Thursday, September 23, 2010

As much As I Love Flowers......!

    This flower shows how I'm feeling today! There's a story behind this flower involving my 'Chef' hubby. He has moved on to flower arranging...sorta. :-/ I'll tell you about it in a minute, but I've got some other business to take care of first.
   First order of business?! THANK YOU to all of you who were so encouraging to me! I had a couple of days of feeling like this...
    ...but today I'm back to feeling like myself, like this!
     I love flowers!!! They say it all, without words. Do you get what I'm saying to you?! :-)
    Next order of business?! Thanks to Melissa Blake over at the blog, "so about what I said". She hosted the Giveaway for my Purse Sueded Hand Bag yesterday. A winner was chosen.  It's "Whitney"!! Congratulations Whitney!!! My 'baby' will be coming to stay with you today! I hope you find a good and happy use for this little "baby" of mine!
     *Me talking to the 'baby*...."Now you go to Whitney's house and behave yourself! You're representing our family and I don't want no stuff!!!...Have a good time!"
    I also have some other good news. Remember utary, from this blog post about giving some Etsy sellers their first sale?! Well, WOOHOO!! She got her first sale!! I thought it was so nice of her to contact me to let me know. It feels so good to know I might have been of help to somebody!! (Definitely one of the things I like most about blogging....besides talking my head off, of course! ^_^)
   And there's some good news for me too! My Red Wired Brown Butterfly Necklace, that I made with wire and crochet thread,
     ....made it into a beautiful Treasury on Etsy, curated by dreambelledesign!
      It's entitled "Dulce De Leche With A Chocolate Twist-TT Team". Please click over there and check out the shops. There's some great gift idea items in there. One I really love is this "Butterfly Variegated Jasper Purse/Zipper Pull" by my dear friend Cindy!
    Isn't it gorgeous?!
WHEW!! Finally I can tell you my story about the flowers!...Hubby hasn't cooked anything else since the "Meal" he made the other day. We're still nibbling on the pork chops and steak he made. Well,...I'M still nibbling. I'm trying to prolong this "dry" cooking spell as long as I can!! LOL
    The flowers are another story!....My friend, because I haven't been well, brought me the most beautiful flowers!!
     They were so beautiful! But unfortunately, as soon as I started sniffing and hugging them up, I started coughing and wheezing and my throat started to burn. :-( So, I told hubby to take them and put them in a vase and arrange them pretty so that other people coming into the house could enjoy them.
     What was I thinking?! My husband's idea of "pretty vase" and "arrange them pretty" looked like this...
     They're all bunched up in this green plastic vase, with the protective cover still on some of the flowers!!! You're probably saying: "What's the problem?!"....Well the problem is that I got these flowers on Wednesday of last week! Why is the protective cover still on there while the rest of the poor flowers are wilting?! What exactly are they being protected from?....HIM?! LOL
     My friend came over it's a whole week later...saw these flowers and said: "Uh....What's up with these?!"
      *Sigh*....Not only are there little flowers all bunched into a cocooned girdle protector, but when she turned the vase around in the light of my window, one little sad 'baby' was hanging there as if to say: "Please help me". It reminded me of that movie "The Fly" that I saw 40 years ago!!...And why is there hardly NO water in the vase?!...Now he can check TWO career choices off of his list!! It's a good thing he's lovable, and that he's not standing in an inch of water propped up in a green flower vase!! After this incident I might be tempted not to water him!! LOL
    My friend took the flowers out of this 'Flower Jail', while I was starting to cough and wheeze again, arranged and photographed them in the other room, and brought me these flowers...ones I can keep forever and not have to water! :-)
     Oh! And you want to know what his reaction was when I called this to his attention and directly asked him the questions I just mentioned?!...He said:...And I quote:..."You know I'm not no flower designer!"...You are exactly right! And you ain't no cook neither, but that doesn't seem to be stopping you from doing it!!! LOL (I said that last part to myself! ^_^) I'm thinking good thoughts, remembering how hard he's trying, and in how many OTHER ways he's my perfect match!!.....And staring out the window at my backyard, starting to get the "FALL" feeling, brings me back to calm again. :-)
     I'm thinking it must have been nice for him when he was a boy. No ovens or flowers in sight!!! LOL

 When Jeff Was A Boy

He had an orange bicycle
that he rode all over town;
A banana-seated 'Stingray',
and its handle grips were brown.

