Friday, September 10, 2010

Sunflower Envy

    Any of you who saw my post a few days ago about Hurricane Earl's departure would've also seen the photographs of the sunflowers my hubby has been growing in our backyard. They are a very rich purplish color. Not yellowy, like the ones in my header picture today. These are our neighbor's sunflowers. And as you can see, unlike our puny sunflowers, these are some monstrously huge sunflowers!!
      It's hard to show you the scale of them, but I'm going to try. You see these flowers?...
     ...these are regular sized daisies, etc... These are about the same size as the pansies in this next picture I'm going to show you. { I think pansies is what they are. I'm not the flower "naming" person around here. I'm just the "looking at them and crocheting them" person around here! :-)) }

    Do you believe how huge these sunflowers are?!!! They make those little pansies look sad!! Although I must admit, THEY ARE GORGEOUS!! I don't know how, or what kind of fertilizer our neighbor used to grow them this big, but it appears that their whole yard is growing wonderfully....
   ...even if the weight of this burgeoning garden is making some of the sunflowers hang their head. :-) 
     I think hubby has a little bit of 'Sunflower Envy' though. All he's talking about is how he can't wait until the weekend when he's going to get some better, REAL, shots of HIS sunflowers in the backyard. *sigh* I have news for him. The photos he takes may be beautiful, but his sunflowers are not going to look like the neighbor's!! No way....No how!
     If he thinks they will, him and this sunflower will have something in common...
...................A hanging head!! ^_^ 

(This is a new poem that just popped into my head while I was thinking about these huge sunflowers!)


You make water cycles flow.
You give green to leaves and doe.
You add shine to a new rainbow,
and you make the flowers grow.

Without you, we could not sow,
there'd be nothing there to hoe.
There'd be no grass for us to mow.
And our mood would be real low.

Because of you, we go, go, go,
and all our 'ducks are in a row'.
We so appreciate your glow.
Our sunny smile is how you know.

Have a good day everybody!! :-)


  1. Ha ha ha!! Poor hubby! Maybe if he gets REALLY close to them they'll look that big!!! Nice post as usual!

    BTW....those are morning glories! LOL

  2. Ha! Ha! He tried that.....Didn't work!! ^_^ ... Thanks for the nice words, as usual.

  3. Haha doesn't he know that bigger is not always the best??! LOL The neighbour's sunflowers are huge yes but I still like yours the best because of the stunning colour!! Looking forward to the pics he takes ;)

  4. Awwww! Hubby is going to love that you still like his colorful sunflowers best! You KNOW he's going to make sure you see the pictures!!! :-)

  5. Those sunflowers are amazing! I try and try to get them to grow in my garden but the slugs get to them as soon as they spring out of the soil. And if they do happen to make it, my finches tear them apart....


  6. Jamie, Awwww! :-/ That's too bad. But I guess slugs gotta eat, and birds gotta fly!!! ^_^ Just're making some critters VERY happy!!

  7. Lovely pictures Debbie!! What beautiful flowers! :)

  8. Love the sunflowers shots. maybe your hubby will have better and bigger sunflowers next time? LOL.

    Yes, Sun makes us smile! I like that!

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  9. Cathy and Croatian_Latina, Thank you both for such nice comments. And yes, maybe next year they will be better for him. But he hasn't given up this year quite yet!! ^_^

  10. Alicia9/10/2010

    Even if these are bigger, I think your hubby's are better because the color is wonderful. You can see a big yellow sunflower anywhere.

  11. lovely sunflowers gosh they are beautiful! great photo's!

  12. Really big sunflowers ....the birds are gonna love those :)

  13. Alicia, Sone', and Kerri, My hubby thanks you, and I thank you, for such nice comments!! And Uh Oh!! You scared him with the bird's comment!!! Now I may have a bird watching 6 footer in my backyard too!!! ^_^

  14. Thanks Everybody! :-)


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