Sunday, April 3, 2011

And Then What Happened?!.....And Then What Happened?!!...

      Hello everybody! I hope you're somewhere relaxing, now that the end of the week has finally come! I am! :-) But it won't be for long because I have a busy week ahead...But before I jump start my new week I thought I'd catch you up on a few things that have been happening around the Wuglyees homestead.
     Before I go to the Wuglyees homestead though, I'd like to update you on one of my blogs that I follow. On the blog In Morse Code they have a new little one around the house!!  Please go by and meet little Myer Jacob Morse...And you just have to read the week of firsts they had! So sweet!!
    As to the Wuglyees household, we had a first too. I'll tell you about it in a minute. But to start I want to let you know that the flowers my friends gave me...are still alive!! YAY!! {You can laugh if you want to, but I don't have a very good track record with keeping house plants alive! LOL}
      Maybe because they're hanging out with the big cats (in the framed print) they think they're out in the wild or something! Whatever! Grow little plants....GROW! Maybe hubby will put them in the backyard when the weather's better.
     Speaking of which, today the weather "IS" better!! That makes two days in a row now. Woohoo!!!!...But I know it's not gonna last because I looked at the weather forecast this morning and there's little rain clouds showing on the map for tomorrow and Tuesday!...*sigh* MOVING ON!!!!
    Remember the crochet YoYo bag pattern I got from Alittlesprite?...
          ...I keep planning to start it every day, and something keeps getting in the way...every day!!! So it's still not started. Maybe this week. We'll see...But my schedule for the month of April is chock full of things that will demand more of my time, so I'm going to 'play it by ear'. But IT WILL BE STARTED....eventually. :-))
      I "DID" start something though!!
       Remember my beloved movie, To Kill A Mockingbird?! Well, I started the book yesterday!!
        Harper Lee is some writer!
       What I'm enjoying most so far is the back story information that the movie doesn't give you. Like how Scout and Jem's mama died! Or at least, I don't remember seeing that in the movie...and I've seen that movie a LOT of times!!...Atticus' family history is interesting too!...I'm just on chapter two now...
      ...I like picking up some reading material and reading a page and then putting it down. It doesn't take a lot of time...or concentration. And it refreshes my mind for a minute. With my schedule this month, I'll probably be doing that with To Kill A Mockingbird too. I look forward to it! :-)
       On another note, I talked to my father yesterday. (He's been in intense pain for a couple of days now) He wasn't feeling very well. The doctors changed his pain medication {which I'm glad of frankly, because I was afraid of him becoming addicted to the other...powerful...medication they had him on}. He had to go for a walk yesterday in order to get his mind off of the pain.
     He also told accident I think (because my dad doesn't like to tell me things he thinks will make me worry)...that the doctors may think he has cancer somewhere! :-( I think he thinks they're looking for prostate cancer, because he was mumbling around the subject a bit. He said they were looking specifically where it is, but all of his tests keep coming out clear...O_0
     I don't know the real story here. And I don't dare ask too many questions. It might make him sad. So we encouraged each other with "One day at a time" words. That's good for BOTH of us!!...MOVING ON!
     Now, the washer and dryer incident! Well,....we got a new dryer! :-) We were going to get a new washing machine with it too, but the store where we were going to get them together would have had to deliver it in the middle of next week! And we needed a dryer NOW!!!! So, since another store had a dryer available to take home immediately, we got the dryer!!!!
     It's a 'BIG BOY' too! LOL 
     They were having a 40% off sale!! We got all the 'bells and whistles' for the same price we would have paid for a smaller unit, without the 'bells and whistles'! :-]
      Appliances are sure different nowadays!! This dryer has a steamer setting (for no more wrinkly shirts!).  Also, you can't start each load without changing the lint trap (this is particularly good for those who forget to change it....."No, hubby! I'm not talking to you!"). ..It has a dampness setting that determines how wet your clothes are and then estimates the time it will take to dry...and then shows you the time, while it's drying!! It also adjusts the time mid-dry!! How cool is that!! :-) {Now, if I could just get it to predict the weather accurately......! LOL}
      We'll be getting the matching washing machine later this month. We definitely need a new one. I didn't realize, until I saw this one, how 'out of date' our washing machine really was!! I mean, look at it!!
      It looks like a prehistoric robot next to my new dryer!.....My new dryer that hubby has taken to wanting to babysit! LOL He disappears into the bathroom, and sits there watching it go around! I keep getting updates on how soon the load is going to be finished. LOL I guess I can understand his excitement. The old dryer would take 45 minutes per cycle. This one drys the same size load in 25 minutes! And who wouldn't want to sit and watch this?!
      It's a lot better than this!
          {Photo by Shannon of smlowry}
      Our old dryer was given to my brother-in-law. He knows a friend who repairs washers and dryers and gives them to people who can use them. A WIN/WIN!!...Now that things are being put back to normal, there needs to be some work RE-done on cleaning up the laundry room. The floors need mopping and the laundry organizer needs RE-organizing.
     I really hate it when things are out of place. It makes me all antsy!
    Or am I antsy from all of that chocolate I ate last night?! ^_^ fudge from the OhFudgeStore came!! I hope you ate already! LOL
     I had to take them out of the refrigerator this morning and take pictures of the rest that was left after me and my friends dug into it......OKAY!!!! It was just me!!! LOL And Ohhhhhh! It was so good!!! It's definitely going to have to be a little here and there with this fudge though...and I MIGHT share some of it....because it's rich, smooth, and delicious!! :-]
     Okay, I'm almost done. Just a reminder about the Giveaway..."Because I can't take the rolling rejection of my crochet "baby", the rules for this Giveaway are going to be a little different than in times past. This time, when you make your comment below, you have to say: "ENTER ME" in your comment, and let me know if you're following the blog. (I don't want to be in the position of trying to force my poor ugly baby on some unwanted babysitter! LOL) The drawing will be on April 15, 2011...Until then you can make a comment with your "ENTER ME" in it every comment a day."
     And last, the poem! It's one I wrote a while ago. It's not to be repeated as a prayer. It's just a poem I did to list some of the things I pray about. And since it's Sunday, please bare with me for this spiritual moment. :-)

