Monday, September 13, 2010

I'm Afraid

    Before I talk about my fear today, let me thank all of you who helped me with the yarn choices yesterday. I talked to my customer though, and I think we've decided to go a different direction. These are the choices we're leaning toward now!  Instead of "Razzle Dazzle" and black, I think it will be "Lime Stripes" and "Grass". I'm going to crochet it up a bit today and see.
   Oh Yeah, Also, Congratulations to Kim Clijsters for winning the U.S. Open Tennis tournament over the weekend!!! I can't congratulate the men's winner yet because their match was called on account of rain!!! (That rain is always sticking it's nose in everything!! ^_^) They postponed it till today at 4:30 EST. Sad...But YAY!!! More Tennis for me today!! :-))
    Now....on to the subject of my fear. But before anybody gets worried, let me just say that this is not a..."THAT'S TERRIBLE"...type of fear.It's more like a..."what in the world are you going to do?"...type of fear. See this...
     Doesn't look the least bit scary, does it?! Well, this is a new place in our local area. (For more information about it you can go to It's owners are trying something that I've never heard, or seen anywhere, before. They are developing a place where people who sell handmade items can sell them in an unmanned space. It's a unique endeavor though, because half of the store is devoted to consignment, while the other half is a Craft Mall dedicated to locally handcrafted items. The website has all of the details about how it will work, but this was the part that fascinated me...

     It..."Will provide rental space for artist, crafters, hobbyist, and independent home party distributors.  The idea is a year-round arts and craft festival that does not need to be manned by the artist.  We will act as the store-front for these aspiring small business who would not be able to afford a traditional business start-up/store front on their own.  We also have some outside space available for daily manned rental."

     These are a few of the photos hubby took when he went there to get a tour and check it out to see if it might be a fit for my crochet business...This is what you see when you're heading up to it.
     This is what's inside! Tent spaces that you can rent by the month.
    As you can see, even in the short time they have been getting this space ready to go, just a few months now, they are already getting people jumping on the bandwagon!! Some of the local artisans already have their spaces, tents, and so forth decorated...and they're selling pretty good in this space already too!!
    How would I do here?! Could it be that online is not my best fit, and that maybe I should jump on this wagon?!!...It even has smaller spaces for people who just need a very small area.
      There's even an area in here to try on clothes if you need to!
    It seems like the perfect thing for me, especially because I can't sit at Craft Fairs because of my physical limitations. But I wouldn't have to man this craft fair! The owners do it for you!! I'd just have to have someone go in and decorate it first, but then it would just be a matter of keeping it stocked. And with the rate that I crochet, I don't think that would be a problem...So, why am I afraid?!
    I'm afraid because I've heard some not so nice stories about how disrespectful fellow vendors try to invade other people's space, putting their opponent's wares behind things, hiring people to distract attention from other people's booths to theirs...and stuff like that. How would that work in an unmanned space?! I would really be ticked off if people were mistreating my "babies"!!!
    And also, I sell CROCHETED items. Unlike glass wares or bead work and gem jewelry, I have to be very particular about making sure my crocheted items are in a colder temperature so they don't get moist and moldy, or anything. I don't even allow smoking in my home....So, what would happen in a facility like this if it got really humid in there for long periods of time, or people were hanging around my booth that smoked?! Yikes!....Am I over thinking this?!
    It's such a dilemma because it has some features that I REALLY love!! Like a room where you can hold classes to teach your craft to others!
    A water cooler.
     (Okay, that's just important to ME! ^_^)
And it even has space outside, for those who want to go over and man their space and want to be outside in the air!!
    Okay, so this would not be ME anyway! *Cough! Cough!*...I'm trying very hard to make up my mind. They have a special rate going right now for September and I know I need to decide soon. I especially need to decide soon because apparently they're getting a lot of vendors now. Pretty soon I won't be able to get in, even if I want to! Apparently the fee they're charging is not bad either. Some of the vendors have already doubled, and I think tripled, the amount they've made in comparison to their fee.
    So, what do you think?! Would you do this?! Are there things I'm not considering?! I know I'm the one who will make the final decision, but I'd love some feedback. I'm afraid!!