At12, to make some cash,
he had a great big paper route.
He'd either walk or ride his bike.
Come rain or shine, he would go out.

He had a fast-red wagon
he pretended was a car.
He hauled everything in sight,
from sister's dolls to dirt-filled jars.

He played little league football,
basketball, kick soccer too.
Despite his having asthma
(which his coaches never knew).

He had lots of toys to play with-
matchbox cars and small 'Hot Wheels',
'Pick-up Sticks' and building blocks,
and model planes, which gave him thrills.

All his responsibility
was to take 'Skippy' out to run.
That's all his dog and him would do.
This made his childhood lots of fun!


  1. Great post Debbie! Love all the flowers! And congrats on the etsy feature! I am so loving the butterfly zipper pull!

    Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. Thank you too Cathy!! I know!...about the zipper pull!! I almost clicked and bought it myself...for a flower necklace! :-)

  3. I continue to enjoy reading your posts. This time you included a lot of pictures too. My best wishes to you and your husband for a continued happy, married life.

  4. Dulce de leche with a chocolate twist..Sounds delicious!
    ha its good to hear your hubby and you have such a good sense of humor that you laugh it off, that's very important , (not to take each other so serious..)I like that!

    sorry you had allergies to such beautiful flowers.

  5. You are so funny! Sorry you haven't been feeling well :(

  6. Thank you seasons!

    Croatian_Latina, Yeah, we've been together 28 years now. All of the stuff you have to figure out how you're going to argue about...done!! LOL *Achoo!* ^_^

  7. I appreciate your reading and responding to comments we leave. This I take the liberty to say on behalf of everyone.

  8. This is a great post, as usual! Thanks so much for mentioning my butterfly purse pull!! I actually have another butterfly to do something with. Gives me incentive!
    You have a wonderful hubby there! Maybe he can't arrange flowers and cook too well, but he's your best friend and does so many good things for you, both physically but especially spiritually!! He's a keeper!
    Love the poem too my friend!

  9. Kerri, I'm glad you appreciate my silliness! :-) And me not feeling well is nothing new. It's just a matter of degrees! I just "Stop!","Ouch!", and roll!! LOL

    Seasons, I don't know if I'll always be able to do it individually, but I'm going to try! Just 'doing unto others how I've had it done unto me!' :-)

    Thanks CinLynn, Thank you so much for your nice words about my post, my hubby, and my poem!! Hubby is especially going to like the poem complement because he sat down with me to write that one!...Yes, career number 3! LOL ... And it was my pleasure to show that beautiful butterfly pull! And I can't wait to see the other one!!! Have a good day my friend! :-)

  10. Oh my gosh, you are your husband are so cute and funny! I love that he tries, and I love that you're not too hard on him. So great.

    I hope you start feeling better!

  11. Ari-Audrey, Thank you so much! :-) Yeah, we're both still trying!!

  12. Debbie, you are an absolute joy! Everyone should read your fabulous blog! I so enjoy perusing your wonderful posts.

    Let's just say your husband gets an "A" for effort. At least he is trying :)

    I must say your are creative in so many ways. What a talented lovely soul you are!

    Hope you are feeling better. Wishing you an afternoon filled with sunshine.

  13. Awww! Thank you Julie!! And you're right about hubby. And he does get an "A" from me!! :-) He also gets a lot of blog attention! So much so that he wants to do another guest blog post!!! LOL

  14. Alicia, Hi there! Good to see your smile! :-)

  15. Lucky winner of that cute, cute purse! Lucky you for the sweet hubby that tries, tries, tries! Hope you feel better...or atleast look better than the poor flowers! Although it looks like your friend did salvage them!

  16. yaya, I "AM" a pretty fortunate girl, aren't I?! :-)) That doesn't mean I'm going to stop talking about him though, cause he's BOUND to do something else wonderful or funny that I just won't be able to shut up about!! I apologize ahead of time! ^_^ ...And FYI, I'm not sure if it's the flowers or me that's in the worse shape right now!!! Thanks so much for giving me a smile about it too!

  17. I love the first 3 photos! That flower is STUNNING!!!

  18. Kirsty, Thank you! It was just happy to get out of that cocoon, girdle, bunched up thing!!! LOL


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