Dear Jehovah

Dear Jehovah, loving God,
the one whose hand I tightly clutch,
Help me be firm for righteousness,
but never righteous overmuch.

Dear Jehovah, God of patience,
the one who's  merciful and fair,
For all the ones who are inactive,
help me encourage them, with prayer.

Dear Jehovah, Sovereign Lord,
who sees the things we try to hide;
Help me relax my pent up fears,
and know which things to just let slide.

Dear Jehovah, always present,
always ready if I call;
Also help me, God, to know
that you will catch me if I fall.

Dear Jehovah, friend forever,
To all those searching hard for you;
Help us know the path to follow,
and execute the follow-through.


  1. Anonymous4/03/2011

    Your blog is so great. That bag would be neat, I hope you can get started on it. What a neat washer and dryer. How amazing it is how things change. If I was there I would help you eat your fudge. I love chocolate. Your poem is so excellent. Just exactly how I feel. It is just so wonderfull to know the truth and all that Jehovah does for us and is going to do for us.

  2. I had a ball reading this post! I loved your flower pics and the groovy bag you're going to make. I got excited that you're reading To Kill a Mockingbird, because I just read it and loved it! I had a giggle at your dryer adventure, because you are so funny, (and we just got a new oven, so similar experiences have been had here.) Your chocolate fudge looked yummy and your poem, as always was very cleverly and beautifully written. So thanks for that! Now I'm going to go and look around for the giveaway that's here somewhere! xx

  3. Its lovely to see you have a bit of spring in your home after all that pesky snow ;-) with the daffs. Wow that is a some super looking dryer no wonder hubby is watching it better looking at than the tv ;-) So sorry to hear your father is in pain again i hope that they can get to the bottom of things soon for you all. My father has Prostrate cancer and has done for the past 2 years he is monitered every month infact just before christmas we thought he was going to start Radio threapy its a constant worry for us all. But he is in good hands. Your chocolate fudge looks yummy. Have a lovely week, dee x

  4. My friend and sister...I love your poem! Exactly how I feel too!
    The chocolate made me drool! I gained 2 lbs. looking at it too!! Wish I could help you eat it! LOL
    I'm sorry your Dad is still dealing with so much pain. If it is cancer, I sure hope they've caught early enough.
    And as for your new dryer...I'm a bit jealous! It's beautiful! I know you can't wait for the washer too! Be'll get it soon!
    Have a great Sunday! I know you have a busy schedule this month, so hopefully, we'll get to chat a bit here and there.

  5. Anonymous, Yeah, I can't wait to see if I can get my bag to turn out anywhere near as good as Alittlesprite's!...And as to the dryer, Oh Yeah! Things have definitely changed in the world of technology!...but not in the world of chocolate...thankfully! ^_^ Thank you too, for the nice words about my poem today.

  6. Wendy, :-) I'm so glad you enjoyed my updates and the poem! I'll have to swap notes with you about To Kill A Mockingbird as I go along. (I read some more of it today. I'm up to chapter 4 now!) Oooo! A new oven! Do you have a husband sitting and watching the door of it too?! LOL...By the way, the Giveaway details, with pictures, is in the post you go to if you click the right side bar blanket photo. Let me know if you want to be entered!

  7. delia, Thanks for the nice words about my daffs, my fudge, my Dryer/T.v. substitution watching hubby (LOL), and my dad. I was sorry to hear that your dad is going through this struggle too. :-( I guess the same thing applies to all of us, right?! "One day at a time" and keep a positive hope always in front of you. There are better days ahead, and a time when no one will ever say "I am sick!" (Isaiah 33:24)

  8. CinLynn, Hi Bead! Somehow I knew you'd be able to appreciate my poem. Thank you for the nice words about it too...And boy! I sure wish you WERE here to help me eat all this chocolate!! I mean, why should I be in this mess alone?! ^_^ I'm glad you like the dryer too. Obviously my hubby does!! LOL By the way, I'm not even really sure what's the whole story about my dad's health, but I'll keep you posted. Some things you have to "Let go...and Let God". You know what I mean...I'll catch up with you somewhere around here this month. Make no mistake about that!! ^_^ Enjoy your April my friend!

  9. New dryer!!! So exciting.
    I need to buy some flowers, too.

  10. Priscila, Yep! It's working great too!...*Teehee* Go get you some flowers girl!


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