Saturday, September 11, 2010

Purple Treasures!!

    As promised, it's all about my hubby's purple love of the sunflower this morning!! That's why my post is a little late too. He had to have the right lighting in order to take these "BIG" pictures...Smirking?! Not at all!! I think they really are some good shots. So what if they're not as big as 'some other people's sunflowers! People who shall remain nameless :-)) I'm going to stop talking now, and just show you his "other" love.

     The sunflower!...This is one of the plants that has more than one flower on it. He calls them "the twins".
     And yes, that's a pair of his new shoes on his feet. I guess that was in there so that you could know for sure that these really are "his" sunflowers!! :-) ... It's amazing to me that they start out looking like this...
    ..and then these pop out of that little bud! Ummmm...did I say "little"?! Sorry honey. ^_^
     Here are the rest of his shots.
     I joke around with him about how excited he gets about his flowers, but actually I think they're pretty terrific myself! What do you want...we have no kids!!!
    By the way, I have another purple treasure to show you!
    This Etsy Treasury is entitled "Purplicious". The curator of this treasury, ChickadeeLane, was gracious enough to put my Grape Angel Hair Button Flower Brooch in her new treasury.
      Follow the link over there and check out all of the other shops!!
Okay, I'm off to find me some breakfast, talk to some other folks, and, of course, watch some tennis! Today is the Men's Semi-finals at the U.S. Open!! That's pretty much going to consume my attention this weekend. What are you doing for the weekend?!

Color Is

Auburn is the setting sun.
Blue is a mood.
Black is the night sky.
Brown is dog food.

Green is the grass.
Yellow is the sun.
Gray is the stormy sky.
Purple is just fun.

Pink is carnations.
Plum is a fruit.
Tan is for shoes.
Beige is just cute.

Gold is a metal.
White is plain, mild.
Red is a fire.
Orange is hog wild!


  1. Those photos are STUNNING!
    To be honest, I didn't know there were purple sunflowers....but then again I don't out much ;)
    The flower pin is lovely as well.
    Thanx again for posting such lovely pics!
    Enjoy your weekend :)
    PS- I am sewing ,sewing, sewing.

  2. Stunning colour!!! Thank you, Mr. Wug, for showing us! ;)
    Mrs. Wug, congrats on the treasury!
    This Little Fox has to work this weekend but she doesn't mind, because there is money in the end and the end is already this Monday! LOL

  3., Thank you for the nice words! I think they're stunning too!...By the way, believe it or not, he bought the seeds for these sunflowers in the garden section at K-Mart!! He said he saw the picture on the package and thought it was worth taking the chance to see if they actually would grow and be that color, and....BAM!!! They're gorgeous! Now he says he's going back to K-Mart and get the multi-colored ones he saw!...Next year's crop!! :-))

  4. Mariann Rea, Mr. Wug smiled a "BIG" smile when he saw your comment!...I'm smiling too, in thanks for the nice comment about the treasury my "Little" brooch is in!! Thank you! :-))

  5. You are very welcome but oooh aaah what do the purple flower seeds cost? :D Maybe you can send them to me too :D:D Our garden in the country doesn't really want to grow them but we have had some over the years.

  6. Mariann Rea, Guess what?! He paid somewhere between 99 cents and $1.50 for them. That's all!! And if you like, he says he'll send you a package of them!! Just send me your address to the email! If they grow, I'd love to get pictures to blog about!!! :-)

  7. Omg are you serious??! :D That would be awesome! I'll convo you in etsy ;)

  8. Mariann Rea, Great!! Of course, I'm serious! Considering how much you've helped me out over the last months, I consider it a privilege to send you flower...SEEDS! :-))

  9. WOW! those are some amazing photos! SUch a beautiful color!!!

    ps. when you click on that food for thoughts blog she has the english translation as well, just scroll down and you will see it.Its on the same post, first her own language then englsih.

    have a wonderful weekend!

  10. Croatian_Latina, Thank you!....For the info about the blog translation too!!! I'll have to go back. I didn't scroll down...And you have a good rest of the weekend too! :-)

  11. Anonymous9/11/2010

    I ♥ those sunflowers. We tried purple sunflowers once. They were not successful. I will try them again after seeing yours! ♥

  12. Thank you Michele! I'm sorry your first attempt at growing them didn't work, but please let me know what happens next time! If you need some tips.....I'm sorry. I will be no help!!! ^_^

  13. Those flowers look amazing! Thanks for sharing the photos. I have to agree with your Purple is Fun line in your poem! Purple Rocks! :D

  14. Blossy, Thanks!! I don't think hubby would have it any other way!!...Thank you for sharing your photo today too!! :-)

  15. Wow! Your husband has quite the green thumb! Absolutely gorgeous sunflowers! The burgundy color is so very rich. Your purple flower brooch is as stunning as the sunflowers. Such talent in your family!

  16. Julie, Awwwwww! How sweet! Hubby says 'Thank You', and I say the same for the very nice complement on my brooch. You made us smile! ^_^

  17. Oh, what a post of the most delicious eye candy! Those sunflowers are stunning as is your purple brooch. Inspiring all around... Love, Silke

  18. Thanks Silke! And welcome back!! Glad I could have flowers for you!!! :-))

  19. Yesterday I just did a random search for a blog on Google for writer and poetry. Saw your blog and now follow it. The pictures, the poem...though it's so early...wonderful appreciation for what is around you. That's a great quality to have.

  20. Seasons, Thank you so so much!!! :-)


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