Sunday, November 28, 2010

Are You Kidding Me?!!!

                                           {Large 1920 Telephone Flash Card by PaperPicker}

       Hello Bloggers! Mr. Wug is back for a day! I thought long and hard: What will I blog about today? Here it goes...
    The other day I was servicing a store, probably know I delivery cupcakes and assorted pastries,..and I had to use the public bathroom. {Don't worry...I'm hoping Mrs. Wug will let me return again in the future, so...Keeping it sterile!! :-)}
                                            {HELLO BEAUTIFUL fine art print by boopsiedaisy}
      But while I was in the bathroom I heard voices in one of the stalls, and I recognized that they weren't LIVE voices. Come to find out that someone was using his mobile device to watch T.V.!
                                           {So Much Love print by xmagpie}

    Now.......ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! For those who don't know me, this was not a time that I could keep quiet! I had to comment while I was in there!
    I said: "Are you watching work?!!!!"
    And the reply was: "Yes, I'm on my break!"
    What ever happened to reading a magazine?! LOL Or newspaper? LOL Boy has the times changed! We are living in a world that we can, with the touch of a button or a screen, get the weather, get stock quotes, check emails, or speak to a loved one face-to-face through a mobile device while sitting on the toilet in a public bathroom!!
                                                   {Keep Calm Text On-11x17 Pink Poster by vintagefineart}

      Hopefully they'll never come up with Smell-O-Vision!!! LOL
 {Gas Mask-Funny sticker for your toilet-vinyl decal-Throne Stickz by wallstickz}

        Don't get me wrong, I can see the usefulness of these devices, but when you have to come up with laws that tell you when you can, and cannot, use your device...ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!! So I hope none of you take this the wrong way, but when you want to use a public bathroom, and take along your I-Phone, your I=Pad, your HTC, your Blackberry, your Video phone, your texter, your Cell Phone, your Satellite dish or your Shoe Phone, have it play a little music I can wash my hands in peace, like everybody else!!
                                       {The Concert-Vinyl Decal Sticker by buildyourownart}

         Have a fantastic blogging day. Blog you later!
{I helped Mrs. Wug write the poem :-)}

I Cannot Be Without It!

If I have to go to work
and my car's a piece of junk,
I carry my trusty friend
instead of a tire iron in my trunk.

If my sister has a cold
or my Papa needs some cheer,
I cannot be without
my little connection at my ear!

If I have to have a conference
I won't do it all alone!
With the flick of a switch
I have them all on video phone.

I cannot be without it!
Some emergency might arise!
"Uh Oh! I'm down to two bars!
What if my battery up and dies?!!"


  1. Ha ha ha ha!!!!!! This is great!!!! Hilarious! I cannot believe someone actually did that! I think he needs to read the article in our mag. on "Am I addicted to electronic devices!" It applies to ALL of us, not just young people.
    I love the poem too! I think I'll have to keep this one in my keep folder!
    Thanks for the humor this morning Jeff! Come again as guest blogger.

  2. Cindy, Thanks! People have a way of doing hilarious things. So sometimes you just got to comment about it! I will be getting together more material for my next opportunity to guest blog!...And you're right about that article too! :) Jeff

  3. What a laugh!
    Your blogs are always so interesting,must show this one to my husband.
    T.V. in the toilet whatever next??
    Jeanie x

  4. hahah, to funny Debbie!ah I needed that today,lol.

    I have no idea if you could use those patterns to make and sell.Check out the website and ask them.

    Have a great new week!

  5. Deb and Jeff that was a great blog. There are some things in life that we just have to say "are you kidding me" to and this is definitely one of them...... LOL. I can't wait to see what you write about next when you get another chance to guest blog Jeff. Thank you for the laugh today.

  6. Hahaha there must have been something really interesting on the telly that the guy didn't want to miss LOL Maybe his wife doesn't allow him any tv-time at home hahaha
    Fun to read your blog post, Jeff! ;)

  7. mythreebeez, Yes, I thought it was INTERESTING!! say the least!! I don't want to see what's next!!! Thank you for your comment. Jeff

  8. Becky, Thank you. I hope you don't run into this in your travels! Have a fantastic day! Jeff

  9. SnowFlakeDreams1, You're welcome. I guess it's the way you look at life! You get older and set in your ways and don't understand this younger generation. Have a good day! Jeff

  10. Mariann, You know, if he had a ball game on I wouldn't have said nothing. I would have just asked for the score! But I think he had his favorite Soap Opera on. LOL You have a good day! Jeff

  11. What a great post I'm with you on the smellovision I do hope that no one makes that. Watching TV while on the loo, just don't tell my boys that people can do that I can see them trying to lug the TV into the bathroom lol

  12. Jo-anne, Thank you. And yeah, smell-o-vision! What would the world come to if they invent that!!! Jeff


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