Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Marriage Of Celery and Moss!

    I mentioned to you at the end of yesterday's post that I finished the custom scarf I was working on...AND I didn't like it! Well, now you can see what I was talking about! It was suppose to be a warm apple green and an accent darker green. It looks like a celery stalk that being sitting in some forest moss!! It doesn't look anything like I thought it would look, and I'm so disappointed about that. :-/
   Of course, this is not the first time I've started out with one thing in my mind and ended up with something totally different. In fact, it's happened quite a few times!!  And just as a general rule, it usually doesn't bother me too much because it just means that I will have another "Wuglyee" for my shop. Somebody will love it! :-) But I hate to have it happen when I'm trying to do something UN-Wuglyee-like for a custom ordered item!!
    Even though I personally don't like it, I took lots of pictures of it from beginning to end while I was working on it. I took them from lots of different angels too, so you could see what I see. (I think I thought that Maybe...just was just ME! LOL)
    If you look close you can see that there are stark color gradient differences. This is the yarn I had...
     Unfortunately, because the strands of color on the tie-dye-like skein were so long, it ended up looking like I was making the scarf green and white on one end and celery, green, and white on the other.
    It looks like I messed up the shading with the camera, but Noooooo! it's the scarf!! UGH!
The only thing I love about this scarf is the fringe on either end of it...
    ...AND that I'm done with it!!! Another "Ugly" "Wuglyee" "Baby" in the world! ^_^
    I can't imagine that my stylish and beautiful customer will like this! The only time I would wear it myself would be during the 10 below zero winters that Massachusetts has been a party to in the past. (because boy's warm!!!) At that time of the year people are so cold that they are spending too much time trying to make sure their snot doesn't freeze, rather than being bothered with what they look like in their scarf!! LOL
    Back to the drawing board....I'm sure!!! :-] ... Oh yeah! I did start another little swatch...just to see...
    Recognize this color?! I paired it with some leftover green suede I have. What do you think?!...I pulled this apart too!! LOL

It's A Mess!

It's ugly and it's stretchy
and it rides up over here.
It's itchy and it's smelly
and it looks bad from the rear.

It's washed out in the collar
and it's got a great big hole.
It's too long and it's too tight
and it's moth-eaten and old.

It's off center, off-colored,
spotty everywhere.
It's frazzled just like me,
and I won't wear it. I don't dare!!

Back into the closet
with the other clothing mess!
I need to do some shopping,
'cause I need a brand new dress!


  1. I don't think it's really ugly Wug! I love the right side of it. Too bad you couldn't just make it all like that side. Or...I love the left side! Could you make one all like that? It's really very unique and interesting. Don't feel so bad....kept your mind off "things", I'm sure.

  2. Thanks for the nice words Cindy. I think it probably would have been cuter with one main color as an alternate, but the yarn has a gradual color change going on. Unique?! Yea! Kept my mind off of things? Yes, until the phone rang every hour or so! :-)

  3. Debbie I don't think these are ugly. I love the colors! The go wonderful together! Nice work! :)

  4. Oooh! If I ever start a rock band, I think I'll call it 'Celery and Moss'. Doesn't it have a lovely ring to it? As lovely as your end product!

  5. Cathy and Holyoke Home, Thank you guys so much. I'm thinking 'How great is it that I can drag out my uglies and still have someone as nice as you guys say sweet things about it!' ^_^ I don't know if I'm totally buying it (joking)...but you made me smile in the sweetest, nicest way. Thank you!...Now I'm off to see if I can put "Celery and Moss" to music!

  6. We have brutally cold winters here sometimes (-20F or more) so a scarf needs to be warm ;)
    Love the darker green colour and the fact that it has stripes :)

  7. Thanks Mariann! For warmth, this scarf would be perfect!! Now, if I can get the color right for my customer I'll be happy!! :-)

  8. I'm not really a green person but that scarf doesn't look bad at all. It's certainly not ugly.

  9. Jo-anne, You know what?! It's starting to grow on me! I don't know if the air is getting thin in here or what, but after I photographed it on Tina (My headless model) I started to see Celery and Moss in a whole different light! *Teehee* Thanks for the nice words. :-)

  10. Thanks Everybody! :-)


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