Thursday, March 24, 2011

WOW! Now I Have To Tell You Seven MORE Things About Me!!

      'Right off the bat' today, I need to thank Briskmamma for the wonderful honor of being thought of for a Stylish Blogger Award! It's nice to have someone say that they like what you do. :-) And even though I'm a 'Baby Blogger', not even having my blog a year yet, I do kinda like someone feeding me a little 'encouragement pablum' every once in a while! LOL {Do people even use the word "pablum" anymore?...It's baby food, for those who aren't old, like me! LOL}
     The rules for accepting this award are:  
1.) Give thanks to the person who gave you the award, and link back to them
2.) Mention 7 facts about yourself
3.) Pass it on
     Okay, so here goes!...I'm going to move right on to rule number 2 though, since rule number 1 was done in my opening paragraph...Hmmmm.....7 facts about myself that you don't know?!...I talk about myself so much that it's going to have to send a real power surge to my brain today to think up things you don't already know! ^_^ {If any of you were here a while ago, you know I already received this wonderful award and told you some things about myself before.}
     Okay.... (1.) I went to a High School where, in my first year (10th grade), I had an orientation schedule of several different career related professions...6 weeks of each, {alternating every other week with the regular school requirements of English, math, science, and social studies, etc}......This was done so that we could choose which profession we would focus on for the last 2 years of High School...It was wonderful! I learned so much! And now I know how to do so many different things!!
      I had six weeks each of Waitressing (we had to serve a meal to the staff at the end of that course!); 6 weeks of Cosmetology (had to learn to manicure and pedicure, among other things); 6 weeks of art (made paper machete items and clay molds mostly); 6 weeks of Nursing (We each had to be a patient, as well as a care-giver during the course. Learned a WHOLE LOT in this course!); 6 weeks of Catering (didn't like that at all, but it came in handy with a temporary job I had years later); and 6 weeks of sewing (made a blue jean pant suit for myself, with puffy sleeves on the was the 70s people! LOL) Did any of you have schooling like this?!
     (2.) I do not like to wear anything encumbering on my body when I'm at home. Not even my wedding ring...unless we have company coming over! This may be too much information, but any of my TRUE friends will tell you...I don't wear bras, shoes, or anything tight fitting when I'm at home. This is surprising probably to anyone that sees me out anywhere, because I love dressing up, wearing all kinds of colorful jewelry, wearing different shoes, carrying different bags, getting my nails and hair done, wearing make-up, etc.!...What can I say?! In my mind, there's a time and a place for 'encumberment'...and it ain't in my house!! LOL So call before you come over!! ^_^
    (3.) I don't like to sell myself!! I like to do what I do, and if you like buy it! If not....don't!...This has been the hardest thing about owning an Etsy shop (Wuglyees). I have to promote myself everywhere just to get my shop seen. It feels so fake to me sometimes! "Look at my 'THIS'!"..."Oooo! Have you seen my 'THAT'!" Yes! I know I have to do it...But I don't have to like it...and I don't!!! LOL
    (4.) When I see trailers for upcoming movies I write the name of them down on a piece of paper. Then I wait to hear things about them on T.V., or by friends who've seen them, and then I use that to let me know if a movie is worth watching!...Some movies that I have written down on my paper had a trailer that was interesting, but I never saw the movie even mentioned anywhere again!!
    (5.) While I buy things for my shop all the time, I haven't bought any kind of clothing in over 3 years!! Mainly because I have always spent my money on good classic type pieces that go with other things. As I bought new pieces they would always be filling in a color or material that I don't already have. So there's been no NEED to buy anything new! Although people were always saying to me: "Ooooo! Is that new?!" I just wore things differently together and they never noticed usually. {I do have some colorful stand out pieces though!}
    (6.) Because I never knew who my biological father was for many, many years...I secretly believed it was Elvis Presley...STOP LAUGHING!!! LOL {Hey! He had dark hair, I had dark hair; He loved music, did I; He had Native American heritage,...ME TOO!!...I could go on with the similarities, but why?! You're probably just laughing at me now!! ^_^
    (7.)  I am slowly, but surely, turning into a 'Chia Pet'!! LOL I am growing hair in places that people....women....should not be growing hair!! F.Y.I.....menopause, I will say it again,  is not for sissies!!
       The last rule says to pass it on. So I'm passing this Award on to 3 wonderful new Bloggers I think deserve it: 1.) Pikes Peak Pillow Company 2.) Robbing the Bees and 3.) Skywriting
        Okay, now that I'm sweating, and may need to turn the fan on 'HIGH', (yes! It's already on....It's always on!!! LOL) I need to move on to something less......sweat-inducing! ^_^ And of course it has something to do with crocheting!! :-)
     Shannon, of the blog  Alittlesprite, sent me the pattern for her crocheted YoYo Bag all the way from Australia!! {Apologies to everyone who read this blog earlier, including Blooming Lovely, and saw that I, in my lame brained way, gave credit to the wrong person for sending me the pattern......Arghhhhhhh! I AM SO SORRY!!!}
     Isn't it gorgeous?!...I was intrigued when I saw her blog posts about her YoYo bag. I immediately thought of this kind of YoYo...
     ...I couldn't figure out for the life of me how she was crocheting YoYos into a bag!!! LOL Then I saw the finished bag and realized that YoYo probably had to do with the circles it was made out of! ^_^ Hey! I'm OLD!! Everything has double meanings nowadays!! LOL  Anyway....I can't wait to make it in all those pretty colors!
     As a quick update, the car still hasn't been looked at by the mechanic yet. As of last night it was still sitting in the garage. Apparently they only had one mechanic on duty yesterday and couldn't get to it....And I haven't started my book yet either. I was too frustrated to even think about focusing on a book yesterday, but maybe today!! :-)
     Okay, poem......and DONE!! Have a good day everybody!!

