas, can't try.

Exhausted, fried,
 done in, mopey-eyed.

Tired? There's no doubt!
'Cause I'm all petered out.      


  1. Good morning! These are cute for sure, but what do you do with them? LOL Paperweights I'm sure. Anyway, I love the birdfeeder! So cute! When I can't sleep (like last night) I buy on Etsy! Hubby needs to put a lock on my computer at night I guess! TeeHee!!
    Get some rest my exhausted friend!! Get your time in so you can!

  2. These are so cute! I have never seen anything like it before so you are not the only one late on this bandwagon! lol Thanks for sharing!! :)

  3. Being such a nature loving freak I think these are gorgeous! I might give them a try myself if I ever find some nice stones :)
    Hmmm.. those patterns would look great as zentangles... OH! IDEA!!!

  4. Just found your blog! Love! Sweet easy idea, considering it is covered in thread, the papers will be better protected from the rock. :)

  5. CinLynn, Good Afternoon now!...*Teehee*...Yes, they can be used for papreweights, but I was reminded by a friend this morning that they would make great doorstops too, if they were large enough! I could see them as bookends too. I'm sure there's all kind of uses for them, even if just for decoration on a shelf or bathroom sink! :-] By the way, did you buy something last night?! :-)) {And I was in service this morning!! Woohoo!!!}

  6. Cathy, They are cute, aren't they?! :-) I'm glad I'm not the only one in the dark about them!! Now it's just a matter of whether I'm going to make some!! ^_^

  7. I love those rocks! They would be so cute next to my coffee pot, or on my fireplace mantle. oooh, maybe on the bathroom sink!

  8. Alittlesprite, Ha! Ha! I guess I'm not the only one getting my creative juices flowing! ^_^ If you make it!! I'll do the same.

  9. onesheep, Exactly!! I think it's a great idea for a paperweight!...By the way, "Hi!" ^_^ I'll have to come by and check out your blog too!

  10. Elle, That's the same thing I said!! ^_^ I'd love to have some on my sink! And they would look so pretty on a fireplace. Great idea! Thanks for the feedback. I'm even more stoked about maybe making me some now! :-]

  11. I like that poem. Also ove the bird feeder and the stones wrapped with crochet doylies:)

  12. Anonymous4/28/2011

    Hi, I am so honored that you have included my lace stones on your blog. I first saw them in stitchappens3 shop and absolutely loved them. I think now, and you can tell by the amount of them in my shop, I am completely obsessed with creating them. I now look at stones differently...and I save all the stones that have lace stone potential. Thanks so much for the feature!! -Monica from

  13. Munir, Thank you! I'm glad you like it, and thank you for taking the time to tell me!...and I agree about the crochet and stones too! :-)

  14. Anonymous, So, you were a looker and then your creative juices got going too! ^_^ Well, I like what you did with yours too! Thanks for letting me share, Monica. :-]

  15. Deb, The rocks are so pretty in lace and I have seen them before because of another blogger that I follow but it's good to see some more in different syles of lace. Once again your poem hits the spot. That is exactly how I feel today. I am completely zapped. Hope you are having a good day.

  16. SnowflakeDreams1, I think they're pretty too Velma. And are one of these shops where you saw them at before...or is there another shop?!...Thanks for the nice words about the poem. That one was easy to write. I felt it...and I said it! ^_^ I hope you find a way to revive some energy for yourself this weekend! I'm going to NAP!!! :-)

  17. Ok Debbie, it's been awhile since I've been sorry! I love the bird feeder, and the poem. Not too sure about the rocks though..the crochet cover is very pretty and I know you can make anything beautiful..even a rock! So that made me smile!

  18. Hello yaya!! Soooo, my rocks are not "growing on you" huh?!...Well, that could be because they're ROCKS! Ha! Ha! (sorry. Couldn't help myself! ^_^) Thanks for the nice words about the poem. And no need to apologize for how often you come by. Whenever you visit I'm appreciative. :-)

  19. i've seen some beautiful versions of the covered rocks! they are great

  20. Hi and good morning.

    I ejoyed read your blog. You have a real talent to write stories. Do not stop with it.
    I believe that everyone should do what he can and what he loves. So if you love doing crochet work with your stones, do it. Each one as a different touch and that why our world is so interesting and beautiful.

  21. Wow! What a brilliant idea that was. Never have I thought a rock inside a lace would looked pretty. Simply genius. Bookmarked.

  22. Char, Really?!....Where?! ^_^ I wanna see too!

  23. mintook, Thank you so much Mina!! I think you're right! Creatively speaking, everyone should do what they love....different from others or not! :-) Thank you for taking the time to leave me such a nice comment!

  24. buyaionaccounts, had the same reaction I did!!! ^_^ I bookmarked it...sorta...too!


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