Friday, April 1, 2011

No!...It's Not A Joke!!

    I thought that I'd deter away from food today...I'm still gonna eat it! I'm just not gonna show it to you! ^_^ Instead I'm gonna show you some bursts of Spring. After all today is the first day of April, right?!
     Pretty soon the flowers will be popping open to greet the ever-shining sun....
       ...and the trees in all their leafed splendor will be standing guard to make sure there's a place to dart off to when the sun gets too hot...But when?....When is this bursting sunshiny flowers and leafed tree Springtime scene going to start happening?!...O_0 March, so they say, is suppose to 'come in like a lion, and go out like a lamb'.
                {from the Etsy shop becmudd}
     You know what our weather forecast was for today?!
     It's a WINTER STORM WARNING!!! And No! It's not a joke either!! Number one, I don't celebrate any of the holidays, like April Fool's day. And number two, SNOW ain't no joke!!!...*shaking my head*
     Seriously 'Mr. Winter Storm Warning', you couldn't put your little gloves and coat away until next season.....SERIOUSLY???!!!! 
      I was kind of in disbelief when the bones and joints of my hands started to do that 'snow-aching' thing yesterday. Then, as the day went on, it proceeded to wash over my whole body, so that my whole body had that "It's gonna rain...or snow" feeling!....Snow?!....I said: "Nahhhhh!"
        { from Mariann Rea of the Etsy shop littlefoxphotos}
    And then we saw that weather forecast last night. And this morning, the snow starting  coming down,... all over my newly-cleared backyard!!...*sigh*
     I've got a full month of activity planned!! I don't have time for snow removal, wet snow boots on my floors, high heating bills, etc...!! I'VE GOT IMPORTANT THINGS TO DO!!!...
      Starting with announcing the winner of this month's Giveaway!
       As usual, the box was shaked up.....and shaked up some more!
        And the name that popped up?!.....
          Congratulations Artistikat! You are now the owner of my crocheted flop hat...
     ...if you want it, that is. :-) Just email me, contact me on Twitter, or on Facebook and leave me your address so I can get it out to you....{I'll be announcing the new Giveaway over the weekend.}
         {Ant Winter Fun print of original watercolor by becmudd}
      I guess I better start learning how to have fun in the snow!....*sigh*...Maybe my friends can help me.
     I guess that's what I'll have to try to do today...Gather some friends for some fun!...I'll have to leave the beautiful look of Spring to Little Fox. Her FREE Desktop Calendar for April 2011 is here!
         Despite the fact that there's still lots of white stuff on the ground, she's feeling the her heart. And via her beautiful Desktop Calendar, she's sharing it with us! :-) Thanks Mariann! It's good to have something around here that actually looks like Spring! It sure isn't the weather map!!....Although those weather people look pretty happy about that! UGH!

Happy Weather People

Weather people are so happy!
So excited about their maps!
Always smiling on the T.V.,
like there's sunshine in their laps.

They're a chitty chatty bunch.
Talking radars and jet streams.
Strangely when the weather turns
their eyes glaze over, and face beams.

I don't know how they are so happy
when there's snow and rain and sleet;
When they do outdoors reporting,
smiling, while with soaking feet!

The places that they go
are where most folks are running from!
Are they brave, selfless informants,
 or just really, really dumb?!

I cannot imagine
how they hold their heads up high,
when most folks can't stand their forecasts,
and they make folks want to cry.

They seem so proud and happy;
Fancy ties and great hair-dos!
Disgruntled comments bounce right off,
as do our frequent hiss and boos!!

The conclusion that I've reached
is that they have a 'Happy Gene'.
But, no doubt, they would just say
that they're reporting what they've seen.

Hey! They were not there
when wind and force moved things around!
But they're happy to be able
to now tell us where it's bound!


  1. I'm ready too! It can't be much longer now, can it?

  2. Diane, I hope not!! :-]

  3. I love the poem! Hubby and I say those things all the time! There's a weather man here that actually gets so hyper when the weather is bad that the reporters have to tell him to breathe! LOL
    One thing I can say....that weather didn't come from us! We haven't had anything going on here except sunshine and the temps getting warmer everyday.
    Another thing....I'm so jealous of Kat! I would have loved to win that one! But congrats to Kat! I know she'll love it too! :)
    I know you're going to be extremely busy this month as I am as well! Hope it goes well for you and hubby. Enjoy and you'll be blessed!!

  4. CinLynn, Ha! Ha! Ha! A reporter having to tell a weather man to breathe?!! Now that's funny!!...And I'm glad to know that you're a good enough friend that you wouldn't send us this weather! Enjoy the sunshine my friend. It's gonna be a while for us I think!...Good thing I've got other things to focus on! :-) Have a good month! And it begins!!

  5. What a fun post and poem! Are are so right about weather people - we used to live in Albuquerque where it's sunny most of the time and the weather reporters would get sooooo bored with the "severe clear" weather we enjoyed...

    Well, snow - I don't know! April just seems too late for that... Wishing you spring very soon!!

    Love, Silke

  6. What a way to start off the new month. Oh dear I hope there is no more snow for us. xo

  7. Silke, :-) I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'm trying to enjoy the quiet and stay away from the window!! LOL "severe clear". I'd love to see some of that right about now! Thanks for the Spring wishes in the meantime! :-)

  8. Joyce, I hope there's no more snow for you all too!!! So Fun!!...NOT! LOL

  9. O No soooo sorry to hear you have snow again ;-( But lovely pictures at the start of your post, Great poem to ;-)) have a lovely weekend, dee x

  10. delia, Yep!....AGAIN!! Sad, isn't it! :-)) Apparently it's not accumulating as much as they thought though....PHEW!...And thank you so much for the nice words about the poem...Have a good weekend!!

  11. WOOT!!!! I've never won anything before!
    Yay!!! and Thank You!

  12. Artistikat, Great!! And thank you for your support! I hope you get lots of wears out of it! :-)

  13. I should refrain from saying that its a beautiful 80º here, and I'm about to go outside and work on my garden. :\ Sending some sunny thoughts your way! :]

  14. Hollie, I'm glad you didn't refrain yourself..Gave me a nice visual to hold onto. :-) We're gonna get some of that weather, I'm sure!...eventually!!!

  15. First of all let me just say thank you for featuring two of my images including the desktop calendar! :)
    Now, I have to agree with Cindy that I am jealous too of ArtistiKat! Even though my head doesn't like hats for some reason, they look weird on me, I would have loved to win your flop hat! :) So, congratulations, ArtistiKat!
    About the weather. We had a really nice and warm day today! I felt the spring in the air and that made me REALLY happy! :D No sun but it didn't matter, it was 7,5C. Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny and they are urging people to wear sunglasses because the UV levels are really high at the moment and when theres sunshine and bright snow then it can harm your eyes :S
    I planted almost all of my parsnips today, will take pics tomorrow and post to FB. I have no more room left on my windowsill! LOL
    Will share this blog post on my fanpage now! :) Thanks again!

  16. Mariann, You are quite welcome! It's always a pleasure for me to show off your beautiful photography!....And Woohoo on the bright sunshine!!! Having to wear sunglasses is a small price to pay for some sunny weather!..And I saw your gorgeous parsnips too! I really like the containers they're in. They look so earthy! :-) Don't sit and watch them grow like my hubby is sitting and watching the dryer go around though. LOL Get out and enjoy the sunshine!!! :-)

  17. Hi Deb! It arrived!!!
    Posted about it on my blog with some pics too!

    Thank you so much!

  18. Artistikat, I saw it!! Woohoo!! What a nice post too. Thank you! :-]


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