Thursday, July 1, 2010

♫ 'Shoes...glorious shoes!' ♫

I mentioned in my post on 'buttons' that I had another love of shoes. I was going to talk about it at another time, but I saw these shoes and...I was off to the races!! LOL
   I'm going to show you a FEW pair of mine...some of my favorites that I own. But first, I HAVE to show you a few pair I found on ETSY that are for sale!
   Because I'm a crocheter I'll show you the 'shoes of my trade' first. These are "sky blue canvas and crochet slingback skimmers. 80s Fun Steps ditsy summer flats." by "lisazain" I love them!
   I'd love to show my toes surrounded by all that color too!!!...And here's another couple of pair of summer shoes I found that I love...These are "Reddish Triple Leather Sandals" by "sandali"
   Are you drooling yet?! Oh! Wait a minute! That's me!!...*wiping wetness from the keyboard*...Okay, now I'll show you mine. I think you can learn a lot about people from their shoes. What do these tell you about me?!
   Tell me what you think they say about me...I'll tell you what my hubby said they say about me. See the sign?!
  He said they say I have TOO MANY SHOES! LOL He thinks he's so funny!!!...By the way, my hubby is going to be my guest blogger on Monday, so you'll get to know a little about him yourself...or whatever he's going to talk about...*a little scared it'll be me! LOL* He won't tell me his subject, but he's definitely taking pictures!

 Formula For Happy Marriage

If there's hair left on the sink,
Ignore it, Ignore it!
The garbage piling high-and stinks?
Ignore it, Ignore it?

If he forgot to bring home bread;
'So what' if it was Three times said.
Don't silently start seeing red!
Ignore it, Ignore it!

If she says everything's your fault,
Ignore it, Ignore it!
Take it with a grain of salt.
Ignore it?-Ignore it!

If she just seems to talk too much;
Its 'This and That', and 'Such and Such'.
"Who cares if its a purse or clutch?!"
Ignore it. Ignore it!!

If he cleans behind himself,
Praise it. Praise it!
And puts the book back on the shelf,
Praise it. Praise it!

If he remembered you today,
and likes your hair fixed just that way,
and hears everything you say,
Praise it. Praise it!

If she lets you watch the game,
Praise it. Praise it!
If dinner's late and she takes the blame,
Praise it. Praise it!

If happy marriage is for you,
just do what I just told you to,
(Plus, each day, keep Jehovah's view)
And you'll be of the happy few-
Who get it.-And live it!!


  1. Ha ha ha!! I love shoes too! I just came home with a pair of HIGH heels! I'm as tall as hubby, but I love the way they make me feel! My hubby would probably put free on mine as well! Yours certainly has a sense of humor. I'm not sure what your shoes say about you, but I love the sandals in the first photos! I can't wait to see what your hubby blogs about on Monday. Should be "interesting!"

  2. *Teehee*...Once again....familiarity!! CinLynn, Oh how I would love to see your shoes!!!

    As to hubby's guest post, you can't wait...I'm nervous!!! Ha! Ha!

  3. Haha! You sure love your shoes! :D Poor hubby *wink wink* Looking forward to his post on Monday :P
    Btw, I just bought a new pair of stilettos last weekend ;)

  4. Ooooo! New shoes! Are you gonna show them in your blog?! I would LOV to see them!!...And yeah, hubby's guest post should be 'interesting'! ;-)


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