I Used To Be Able

I used to be able to walk
without giving thought to every step.
I used to be able to exercise
with no hesitation, or lack of pep.

I used to be able to study for hours,
and my thoughts were as clear as a bell.
I could see so clearly what to underline.
(Now-if I do, I can`t tell!)

I used to be able to just jump out of bed,
with my movements preceding my brain;
But now there is first, lots of thought,
then a cane-preceded by pain!

I used to be able to sleep through the night,
without flipping from left to right;
But now I wake up as `Hot as can be`,
and sweating like I`ve been in a fight.

I used to be able to eat what I wanted,
and my body would just burn it off;
But now, not only does it sit where it lands,
but I get indigestion and cough!

I used to be able to paint my own toes;
and stand in the shower to wash my hair;
But now I depend on people that I pay
to pretty me up-and to care.

I used to be able to dance `heel-to-toe`;
and take deep breaths to sing.
As you can see from this poem, things have changed;
Now I hum and dance, stumbling.

Its really okay that I`m not quite the same;
It just means that I`ve been `round the bend.`
I`ve matured and grown up and got settled with it,
`cause one day I`ll do it all again.


  1. Love your poem today my friend! You WILL do it again and soon, by the way things are looking in the world today!!! ENDURE!!
    You are so funny with telling 7 things about yourself! My favorite one is #6!! What a hoot!! But what else could you do but dream. #7 hits too close to home. We're both in that boat!! The yoyo bag is really cute! You'll have to show it to me when you finish it.
    Have a wonderful day my your book...and don't worry about the car. It'll be alright!

  2. CinLynn, I'm glad you like that poem. It's not a new one, but I was tired of using my brain this morning!! LOL And it's so TRUE!...And guess what?! Elvis wasn't the only one I thought might be my father. I also had my suspicions about 'Little Joe'!! ^_^ (Michael Landon)

  3. Deb, Congrats on the award. After all I have read I don't think that I really want to grow old. I don't want to look like a monkey down the road.....LOL.... I think I will freeze myself in the moment to not look ahead at the things to come that will happen to me, my mind and body. Enjoy your day!!!!!!!!!

  4. SnowflakeDreams1, Ha! Ha! Ha! You had me laughing out loud!! I don't want to grow old either!....Wait!.....Too late! ^_^ I made myself feel better, one day when I was talking to one of my girlfriends, by saying to her: "At least I don't have hair growing out of my elbows!!" LOL She proceeded to tell me that it grows out of there too!!! LOL All I can say is...I don't want to see that if it happens, so I hope my mind goes before then!!!! Ha! Ha!

  5. Deb, I'm so glad that I made you laugh because you made me laugh with wanting your mind gone first. If you only knew the thoughts that went racing through my mind. Just remember that I worked in a health care facility and the things that I saw and dealt with..... LOL.......

  6. SnowflakeDreams1, Ha! Ha! Yes I know! I did too! That's why I knew you would get it!! ^_^

  7. PSSSST! I sent you the YOYO bag pattern!!!

  8. Alittlesprite, I am so so sorry about that!!!! I totally didn't realize!!! It's been like that all day too! :-/ I apologize to you. It's fixed now. And now I'll go and flog myself and take a nap! LOL

  9. You are too funny! Love the Elvis thing. Hey, why not, right? And that bag is amazeballs! Can't wait til you put up pics of the finished bag! <3

  10. Oh my gosh, Debbie! You are so kind. Thank you so much for the award! I just checked my email this evening as I was working on other things today. And what a wonderful surpise!
    Thank you so much for sharing your life with all of us. You are an amazing person and artist.
    Being about the same age as you, I can totally identify with your poem. Oh, how true! Love it!
    I will be working on posting my award to my blog and of course, blogging about it. lol. I have other bloggers in mind to award as well.
    BTW, love the YoYo Bag! Adorable! :)Terri

  11. Thanks for the blog award! :)

  12. Lindsey, Hey! If your father is gonna be somebody...why not Elvis?! ^_^ ... And you KNOW I won't be able to help myself from showing the bag!!

  13. Pikes Peak...{Terri}, It was my pleasure passing the award to you! You deserve it...Thank you for the kind words too! :-) I'm glad you could relate to my poem too...or...maybe not! LOL We're a sad 'rag-tag' bunch, us oldies!! Ha! Ha!...And I love that YoYo bag too!! I'm hoping to get started on it this weekend!

  14. Skylar, You're welcome Sky! Enjoy it!

  15. It was a simple mistake! No need to flog yourself! LOL! I'm just glad you like it :)

  16. Alittlesprite, I do indeed! Hoping to start on it this weekend too! :-)


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