Saturday, September 18, 2010

I Am Plain 'Wore Out!'...And I'm Not Alone.

    I'm more than a 'WEE' bit tired this morning. And after looking at the backyard, I can see that I'm not alone! The sunflowers are trying to hold on a little while longer...Well, some of them are. (Hubby, and his eyes, were pretty tired this morning too, so forgive the un-focused camera work.)
    Now, the above ones are the ones that I consider "tired". The ones below are, just like me, just plain "wore out!"
    Poor things!...It seems like everything around here is 'wore out'! Our washing machine, all of a sudden, decided that it doesn't want to keep swishing and swashing throughout the whole wash cycle. So it stops about half way...and doesn't move until you stick your hand into the machine and turn the agitator to a particular point! UGH! Who has time for this....every load?!!
    We had the repairman come by to fix it and he says we need a new timer. "Great! How much?!"..."Only $240.00! You want me to install one?!"...."NO!!!!!!"...."Well, there's this great store where you can buy a washer called...You can get a used washer for about $150.00!"..."Thanks for telling us about that."...."No problem. That'll be $60.00 for the visit."...UGH! The washing machine is still wore out, and now I'm more worn out from that encounter!!!
  The dishwasher isn't much better! Look at what it's doing to my forks!
    I mean....SERIOUSLY?!
     Every one that comes out of there lately looks like it's been in some weird rotater battle, fighting all night for it's life!!!
    Do I want to call another repairman?...NO!!!!! Hubby and I will just have to learn how to eat sideways, or R-e-a-l-l-y slowly, so we don't start a puncture wound. UGH! and....*sigh*. I've got worn out flowers, worn out forks, hubby's worn out socks, (I'm not taking a picture of them!! I refuse!!! :-))...And trust me! don't want to see them!!)...AND his worn out BRAND NEW shoes!!! Yep! You heard me right! The shoes he just bought, that I blogged about last month, have one toe part underneath that looks like this!...
     But that's not bad. Look at the sole on the other one!!!
    Completely, unequivocally, and..."stick a fork in me. I'm done!....WORN OUT!!!! UGH! I guess this goes to prove, without a doubt, that the statement: "You get what you pay for" is surprisingly TRUE!!!
   The only good thing is that he hasn't worn the other pair yet. He loved these so much that he just walked and climbed them into the ground!!! In fact, HE SAYS he didn't even realize this hole was in them until he accidentally turned them over! Seriously?!!!! How could that be?!! UGH!...
   Now I'm worn out from talking about it. Now, you know if I get tired of talking......I am truly WORN OUT!!


Sapped, low,
weary, slow.

Dragging about,
plum tuckered out.

Fatigued, spent,
No power surge sent.

Depleted, drained,
almost empty-brained.

Pooped, sucked dry,
out of gas, can't try.

Exhausted, fried,
 done in, mopey-eyed.

Tired? There's no doubt!
'Cause I'm all petered out.


  1. Ha ha ha!!! I love this post! I'm sorry that everything seems to be breaking down and wearing out. Sounds like a day in my life!! Hope tomorrow is better.....oh, and it will be!! Sunday! Life is always better after a good meeting on Sunday!

  2. Oh, How right you are!!! A true "Day of Rest" mentally, physically, and spiritually!! :-) Thanks for the nice comment Bead!

  3. Yaawwnn....I'm with you girlfriend!

  4. *Yawn*...This is the kind of day where that yawning is contagious!! CUT THAT OUT!!! ^_^

  5. UGH! :S So sorry to hear all that... I don't understand how a dishwasher can bend forks?! I mean do you have a monster living in there or what? :/
    But yeah, Cindy is right, tomorrow will be a better day :)

  6. Mariann Rea, I don't understand it either!! LOL I need to put a "Spy Cam" or something in there! But then, all the water shooting at it could be a problem! ^_^ Hopefully you and Cindy are right about tomorrow.

  7. I see what you mean about being tired. *yawn* I'm with you things still feel a bit worn out here too

  8. Jo-anne, Maybe we'll all get some rest tonight and we'll be completely rested tomorrow! :-) We can dream, can't we?!

  9. Did your husband WALK to work in those shoes?! Wow. What exactly are you serving for dinner? heehee

  10. Julie, Ha! Ha! Ha! You have me ROFL!!!! And NO! Believe it or not, he was driving!! (Must be some acid on the gas petal!!!)...(The same said acid must be getting in my food and then attacking the forks in the dishwasher!! ^_^ )

  11. I just recently took a pair of my shoes to the shoe repair guy in the Holyoke Mall next to JCP and he fixed them beautifully!! I wish I had gone there sooner! Maybe Jeff can take his "new" shoes there for some TLC. The man has great prices and is fast and does great work!

  12. SpanishLullabies, Thanks for the tip! I'll tell him, but frankly....I think these may just be ready for the "old" trash bin! LOL


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