Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fast Food is Changing!!

     If you drove by somewhere and saw this little guy hanging outside of the establishment, would you know where you were and what this was?! Well, hubby brought these pictures home the other morning after he went to get us some quick, fast food, breakfast. We were hankering for some pancakes and sausage!  Before I go any further let me just say that fast food breakfasts are not a regular occurrence for us. That's why he ended up taking these pictures!
    Boy have things changed at...McDonald's!!! Yes, I said McDonald's!! Are all of the McDonald's all over the country changing like this, or is it just here in Holyoke?! We knew that they were building a new one, but we didn't expect anything like this!
    It has a whole other vibe going on now! (It kinda reminds me of the "Sonic" fast food place in Georgia, where I'm originally from.) My husband says he thinks they were going for "Retro". I think he might be right because everything about it has the look of a time gone by. You almost expect to see girls on roller skates, with an apron on, and a tray full of goodies, skating back and forth to the cars outside!
    But no! There are no girls on skates...And wait! There's no big play area for the kids, with colored balls, a huge net,  and a big slide either!! I don't think the Holyoke Mommies are gonna like that!
    Needless to say, my hubby, who LOVE, LOVE, LOVES to investigate new stuff, couldn't wait to get inside. He was sure there would be something really interesting in there!! ^_^ What did he find?!
    He found that on the inside, while the ordering station is kinda the same, everything else is different! There is the complete opposite vibe going on inside, to the retro vibe going on outside!! It's all "Modern". High tech in some places....
    ...See the pretty brushed silver hanging lamp fixtures, the outside tables with umbrellas over them, and the T.V. up in the corner?!....T.V.?!! They didn't have T.V.s in McDonald's before, did they?! Maybe they did and I just didn't notice! Or maybe it's just been a lot longer than I think since I went into a McDonald's! (Or maybe I just can't remember anything anymore!! :-)) Yeah! That's probably it!)
     Hubby loved it! He he does!...He liked the pictures on the walls, the fireplace,.....HOLD UP! Fireplace?!
    Yep! It's a fireplace!
     Hubby says it has a nice homey feel. I wonder if that's the excuse he's going to try to use to start spending more time...and here?!!
     I guess, considering how much time people spend getting Fast Food "To Go" these days, it's good that they can at least FEEL like they're at home, even when they're not! And seriously, is there anybody at your house smiling at you like this every time you come through the door?!!
    I dare say.......No!
So "WAY TO GO" McDonald's!!! (I think!) Now if only we could get you to water our flowers and cut our lawns we'd really feel at home!! ^_^

Fast Food!

Tasty, salty, satisfying.
Bloating, coating stomach lining.

Greasy, cheesy, burger grinder.
Gassy, thick, intestine finder.

Crispy, long, french fries a-plenty.
Chocolate, peppermint, green and minty.

Salads; veggie, seafood, chicken.
Fried and floured, finger lickin'.

Hoagies, subs, and roast beef stew.
Catfish, dash of hot sauce too.

Pizza, mushroom, peppers, tomato.
Apple fries instead of potato.

Catch-up, mustard, condiments.
Onion rings? I'm on the fence.

Frosty, frothy, milk shake sip.
Coffee Coolata, donut, dipped.

No matter if it's hot or chilled.
Definitely a happy meal.

Okay, go eat healthy now you guys!!! ^_^


  1. Ha ha! Sounds REALLY healthy! We have friends in our cong. that own several McDonalds! I wonder if they ever thought about adding a TV or a fireplace!! LOL Maybe they have! I never go there anymore! Tummy doesn't do well with it. Hope the breakfast was good!

  2. Yep! Had pancakes and sausage AND a hot chocolate!! :-) Can't do that too often though! Have to watch my girlish figure. (Watch it do what? I don't know!! ^_^)

  3. I did a survey for McDonalds (Australia) last year. I remember something in it about changes for the interior of the stores to make them look more like the 1950's & 60's. It looked very retro. I guess they've started making the changes. From your pictures I think it looks pretty good.

  4. Thanks Blossy! So it "IS" something they're going to be doing all over! WOW! Cool! Thanks for letting me know!

  5. Anonymous9/09/2010

    LOl. Just as well I caanot eat gluten or I would so be right at our local McD's right now!

  6. Alicia9/09/2010

    I haven't seen those kinds of changes at any of the McDonalds around Metro Atlanta but I'll be on the look out. I looooveeee their fries and the sweet tea! I think I like the 'updated/retro' look but I'm not feeling the logo. Where are the 'Golden Arches'? I wouldn't know where to turn into :-) I can't believe you remember Sonic! They are still around with individual drive-up ordering stations and girls (and sometimes guys) on roller skates. I like their slush drinks and sometimes a burger.

  7. Michele, *Teehee*...I guess that gluten allergy comes in handy sometimes!!...Maybe you can go in there and take your favorite book, get some coffee, and sit near the fireplace instead!! ^_^

  8. Alicia, If you look at Blossy's comment, above yours, you'll see that it was being talked about in Australia though! Maybe Georgia gets music first, fries and golden arches second!! ^_^ (By the way, the golden arches were connected to the yellow posts in front. Hubby just didn't take the picture all the way up.)...And YAY! The "Sonic" hasn't 'bit the dust' along with all of the other "GOOD" stuff!! I could sure use one of their shakes now!


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