I'm Afraid...

I'm afraid of the unknown,
and of people I don't know;
Of spiders on my windshield,
and drowning from an undertow.

I'm afraid of certain failure;
Of somehow displeasing God'
Of great success in my achievements,
and of being seen as odd.

I fear that I'm unlovable;
Have an elusive safety too;
That somehow I'll be rejected;
That I'll be fired without a clue.

I'm afraid of public speaking;
Of driving in fog and mist;
That I'll get writer's block..
Okay, that's one thing off my list!

I'm afraid I talk too much;
That those who listen just can't win.
I'm afraid I might be right,
and that this poem will never end.


  1. There's certainly a lot to think over. It looks like it could be a great opportunity, maybe you could try it for a month and see what you think. I did a couple craft fairs last year -- that's my foray into direct marketing, and it didn't turn out very well for me, I made a few sales, but didn't break even after expenses.
    Not having to spend all day there would be a big plus, but I can understand the worry with leaving your treasures unattended, too. Hope you have a success if you decide to give the consignment mall a try. :)

  2. Anonymous9/13/2010

    I dont know but I think it looks great.But then again Im wishing I could do all you do with things.Wishing you all the best Debbie!

    LOL@furball.yuck.Lamb really is so good.Especially grilled on skewers oh my your missing something.

  3. I have sold in a crafters mall before in Oregon the owners of the mall were great they did a lot of advertizing. They did special sales like March madness and those who wanted to be involved could be with certain tags. Some of the things that you are fearing you are over thinking. I sold in a crafters mall for about ten years e-mail me with questions and I can answer them for you.

  4. Alicia9/13/2010

    I understand your concerns but if you can rent month-to-month without signing a lease, I think it's worth a try. I, like you, would have a laundry list of questions to ask them and get answers that satisfied me. Good luck!

  5. Oh wow! So, it's like an outdoors craft fair, but inside.... I like it! After doing outside venues for a while, I SO much like inside ones better! I don't do shows anymore...the set-up, the weather, the break-down.... ugh. And when the show isn't a very well publicized one it's even worse. LOL
    Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving your sweet comment on my "day one" of the back2blogging challenge! You're an "encourager" for sure!

  6. Go for it Deb!!! This will give you the boost you need right now! If you don't have to be there, even better! Won't take time away from the more important things either. Wish I had an opportunity like this.
    Think seriously about it before its too late!

  7. DalkullanJewelry, That's exactly what I'm going to do, if I decide to do it, just one month to start...And the unattended items was another scary issue, yes! Thanks for the encouragement...even if it didn't turn out well for you. Thank you!! :-)

  8. Becky, Thanks for the comment...and I'll take your lamb encouragement....Ummm...under advisement! ^_^

    SnowFlakeDreams1, You will be hearing from me soon!! It'll be good to talk to someone with experience in this area!

    Alicia, YEP!! A laundry list of them!!!Maybe SnowFlakeDreams will be able to answer some of them!...Like you answered some of mine too! :-)

  9. sweetjeanette, It was my pleasure to visit your blog! And thank you for visiting mine too...and bringing a gift, your experience with craft shows! Since I've never done it, I'm glad to hear things that need to be thought about. I appreciate it...Keep your door open. I'll be back to visit soon!! :-)

  10. CinLynn, Thank you so much for the "Go! Go!" encouragement! I'm starting to feel like maybe you guys are right. Gotta email SnowFlakeDreams1 first though!...Why, Oh Why, can't you live here next door to me?!!! ^_^

  11. I am also thinking GO!! (this is GIGI) I have been MIA for awhile....questioning what to do with my business.....When I lived In MA they had something like this in Yarmouth....Its wortth a shot!

  12. Thanks for the support GIGI! I guess I'm not the only one with business dilemmas, huh?! I'll have to look into Yarmouth. I didn't know that! Thanks for the info!!...BTW, No more MIA stuff!! ^_^


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