Saturday, September 25, 2010

UGH! What Now?!!

    YAY! The Fall inspired, brown and "Clover Colors" scarf is finished!! And as usual with me lately, I wasn't that crazy about it while I was working on it, but I love it now! It'll be perfect with the Chocolate Brown Crochet Flip Up Hat in my Wuglyees Shop too, because it was made with the exact same brown yarn!
     I'm going to put it and the other scarf I finished...Yes, I finished another one too!! my shop this weekend some time. I've had time to finish all this crocheting because my custom ordered "Pistachio" yarn STILL HASN'T GOTTEN HERE!!! So annoying!! It was suppose to be here by Wednesday! I got the tracking information saying it was shipped, but.....UGH!!
   Oh! Let me show you the other scarf!
    This is the one I made with Purple and the "Razzle Dazzle" yarn I had. What do you think of my new babies?!
    Frankly, I'm glad I have something to be happy about this morning because again.....a new situation!! Remember my father -in-law, the one that passed out in the store a couple of days ago? I talked about it in this post...Well, yesterday we got an automated call from the people who have him hooked up to a monitor, so that if he gets in an emergency we will be called. Apparently my mother-in-law says he fell out of bed the night before, and fell out of a chair yesterday. He was showing some weakness and some real signs that something was wrong!! So the EMTs (I think it stands for Emergency Medical Transport) were called and he was taken to the Hospital yesterday evening.
     He had to be admitted. I'll let you know what the story is later. In the meantime, hubby is kinda nervous, especially having to think about what comes next. His dad is in his late 70s. It's tough when your parents are getting older and start to show visible signs that they're not doing it gracefully any longer.
     In fact, I talked to my dad on the phone yesterday too. Just needed to hear his voice. He was his same old reassuring self.....and funny! We had a giggle about how neither one of us can remember anything anymore! He said he saw a show on television the other night with a familiar actor in it....whose name he could'nt remember. He said: "I kept looking at him and saying: 'I know this guy. WHAT IS HIS NAME?' It bothered me so much I couldn't go to sleep!!"
    I 'One-uped' him though. I told him about how I called hubby on the cell phone the other day when someone called here with a message for him. Whatever it was was too important to wait.  (AND I was afraid that if I didn't tell him right then I would forget! LOL) But hubby didn't answer his phone....Cut to an hour and a half later. Hubby called to ask what I wanted and.....I COULDN'T REMEMBER!!! I STILL don't remember!! LOL Me and dad laughed about that, and joked about how we hope we don't forget each other one of these days!!
     UGH! We're getting old, can't remember things, and life just won't stop messing with us!!! LOL What's next?! ..... Shhhhhh! Pretend you didn't hear me ask that!!! *Looking left and right*  ^_^
(I wrote this poem a couple of years ago...We're still holding up pretty good I'd say....for OLD folks! ^_^)

Dad Is Getting Older

I'm  48 years old,
and my dad is 71;
And reality just hit me:
"Growing old is not much fun!"

Dad is dependable and kind,
a step above most other men;
But I feel the tide is turning.
Things are not as they have been.

His health is slowly fading.
(Not to mention-so has mine!)
When we talk, he's  still himself,
but now his 'Sharp' has lost some shine.

More frequent Doctor's  visits,
high blood pressure, hemorrhoids too;
needs more fiber in his diet,
and less noise to shuffle through.

He used to take long trips,
driving hours, all alone.
Now he watches television-
All his hours, spent at home.

With a witty sense of humor,
and a colorful point of view,
he's  still as proud as he can be-
But like a peacock-in the zoo!

He enjoys all our attention,
and the grand-kids love his jokes;
All the neighbors love his gossip.
He's a 'Special' kind of folks.

If things continue going
as they have the last few years,
dad's non-stop aging process
will evoke a lot of tears.

Next year I will be older.
Until then what will I do?
Keep spending time with dad
who will, by then, be 72.
     In local AWM Team news: There's a lovely interview with Katie Richardson, one of the new members, up on the AWM Blog here. Please check it out!


  1. I hope that your father-in-law will be okay. Its always a bit scary when our parents got to hospital.
    I love your fall scarf. It looks really pretty.

  2. Debbie this is a lovely poem and I enjoyed this post. This is just another reminder to savor each day and moment we have with those around us. None of us is promised tomorrow. Enjoy your dad and spend time with him. I lost my dad 2 years ago to cancer. He was only 60. I am glad you have him in your life.

    Sending wishes hoping your father in law will be alright.

    Beautiful scarves!

  3. Thanks Jo-anne, I'm hoping he's okay too...And thanks for the complement on my scarf too! :-)

    Cathy, Thanks for the nice words about my poem. Every word is true too!...I'm sorry to hear that your dad is no longer around, but I prefer to think about how many wonderful years of joy and memories you have now! And as a witness of Jehovah I believe tomorrow IS promised to us ANEW! :-) I try to keep that in mind as I enjoy my dad and family. All of our aches and pains will one day be gone!...Not trying to preach at you. Just saying. :-) ..Oh Yeah! Thanks for the scarf complement too!!

  4. Sorry your father-in-law is still having problems Deb, and I hope things improve for him! It's so hard to see your parents get old..
    On the other hand, I LOVE your new scarves!! Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!! You do such a great job with them! Hope you get your yarn soon!

  5. CinLynn, Thanks for the encouragement. We haven't heard any new news yet. Hopefully soon. He has to have some more tests done. They're getting blood instead of urine. :-( ... On a more positive note, thank you about the scarves! I knew you'd like the brown one. It's like your brooch! But I wasn't sure you'd go for the purple one. I'm glad you like them. :-) Have a good weekend my dear Sister/Friend!

  6. Anonymous9/25/2010

    I really hope that things turn for the better with your dad in law. He is lucky to have you to be there for him!

  7. Thank you so much Michele. Right now it's just a waiting game I guess. More tests and more tests! But he's at least in the best place for himself right now. Thank you for your concern. :-)

  8. Thanks Everybody! :-)


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