Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Oh Yeah!.....I Almost Forgot......Giveaway!

       Okay folks, you can relax today! There's no spiders, no bears, no softball size you believe people got that in some areas yesterday?!!...or nothing like that in today's post! LOL Today it's all about flowers!! :-) I absolutely love this beautiful flower in the header photo! I don't know who took it though, so if you know, please 'give a girl a clue'. {That includes for the next photo below too. I like to give credit to people for their work whenever I can.}
     Okay, the reason today's post is all about flowers is for two reasons. One, because I'm finally off of 'spider watch'!! I no longer have that big monster spider loose in my house, I've closed off all bathroom drains...*Teehee*...and I refuse to Google to find out how long spiders incubate in a spider sac before they're born! Enough is enough! LOL So, I need something else to do with myself besides sitting and watching!
      I did finish my book (To Kill A Mockingbird). And today I also have lots of letter writing to do, and lots of phone calls to make. But, before I get to that, I have to take care of some unfinished business. I almost forgot that I didn't post what May 1st's Giveaway would be!!...*smh*...All that spider nonsense totally took me 'off my game'! ^_^
    I decided that because I have so many necklaces...crochet flower necklaces...that I've never listed, I'd make the Giveaway for May 1st one of those necklaces! And since I know what "I" like, but I don't know what "YOU" like, I decided that the winner should be able to choose which one of the necklaces they want!! :-)
    Before I show you what your choices will be, let me encourage you all to PLEASE not forget to "Follow" and put "Enter Me" in your comments below! Last month I only had 4 entries for my blanket! {I refuse to believe that it was because you didn't want my warm, ugly blanket to come live at your house!! LOL}  So, click "Follow", if you aren't already a follower, and put "Enter Me" somewhere in your comment below. One entry per day. 
    Okay, these are the necklaces you'll have to choose from. They're all bold statement pieces, and they all hang from a 17 or 18 inch (43.2 or 45.7cm) gun metal chain or real leather cord...There's this dragonfly and silver metal dangle flower necklace, on a leather cord....
       ...This purple crochet flower danglenecklace, with a metal dangle that holds a purple glass stone. {And by the way, my camera made this crochet flower look like it had more blue tones, but the crochet thread was more the shade of the glass stone in the dangle...just so you know. More of a grape shade.}
       ...Then there's this red, black, and white one, with a pearl-like button, a leather cord, and a glass black and white heart hanging below it.
      ...Next is this peachy-pink one. The button is plastic and the large dangle is glass.
      ...Then this 2-tone blue one. It's a smaller one. It has a clear, plastic button that's shaped like a flower, and a very eye-catching glass dangle hanging below it.
      ...Or how about this smaller one. It has turquoise and green colors, with a glass heart dangle.
      ...Almost done! :-))...There's a pink and white smaller one, with a ribbon necklace, a glass pink and white heart dangle, a gold and white center button, and a little metal heart with "Love" written on it.
     ...This pretty red one, with a longer dangle that has all kinds of interesting beadwork, and a pretty interesting button in the middle too!...
      ...and last, this bold purple, blue, and black one. It has a black center button, and a black and blue cameo-type dangle below it.
      Okay, all done! :-) I'm going to link this post in the right side bar that talks all about my Giveaways, so you can come back here and review if you win it!...The necklaces that are left over will be offered to all of my blog followers for a very reduced price...very reduced...for a short time after the Giveaway. I'm doing that as a thank you to all of you for your constant support and making me feel welcome to blogland this year.
     Yep! William and Katherine and I have something in common....April 29th is their special wedding day, and my special Anniversary! Not my wedding Anniversary though...although YIKES! that's coming fast too!!!...No, it's the Anniversary of my very first blog entry!! :-)I can hardly believe it's almost been a year!!...Got any ideas about what I should do for THAT Anniversary?!!

 1st Anniversary

We've had one year
of laughs and fun.
I knew we'd make it,
Honey Bun!

The wedding's over.
The tears are dry.
We're still together,
Sweetie Pie!

Year number two
will be easy-maybe!
We'll make it so.

Making it last
will be our career.
We'll go headlong,
without fear.

For years to come
we'll be right here,
and I'll love you more
each year-My Dear!


  1. ENTER me!!! the tourquise with the heart is GORGEOUS!

  2. We Blog Artists, I sure will Char!! :-)

  3. I am already following your fab blog, please enter me in your great giveaway! I love the pink necklace with love on but all of them are so pretty!

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  4. Bee Happy, Thank you so much for such nice words about the blog. And your name is in the box!! :-) have a good day!

  5. Nice giveaway Wug! You can enter me if you want, although I DO make necklaces! LOL I do love the flower photo on the top! Haven't a clue who may have took it.
    I'm off to go in service today. Yep, feeling a bit better today!
    Talk to you soon.

  6. CinLynn, Thanks Bead! I love that flower too! It didn't come with any info, and I tried to Google search it, but...nothing. I'd claim it if it was mine!! :-] Have a good day in service! I'm glad you're feeling better and that the weather is cooperating for you!...Just so you know too, you don't HAVE to enter the Giveaway. Only if you want. No obligation to anyone. :-)

  7. Your necklaces look beautiful as always Poetess. The peachy one & the pink one are so pretty.
    That flower you used in the header just screams Hey look its spring time! And of course spring is my favourite season :) with all the colourful flowers about the place. To bad its autumn for me but all the pretty leaves make up for the lack of flowers.

  8. Thanks so much Jo-anne! And I agree with you about the header photo flower! In fact, it's screaming "Hey look its spring!" more than the actual weather is doing here today!...Dreary, rainy...And Fall or Autumn is my favorite season. So you should show me some of your Fall weather! :-] Enjoy!

  9. Hi, Debbie

    I really like all the neckalaces. The red is my fave. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway.

  10. Priscila, I'm glad you like them! Thanks so much for the feedback too! :-]

  11. Can you make the choices any harder my dear?!!! At first I said "Dragonfly for sure"....but then I scrolled down! And I saw a purple one, and a blue one, and a turquoise one.....
    Well...enter me. I will decide later...IF I win!

  12. Art and Sew Forth, Ha! Ha! I could have picked just 2....but what fun is that?!! ^_^'re in!!!

  13. Hey Wug! I'm sorry if it sounded like I didn't want to be entered. I DO!! I love the pink one! It's gorgeous! I love the purple one too! Sometimes what we write is one way in our heads, and another way on paper. LOL

  14. Nearly a year wow ;-)) I am afraid i have missed a few of your posts i have been out enjoying our lovely sunshine so i am a bit behind with catching up. Such a lovely give away i would love to be entered please, my favorite is the orange but it would clash with my hair so i would love to be entered in for the green one please. Many thanks, have a great weekend, love the poem, dee x

  15. CinLynn, Ha! Ha! Okay! Message received.....Your name is in the box! LOL And you're so right about the written word! You care see nuances of language on a screen! ^_^

  16. delia, Ooooo! You've got sunshine!! ^_^ I'm glad somebody is!! Maybe we'll get some today though...Anyway, yep! Isn't it hard to believe that it's actually almost been a year?!! I can hardly believe it myself! And the good thing is...every post is right there if someone wants to go back and see them! So, no worries....And your name is in the box for the Giveaway as of.....NOW! :-)


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