Wednesday, April 27, 2011

After The Night I Had, Chocolate Seemed Appropriate First Thing This Morning!!

                           {Chocolate Gingersnaps by whimsyandspice}
         Now, all I need to do is get me a HUGE cup of coffee...with something in it that takes away your memory!...or at least your consciousness for a while. UGH!!
     I almost hate to tell you what happened, but I will....AFTER some chocolate! 
                      {...A Lover's Rose and Heart Locket by NewFashionedWhispers}
     What?!!!...Not all chocolate has to be food!! ^_^ In fact, the things in prettywoman101's Etsy Treasury are not just chocolate, but Chocolate VINTAGE...!
        It may not taste good, but it sure looks good! :-) And I'm very honored to see my Chocolate Brown and Pumpkin Orange Brazilian Citrine Crochet Necklace in among all of these other chocolate goodies!
         ...And if you want to buy it ($38.00) I won't mind seeing it disappear from my Wuglyees shop ONE BIT! Ha! Ha!
      A few of the items that stood out to me in this treasury are the Rare 1960s Pierre Cardin houndstooth skirt PennyDreadfulVintage...

       ...the Navajo Lullaby Collectible Plate by dvintag...
      ...and the Amber Bottle Collection by TheVintageParlor.
       All of the shops where these items came from have other fabulous items, at very good prices, in them! So, if you're looking for some chocolate, like I was this morning, please go over and take a look!
     The reason I needed chocolate this morning is because another spider showed up!!!! O_0 If you saw the blog post from the other day that I did about the original spider, HERE, then you know why I needed chocolate this morning!!
    Hubby was giving me a back rub last night, when all of a sudden he yelled something out loud {I still don't know what he said!}, and barreled across the room with his eyes zoned in on something, wielding a full roll of toilet tissue that he grabbed on the way!!
    I sat up and looked, and "Oh Noooooooo!!!" It was another one of those monster spiders!!!!! But this one was smaller...about half the size of the original one!...*gulp!*...A "baby" perhaps?!!...*gulp!* O_0
    Hubby whacked it and mashed it...{sorry, insect lovers, but it HAD TO GO!!!! Enough is enough now!!}...and flushed it!...Then we had a loooooong conversation{waaaay longer than hubby would have liked, for sure! LOL} about where these spiders are coming from! Is it because of all the snow this winter, and they are getting washed into a drain pipe somewhere?!
    Hubby suggested that maybe they were making their way in through the bathtub drain pipe....WHAT????!!!!! Apparently our water in the toilet has been loudly running and he has been turning off the water at night!! O_0 He says that without the water in the pipe, maybe the spiders have been crawling up that way!....YIKES!!!
    So, needless to say, the repairman will be here THIS MORNING!!! At this point I don't care how much it costs, or who has to pay for it!!...I didn't get any sleep last night! I woke him up a few times when I remembered other ways the spiders might get in, like...doesn't the drain pipe go to other places in the house?!!! O_0
    Now, the drain to all tubs, kitchen sinks and everything are CLOSED!!! LOL Until the plumber gets here, those drained will be opened on a "need to" basis!!!...Do I hear laughter?!...Are you laughing at me?!!...Go ahead! ^_^ I'd be laughing too, if I wasn't so exhausted and unable to sleep...I have to be on SPIDER WATCH again!!
     Remind me....Why do I enjoy my backyard, and living near the woods, again!!...Somebody is gonna need a B-I-G nap after all of this!!! O_0 It's a good thing this week is half over! I don't know if I could make it if it was just beginning like this! At least, not without a WHOLE LOT MORE chocolate!!!! 


Half-Way away from Monday.
Half-Way to the end of the week.
Half-Way with a hump in the middle.
Half-Way, like a quarterback sneak.

Half-Way is what Wednesday is.
Half-Way from where the good times have been.
Half-Way to the goal of beginning.
Half-Way back to now start it again!


  1. I'm sorry you've been invaded again!! I sure hope the repairman can fix things so that they can't get in anymore. I really think that the spiders come out of the woodwork in the spring. I've never been able to figure out how they get in, but they do. Enjoy your chocolate and your nap! You need and deserve it today my friend!

  2. CinLynn, Good Morning!! DO YOU BELIEVE IT??!!! UGH!...Oh Well! ^_^ At least it gave me something to talk about! There's always a positive side!...Have a good day my friend!

  3. O bless you i am smiling i just can't help it ;-) I don't like spiders either but being a single mum i have to fight my fear sometimes and just get them because my little son is sooooo scared even of the tiny ones sometimes i think he is having me on but nooo he really is not. The big ones get me i sadly have to use the hoover but 2 days ago there were 2 on his bedroom ceiling and i was very proud with myself that i got a jug covered it over them tapped the roof by them in they fell i covered it up with a piece of paper and out the window they went ;-)) I have to say there are 100's in my garden this year god knows why must be the mild weather. And chocolate to me sounds like a very good plan ;-)) dee x

  4. delia, You are much braver than me!! I could not, under any circumstances, see myself with a jar, on a ladder, trying to catch a spider to free it back into the wild! LOL Truth be told, the small, slow moving ones, don't scare me...per say...but I don't want them crawling on me just the same! LOL But the ones that move fast, or jump,....have to be any means necessary!! If that's a redirection back outside with a broom, a newspaper, or whatever...Okay! But if it's my house or them...I WIN!!! ^_^ {I need some more chocolate from just talking about this! LOL}

  5. Another spider?? I would have tons of chocolates, too. Well, I have chocolate any time.
    I just hope they don't visit you anymore!

  6. Priscila, I hope they don't visit anymore too! :-)) The plumber came, and the toilet is all fixed with water running at appropriate times only! Let's see if that deters spider wars! ^_^

  7. You go ahead and eat all the chocolate you need. I hop you will see the last of those nasty spiders! I couldn't help but smile as I read though. I couldn't help it. It must be the delightful way you share your story :)

  8. Jo-anne, :-) Yep! I'm 'chocolate logged' now! I had enough so that all I could think was 'Spider Smider'!! Ha! Ha!...And thank you for the complement about my writing. I'm glad I'm able to translate my misery in a readable way. ^_^


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